Wednesday, June 1, 2011

fedora 15 beta

fedora 15 beta. Abril) o Fedora 15 beta,
  • Abril) o Fedora 15 beta,

  • AWallen90
    May 4, 09:49 AM
    Are either of these options possible?

    1. He sends the iPhone 4 32GB to you, and you have to give the post office employee the iPhone 4 16GB in exchange for the one he sent you?

    2. He refunds the 100au or so difference between the iPhone 32gb and the one he sent you?

    fedora 15 beta. la Beta de Fedora 15
  • la Beta de Fedora 15

  • ratherbfishn
    May 4, 03:22 PM
    When I bought my imac years ago, it made a loud, vibrating, squeal right out of the box. It was so long ago, I forget if it was a hard drive or fan. After a couple tries with phone support, I took it back and was given a new one.

    fedora 15 beta. fedora-15-alpha.png
  • fedora-15-alpha.png

  • stewacide
    Sep 29, 01:58 AM
    Anyone else notices that iWork will only update if the apps' are in Applications/iWork 06? That's poor design / very un-Apple: why can't I put my apps where I like?

    Apple even has a support doc mentioning this issue?

    Why not actually correct it?!?

    fedora 15 beta. Fedora 15 amb Gnome 3
  • Fedora 15 amb Gnome 3

  • davidjacobs21
    Mar 28, 10:42 AM
    can run tiny umbrella on an ipad 2. I tried to save shsh blobs and nothing happens. I did this on my iphoen last month and it worked fine


    fedora 15 beta. Starting Fedora 13 Beta live
  • Starting Fedora 13 Beta live

  • ECUpirate44
    Apr 6, 03:57 PM
    id much rather get a free one than pay for it, dont worry i'm not doing anything illegal so stop being nasty.

    Shows the kind of moral character you have...

    fedora 15 beta. fedora 15 beta,
  • fedora 15 beta,

  • T'hain Esh Kelch
    Apr 26, 04:54 AM
    Your link is not working.


    fedora 15 beta. fedora 15 beta,
  • fedora 15 beta,

  • mainstreetmark
    Jun 23, 01:40 PM
    wow - this is a really new forum. there's only 15 members.

    fedora 15 beta. Fedora-15-Beta-i686-Live-
  • Fedora-15-Beta-i686-Live-

  • pipes
    Jan 12, 08:27 PM
    Here's info on what the freaky thing does:

    Thats actually really useful :)



    fedora 15 beta. 下载Fedora 15 Beta
  • 下载Fedora 15 Beta

  • BC2009
    Sep 13, 10:52 AM
    What operating system and browser are you using?

    The Apple symbols that you're able to see are just GIF images (one of the smilies provided by this message board is an Apple logo.) You can see this one (:apple:), because it's just an image. But you can only see this one () if you have the necessary fonts installed, which all iOS devices and Macs should.

    I think you are dead-on. One of them is a font character which requires the Apple font installed, the other is an image.

    fedora 15 beta. no Fedora 15 Beta 1
  • no Fedora 15 Beta 1

  • zdobson
    Apr 19, 12:44 PM
    Now this is looking different. I'm not sure why this would have changed. The finder windows are clear.

    Also, the CPU keeps running between 30-90% even though there are no applications running (other than activity monitor). Related or no?


    fedora 15 beta. Fedora 15 is in Beta testing
  • Fedora 15 is in Beta testing

  • Kdeberk
    Oct 3, 06:26 AM
    Just registered to say that the new security update bricked my laptop.

    Thanks, Apple. It just works huh?

    Tried to reinstall the update, but that crashes with an unknown error. Is there some tool that I can use to debug this installation and see the specific error condition?

    Okay. I solved it, here is a description for anyone suffering from the same problem:
    After installing 2010-006 the laptop (13" macbook pro OSX 10.6) came back from restarting, my clock was reset to January 1st 2001 and the system could not get a wireless connection. Manually downloaded the update using another computer and moved it over to the laptop. Manual reinstall failed. Set the date back to the present day and manual reinstall worked. The computer restarted and everything worked again.

    fedora 15 beta. fedora 15 which is in eta
  • fedora 15 which is in eta

  • zimv20
    Jul 8, 12:14 AM
    next part --

    i want to be able to hit my machine remotely and get to ~/Documents. i've gotten htaccess working in /Library/WebServer/Documents and made a symbolic link (ln -s) from there to my Documents directory.

    % pwd
    % ls -l D*
    lrwxrwxr-x 1 root admin 20 Jul 8 00:05 Documents@ -> /Users/zim/Documents

    when i try to browse to Documents, i get "Forbidden / You don't have permission to access /Documents/ on this server."

    i stuck my .htaccess file into that directory, but same thing.

    any ideas?


    fedora 15 beta. Descarga: Fedora 15 beta
  • Descarga: Fedora 15 beta

  • dcv
    Dec 14, 07:29 PM
    Here you go... my entry is entitled "Newton's Apples"

    It's difficult to tell from 75x75 pixels, but it's supposed to be Isaac Newton under a tree, getting bombarded with various "apples" :D

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  • Tags: Beta, Fedora, Firefox,

  • adpretto
    Apr 30, 07:48 AM
    Hey There,

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Me and My GF are first in line out here in San Diego , And at our Apple Store no one is inside, and we are out here alone.

    only 11 more hours HAHA


    fedora 15 beta. Fedora 15 beta disponível para
  • Fedora 15 beta disponível para

  • el greenerino
    Nov 29, 01:40 AM
    Actually those bags wouldn't look half-bad if they didn't have the spymac logo plastered everywhere. Too bad, I'm just using a sleeve and backpack for my ibook...

    Hideous design, rude forum-goers, and their overtly biased editorials give mac users a bad name. Why support Spymac?

    fedora 15 beta. Fedora 15 beta disponível para
  • Fedora 15 beta disponível para

  • sem824
    Apr 23, 10:52 AM
    You can call me whatever you wish, I just want my damn white iPhone 4 already :D

    Still, calling people foolish for failing to purchase the latest tech product (even if it is a phone)? Life. Get it.

    thank you. I am so f$&^ing sick of reading all the less then negative attitude posts about the white iphone. I guess the folks making those posts feel compelled to tell everyone the world according to them is black, black or black.


    fedora 15 beta. Fedora Fedora/7 Public Active
  • Fedora Fedora/7 Public Active

  • clayj
    Mar 20, 09:09 PM
    Here's a similar project ( (although the description is not quite as detailed) on a Sony notebook, in case anyone wants to compare results.

    fedora 15 beta. It took Fedora 11 Beta just
  • It took Fedora 11 Beta just

  • blevins321
    Apr 28, 09:07 AM
    Thank you so much! I've been searching everywhere and wasn't able to find a concrete answer. That just makes AppleCare even more of a no-brainer!

    I'm in the same boat - the nearest Apple Store is over an hour away. Luckily we have two stores near here - Mactown and MacDepot. You don't even have to call Apple first - you can just take it in. A friend of mine near here had her power adapter fry her Macsafe board inside her Macbook. Took it to Mactown, and the next day the board and the adapter were both replaced no charge. Saw the repair invoice that they were billing Apple for and it was over $600. Definitely paid off. :D

    fedora 15 beta. 启动Fedora 15 beta 之后将看到
  • 启动Fedora 15 beta 之后将看到

  • ScoobyMcDoo
    Apr 28, 08:31 AM
    I have found SL to be very stable.

    I am curious as to how you define "crash". As a software developer, I have always considered a crash to be a segfault in which some bug causes the program to unexpectedly exit. However I have found that, via feedback from my users, that folks have many different perceptions as to what a crash is.

    As for the software you mentioned having issues with - I don't use steam (not a gamer), I use itunes somewhat regularly to play some music while I work, or to update my phone's software, don't have any crash issues. I use iWork from time-to-time - don't recall it ever crashing. The most unstable software I use is MS Office.

    Apr 24, 09:35 PM
    Since the 11" and 13" are almost identical, I suppose that the technician guide mentioned here applies to both.

    There is a specific service manual for each Mac, including the 11-inch Air.

    I've uploaded it to Mediafire: (mba_11_late2010.pdf)

    Hopefully this helps someone.


    May 4, 12:09 AM
    Look up MAC Defender.
    That has nothing to do with Mac security. It's not even malware. It's only an app install package that the user can cancel with zero effect on their system.

    Dec 2, 08:07 PM
    Hey, leave my Nigerian friends alone. :p

    OK WILL DO FOR FEE OF $34599387458973985739485 PAID BY ESCREWYOU.COM. THANKS.

    Sep 16, 04:39 AM
    Haven't had experience with either kb; I heard mechanical keys are better for typing. Still, if you are looking for a nice keyboard, you could try the Kensington Slimtype. It's nice, and doesn't cost a lot.

    Sorry for the short post; don't know what else I could say.

    thanks for your reply. I heard that the kensington slimtype is similar to the icekey in the sense they are both scissors switch keys. However I cannot seem to find one in the uk for sale. :(

    Jun 20, 04:37 AM
    Any one from the Isle of Wight UK going to Newport on the 24th? If so what store will you be using?

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