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  • nk2006
    04-14 08:38 AM
    Yes that�s a good suggestion. We need more people than whose GC is stuck. One issue is motivating them. I was almost shocked to see the indifference of many immigrants � some of them who went through the same process very recently. I came here almost 10 years ago as a student and many of my friends got GC�s/citizenship (they had their own hassles but now its over). When I talk to them what is going on now � they simply express surprise over how/why I didn�t get it even now and forget it. But I don�t feel bad to remind them again to visit this site or something else and do something (sending faxes /talking to their employers / contributing money/ whatever they can). My point is � don�t expect an immediate action from any, even friends � especially if this does not affect them; but don�t let this discourage you. Engage them in a discussion � most of them already know the terminology like retrogession/140/485/labor etc � remind them their own process and how difficult it was and how finally there is a systematic effort to do something about it. I am sure at least some people will respond favorably.
    There is so much momentum right now; if we miss this � we know the consequences.

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  • sanjay02
    06-01 01:26 AM
    Bumping it.....

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  • radhakrishn
    07-12 06:01 PM
    I'm an unmarried Indian national and came to the US on H-1B visa. My father petitioned for me in FB F1 category. My priority date is September 1, 1999. I applied for AOS in the US and received my EAD and AP. I recently met a girl doing job on H-1B(Indian national) and we will like to tie the knot in near future. I was wondering if it would have any effect on my AOS processing( I do not have the actual Green card yet). Will my category change to F3 if I marry her now? Any suggestions/ideas are welcome.

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  • onemoredesi
    06-23 09:38 AM
    You can retain your PD if your employer does not repeal your existing Labor Certification. In other words as long as your Labor is not cancelled you can apply in EB2 and get the labor approved (typically takes 3-5 months in PERM depending on how fast your Attorney is).

    In fact, I am in the same boat, just waiting for my EB3 Labor to be approved.. I am a Manager + I also have Master's .. so, I'll also be doing the same.. Pls do share your experiences how the transfer is working..



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  • beautifulMind
    07-26 09:56 AM
    labor is indeed more than 1 year old. Are you completely sure about this rule since having an approved 140 gives you a 3 year extemsion

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  • Jeffphoto
    July 27th, 2006, 08:43 AM
    Pretty cool people in your city, Antonio. 'Round here they just feed corn to pigeons!


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  • h1bmajdoor
    07-12 09:41 PM
    dear h1bs.
    the only reason i'm staying here is to complete the 10 years of social security payments. leaving now would be foolish. this green card business is just a carrot to get endlessly humiliated.

    does anyone have any knowledge of non-citizens claiming social security in india?

    as per the SS, indian citizens who have contributed >= 10 years can claim SS payments in india.

    has anyone actually seen this happen?

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  • a_yaja
    08-17 05:06 PM
    Thanks for your reply. What does DMV care about to decide till when the license will be valid?

    1. H1 visa on the passport
    2. H1 approval notice
    3. Can I show them the AP?

    You said that you live in IL. As far as I know, in IL, they do not care about Immigration Status - unless it is something very recent. My brother lived in IL till March 2009 - and his DL was issued for 4 years. I am sure that this is the case for Motorcycle license too.


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  • vdlrao
    01-03 11:38 PM
    This is Krishna doing Master's Tennessee State University as a full time student. My I-20 got expired on 12-17-08 but I noticed on 01-02-09. My International advisor told me that I am out of status and I need to apply for reinstatement to USCIS and I am not eligible to work. The process takes 60-120 days. My questions are

    1) Do they approve this kind of applications?
    2) I will get a case number after applying USCIS. Am I eligible to work (I am working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant) once I get the case number? Or Do I need to wait until the case resolved?

    The mistake was done because I was planning to graduate in December and I filled the intend to graduate form too. But it got delayed as I didn't have enough data and I was busy in working on my thesis and research in November and December.

    Please help me with this issue.

    Thank you


    Please suggest what he needs to do.


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  • wc_user
    07-16 03:25 PM
    There is an RFE on my advance parole. Came to know about it through my online status. I called to know what the RFE is about and I was told that they can't tell me over the phone and it is between the officer and me and that I have to wait to receive the RFE. Has anyone else experienced this ? I filed the RFE myself online.


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  • jliechty
    December 26th, 2004, 06:37 PM
    I don't have very many interesting subjects from my D70 test. Here's the only other one that has the slightest worth showing, with a bit of post processing to improve the color balance (flash on the foreground made the white table behind look very yellow, and it's still not fixed to my satisfaction)...

    I-485 refiling cover letter (Template) [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : I-485 refiling cover letter (Template)

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  • sss9i
    03-23 07:40 PM
    Can you explain about your situation!!!
    I got stamp in Canada.I plan to go for stamping before stat new job with new employer.
    Thank you


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  • krishmunn
    07-14 03:16 PM
    It used to be required only for Mumbai Consulate. But I think Hyderabad has also started. Please check

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  • mmk123
    10-14 06:47 PM
    That's old news my friend. Recent news is about 50M to Harvard Business School.

    Tata Group’s $50M fuels Harvard Business School growth - ( ool_growth)


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  • B3NKobe
    11-15 08:26 AM
    Love em :love::thumb:

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  • go_guy123
    09-04 01:23 AM
    I am a nurse from the Philippines currently living in northern California, enrolled in university, working towards my masters degree. I currently have a F1 student visa, have already passed the NCLEX and also hold a Philippines RN license. I don't have any work experience as a nurse besides my clinical experience as a student. I wanted to know what my current options are? I have a company willing to sponsor me on the east coast. I was referred to them by my sister-in-law who is currently working for them. I spoke to the companies recruiter but she couldn't answer some of my more detailed immigration questions.

    I just wanted to get some options from some helpful members here. I currently have an appointment with an immigration lawyer next week but wanted to be somewhat inform on my options before meeting with the lawyer.

    I know their is a long wait currently for nurses coming from the Philippines. Does it make my situation a little easier considering I am already in the US on a F1 visa? I was told that if they were to lift retrogression for nurses that I would be process asap because I am currently living in the US legally... I seriously have my doubts about this lol.

    Any insight on my current situation is much appreciate.

    Thank you all very much,


    A lot of nursing jobs dont need a 4 yr bachelor's degree and thats why you cant use
    H1B for that unless the specialised nursing jobs needs a bachelors.
    Therefore (thankfully) Nurses are directly applied for Green Card EB3. However there
    is significant backlog even for ROW EB3. There is lobby effort to allocate green card quota for nurses like they did in 2004.
    The employer (with the lawyer help) will file I140 for you and when the PD is current you can file I485.
    But since you are on F1 visa, filing I140 you might have problem with the non immigrant intent clause at the
    port of entry.


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  • wandmaker
    01-14 02:58 PM
    Good Afternoon:
    Quick question.
    I am going to re-new my h-1b for the next 3 years.. What are the steps to follow??
    Any one that all ready this step pls advised.
    -Do I need to fill out a Labor form again or just I-129 to USIC ???
    Thanks for any info.

    Your company has to obtain Labor Condition Application for H-1B & H-1B1 Non immigrants (LCA Form ETA-9035E) and File I-129 along with the supporting documents.

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  • asharma
    07-23 09:25 PM
    The questions in FAQ are very much similar to what are being asked at this website.
    Is it pure co-incidence or is USCIS reading the immigrationvoice questions???:D

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  • cbpds
    08-08 02:55 PM
    My wife was applying for her H4, it was listed as Chennai although we had mentioned the state as Karnataka.......everything shd be fine

    Thanks buddy! So I believe it's just the state of the consulate..right?
    By the way was your case kind of same?

    05-14 06:19 PM
    Lets not generalize it. Everyone is different.

    Agreed that everyone is different. I was just sharing my view. :)

    09-21 06:26 PM
    Dec 21 2007 - EB2 Regular

    How come you have DEC'21'2007 I-140 date? date is NOT yer arrived or it is typo mistake?

    EB-3, I-140 still in process since Dec'2006 at NSC center.

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