Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • bkshres
    10-07 03:59 PM
    Any suggestion whether to switch attorney after using AC21 and moving to new company?

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  • DSLStart
    05-23 02:50 PM
    What You Told Us About Immigration Reform | The White House (

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  • ho_gaya_kaya_?
    11-27 10:08 PM
    I hope you have good lawyer on your case

    We had a similar situation
    My wifes app got separated from mine
    since we had used a single check- my app was returned (the fees was double the amount!!!)
    After a painful one and a half month my wifes application finally showed up- and got rejected (no fees) and we then refiled.

    But the interesting thing was that during this 90 days period- my lawyer had someone at USCIS try to trace the missing application.
    and he used to exchange emails with the supervisor's office on this

    Is his PD current ?
    If yes- then you should be fine.
    If not- then it gets kinda tricky- though not too much
    You have to prove that your app was lost and you are reconstructing the case

    Keep in mind that that you will probably have to withdraw your app and refile with him
    And that sooner or later- your husband's original app is going to show up
    And at that time - you will have two active apps- but nothing that cant be sorted out...

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  • maco
    07-31 04:10 PM
    Receipt Number: lin0720551216


    Current Status: Case received and pending.

    On July 11, 2007, we received this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice. We will notify you by mail when we make a decision or if we need something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when yours will be done. This case is at our NEBRASKA SERVICE CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

    i saw this in one of the other forums


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  • Ram_C
    11-02 05:49 PM
    Here's a sticky question - and appreciate "expert" advise on the matter:

    My situation:
    1. I currently work on a H1B for Company A
    2. My future greencard has been filed by Company B - recd. EAD, applied 485

    My question:
    1. Can I work on my EAD either for company A or any other company?

    Yes, you can work for any company, but with similar job description mentioned in your LC

    2. What happens if I dont join Company B ever?
    well this is a broad subject, I'll try to put it this way.
    when you applied for AOS which I suppose is employment based, your intent is to work with the sponsoring employer on a "permanent position" (at least 6 months after the GC approval) and your sponsoring employers intent is to employee you on permanent position (again atleast 6 months after GC approval), so by never joining your sponsoring employer you are violating/contradicting the primary intent of Employment based AOS application which can lead to revoking of your GC in future or it might cause problems during your naturalization

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  • HV000
    07-27 10:12 AM
    Does anybody know if there are any SENATE amendments (Clearing EB BACKLOG) attached to the DHS APPROPRIATIONS BILL??


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  • ramraj_02
    10-19 09:30 AM
    Hi folks,
    Have a question? Will it be possible to change from EB-2 to Eb-3 with in the same company. My PD is Nov 02 with I-140 just now approved. Or do i have to find another job in some other company in order to use old priority date. Pl. advise is this the right time to change or wait for EB-3 to be current for my PD(don't know , lost hope as of now)


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  • sundeep14
    07-14 04:39 PM
    I have 140 approval notice in mail like 1.5yrs back...just today i put the reciept number on USCIS website and it says still pending..i called USCIS and they say they wont be able to discuss my case since 140 is employer specific employer is sayin dont worry and dont bother about online status...i just want to make sure my 140 is really approved and USCIS has the correct update while lookin at my 485 file...i dont want them to put my 485 in hold just because of they thinkin 140 is not approved...

    EB2 - Sept 04


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  • guchi472000
    11-22 02:00 PM

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  • nkappiah
    07-19 10:56 PM
    Thanks for replying. Just to clarify:

    If I file with my husband as the dependant, after getting the receipt of 485, I know I can move jobs, but can I stop working completely? (This might be a dumb questions :)).. Does this mean that until we get the greencard, I must be employed in this job or similar jobs?

    I have also heard rumours of both 485s being rejected. Does anyone have any more concrete information regarding this?

    Thanks for all the replies.


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  • pani_6
    04-30 11:49 AM
    This site has been a hope for lot of us in dark tunnel..sometimes the only hope..From couple years now...
    Thank you immi-law for all you efforts...!:)

    Time for gratitude ...

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  • vikasgarg24
    07-12 10:09 AM
    I think this become a problem for USCIS. might be they have some political pressure "not to allot Visa" and I dont think they will reversed. That I say American dadagiri. Rules for others only not for them


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  • fasterthanlight�
    06-06 12:42 AM
    Theres no limit for how many YOU can have, however, there is a limit of 4 stamps that have similar themes. (4 per batch i guess you could say).

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  • kumar1
    01-08 02:54 PM

    Nope ! EB-2 India


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  • immi_enthu
    08-10 06:52 PM
    and more over 'weekly update' does not necessarily mean every week :rolleyes:.

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  • mrajatish
    03-28 09:45 AM
    When does a bill come to floor - will any of the bills come to floor today?


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  • chanduv23
    10-16 04:43 PM
    320k make majority sitting and hatching.
    800k will make majority jumping and fighting.
    what is real number again??

    I am confused by your statement. Can you elaborate?

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  • aquarianf
    06-19 11:41 AM
    factoryman ,

    i did searched the posts and apart from one post in that thread i didnt get any satisfacotry answer so i created the post . please do not write that we are not doing our search .

    It may depends on the civil surgeon, If +ive PPS is > 1 cm and CS may want you to go thru some medication or clearance from local health department.

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  • yestogc
    05-11 10:03 PM
    Please do not arrive at anything, it is a standard text and you will be amazed to know that same matter I saw for my I-140 RFE.

    02-11 11:39 AM
    Hey Alabaman,

    First of all thanks for your reply.

    No I haven't filed a tax return before, because there was no need. I started studying in August 2008 and remained most of 2009 in the US.

    2 points:

    1. So therefore I guess I'm a nonresident for 2009 (because I wasn't a lot in the US in 2008).

    But I'm a resident for 2010 (because I was in the US almost all of 2009). With 2010 I mean the tax filling I'll have to do next year.

    Am I correct with this reasoning? Does the substantial presence test only count for the next year?

    2. Is it correct, that they took 25% of my sign up bonus away? I was an F-1 all of 2009.


    02-23 03:22 PM
    Hi Everyone

    I am filling out my i-485 and I had a couple of questions.

    A) What is the Expires On field in Part 1 referring to (right under the I-94#)?
    Is it the actual expiry of my Visa (as printed on the Visa) or the date written on my I-94?

    B) In part 3 it asks which consulate the Visa was issued. I got it at the American embassy in Oslo. I assume this is what they want to know. Could anyone reassure me?

    C) In part 3b I list my wife who is an American. I assume that I should leave her A# blank. Is this correct? I also kinda think I read somewhere that even though it says middle initial (also in 3b) you should actually list the entire middle name? Is there any truth to this?

    Thanks a lot. Hope someone can help me.

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