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  • srinivasansas
    06-15 12:58 PM
    I see that majority of the people here are getting ready to apply for 485, I want to track already pending 485.

    My Info:

    EB3; PD Dec03; 485-Pending since Dec04; FP done Mar06; No LUD

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  • masterfender
    04-26 09:28 PM
    Hi guys,

    Some of may think "Wait for the actual letter to come" but I feel too nervous and just want to share my thoughts. I applied for EB5 and my I526 was approved. Then I applied adjustment of status and got an I485 RFE. Have not got the letter yet but got the email that my case is on hold right now. Can you tell me about the RFE? Is that common? Is that the first step of denial? I'm so nervous right now. I will write what they are asking when I got the letter which I'm expecting on Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you very much.

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  • roseball
    07-26 09:11 PM
    My spouse was on H4 then got a job and changed to H1. Subsequently spouse lost her job and is now back on H4. I have been on H1 throughout and my six years of H1B visa expire in 2010. MY spouse I and want to get our H1 and H4 visa stamped in Mumbai consulate.

    Does any one think that the changeover from H4 to H1 and then again to H4 could be a reason to be concerned about for getting the visa stamped at the consulate?

    Appreciate your valauable advice.

    When you wife lost her job, I assume you filed a Change of Status from H1 to H4 for her. Her status does not convert back to H4 unless you file a COS. As long as you show proof of legal stay in whatever status you were in US, and you have all supporting documents to submit during the visa interview, I dont see any issues for getting your visa. Its good to take all paystubs that your wife got while she was working on H1. I know of one case, where the visa officer asked for wife's paystubs during her H1 status though she was attending a H4 visa interview. She did not have them with her but the officer still granted her the H4 visa. But I guess she got lucky that time and its good to carry them.

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  • Warsaw_Berlin_Prague
    09-07 09:46 PM
    HI DAN19, don't worry your parcel will go to lower weldon str. I lived in Burlington VT for couple of years and williston is part of Burlington town and St. Albans is 3 exits from Burlington. Williston could be sorting station for FedEx. and last scan sweep.

    My attorney send me an email stating that my sister's H1 transfer was filed to WILLISTON, VT. Do they normally send to that address or is it somewhere else?

    I thought it was Saint Albans,VT


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  • andycool
    04-12 10:41 AM
    Thanks for the reply..I have one question ,can I sponsor my in-laws visa in such situation ?

    Ya you can ...

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  • golgappa
    11-17 02:38 PM
    Do you have FedEx (or any other service) mailing delivery receipt and what is the date on that.


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  • nviren
    05-24 07:09 PM
    Hi people here,

    I need your help.

    My company, a consulting firm, received an intent to deny notice for my labor application. (They received it in 1st week of may and a** telling me now. Needs to be replied by Jun 1st)

    The lawyer and HR tell me that I have to get letters from my managers at my different clients explaining why they needed BS + 5 years of experience for the position and why they need certain set of skills.

    If anybody has experience in dealing with such notice, please give me your inputs. How do you justify a need of 5 years experience in tangible and intangible terms?


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  • everonh1
    06-26 12:07 AM
    Hi All,
    I am planning to paper file my wife's EAD renewal and AP for both me and my wife.
    1. Can anyone who paper filed recently post information on filing EAD/AP
    2. Since my wife filed for I-485 last year and paid $1010 fees,she falls under FEE WAIVER for both EAD and AP-I believe she can renew EAD/AP unlimited till she gets GC?
    3. Can someone post what did they do additional for filing as FEE WAIVER?

    Any detailed steps on paper filing with FEE WAIVER would be great.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.



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  • cox
    June 5th, 2005, 01:29 PM
    Since the lower background is dark, I think it works well. The blossom really stands out with a feeling of depth, just the right DoF. There are two points on the left (probably sepals from the next blossom?) that are a little distracting to me, but that's a nitpick.

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  • dbevis
    February 14th, 2004, 05:51 PM
    Photoshop - the Clone Stamp tool to the rescue...
    ...would you notice the editing if you didn't know about it?

    It took me a while to even realise what you had done. There are three feathers that look alike on the lower neck, but I'd never known you did anything if you hadn't pointed it out.



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  • imconfused
    05-24 04:26 PM
    I filed for my EAD last year along with 485 and the lawyer sent the application to Nebraska Service Center, however, the receipt notice I received was from Texas Service Center.

    Now, for Q11 - Have you ever applied for EAD from USCIS? Which USCIS office, which office should I mention? NSC or TSC?


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  • alterego
    07-06 04:56 PM
    Everyone knows they are behind in their receipting at this time. They have channeled all resources at this time to the 485 petitions.

    So much so that they suspended PPS for 140s, they don't want new 485s, even EAD/AP applications are being unduely delayed. Beyond their service commitment times with no reasons.

    I think they expect to get back to normal receipting by the dates given.


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  • ramraj_02
    10-20 08:32 AM
    One of my friends is saying Job experience with the same company would not count towards? So this means will i have to change jobs and hope that my I-140 for the current employer is not withdrawn. Pl. advise.


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  • godbless
    07-20 01:03 PM
    my birth certi doesn't have last name is it ok


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  • chinnailu
    04-19 11:18 AM
    What Ann said is correct. You can get stuck in Canada. Check this recent experience :H1B Visa stamping Experience 2010 in Canada. 19 days wait in Canada. (

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  • Engineer1111
    05-19 04:45 AM
    My PERM was filed and I got the following email from my lawyers

    " Labor Certification by ABC ABC, Inc. on your behalf has been submitted via the Department of Labor�s (DOL) Permanent Online System as of the above date (April 1) . The application will be adjudicated by a National PERM Processing Center. As the DOL does not currently have a processing schedule for PERM applications, we are unable to predict how long processing will take. In the past, PERM applications have been adjudicated anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Unfortunately, there is currently no way for beneficiaries to check the status of the application. We will contact you as soon as we hear anything specific regarding your case. "

    1. Is there any place where you can check the status ? Since I do not have any reference number, and from the text of the email, I doubt that.

    2. I checked some forums and found that the average processing time is 60 days. Which processing center should I be looking for ? (I work at Oracle in SFO)


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  • piyu7444
    11-12 12:51 AM
    I had not seen the other post and now I got your attention........I will surely mail the letters.

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  • vasudev19
    04-09 03:06 PM
    My H1B expired on sept 2009. My employer applied for my visa extension I received my approved 797 copy, but I 94 number on my 797 and passport are not matching. To explain further, when I first entered in US in March 2007 I got I 94 (ex: 123), when I last time entered in US in April 2008 I got I94 (ex: 456) which is my latest I94 number displayed on my passport. My latest H1B extension valid till sept 2012 is showing I 94 number issued to me when I entered in 2007 (123) instead of my latest I 94 number(456) attached to my passport.
    Will this be a problem? I have to sponsor my in-laws visa so please guide me how this can be handled. Any help appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

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  • alterego
    09-14 08:48 PM
    Do you have a good relationship with your employer. If so, if you can get your hands on the BEC letter, ie requesting your employer whether they want to continue with the processing, then it is on that letter.
    The next question is should you continue with such an oppressive counsel at the next stage? Perhaps the lawyer is colluding with your employer, that would be truly difficult, since they could then just sit on the approved labour and not even file 140. You need to try and find out their intent soon.

    06-13 11:23 PM
    When can we change job? just after filing for 485. Or we have to wait for EAD and then only can change the job?

    November 28th, 2004, 09:05 AM
    Thanks to all and welcome to dphoto Jamie

    Is holding-up petitions in Srv Center a good news? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

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