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  • hvfsl
    Apr 4, 06:29 PM
    Well its possible they are talking about the PowerBook G5, especially since someone at Apple accedently released the G5 specs a few days before they were released.

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  • SkippyThorson
    May 4, 11:32 AM
    Since I got it so cheap, I want to upgrade the hell out of it and use it as my primary machine (age of it be damned). I want to expand the RAM fully to 16 GB, put a fast 2 GB HDD in, and get the best possible Video card available.

    Good for you! Glad to hear another PPC admirer is willing to keep his Mac going even when the nay-sayers shoot your idea down. My 1.25ghz iMac G4 is my primary desktop at home, and my 800mhz one is my primary office desktop. I have to say, 9 out of 10 people that come in compliment my iMac. :) Your Powermac would likely receive equal compliments from me.

    2. What is everyone's opinion to the possibility that after I get this thing where I want it, Apple will drop support for Leopard and I will no longer be able to sync my iPhone, iPad, or iPods to it. I of course, Plan to keep my Intel Macs running on the other end of the room (along with my "necessary" PC) but since I sit in THIS chair in my office most of the time, it would be nice to do everything from right here...

    I can't answer your first question, but I have to say that this will likely come sooner than later. Within the next 2 years, I'd guess. Apple has a tendency to focus on 2 Operating Systems at a time - the current, and the most recent. Tiger is just about dead to them after a very long and happy life - longer than any Mac OS before it I'd say.

    Since Leopard is the last string that ties PPC users have to the most recent Apple tech they can get their hands on, I'd say Apple would support it longer than Tiger, but not much longer than they already have. The iPhone 4 and iPad 2 both support 10.5.8, which surprised me - to my pleasure - and I'd guess the next round of iPods, the iPhone 5, and the iPad 3 would support 10.5, but my guess is that'll be it.

    My iPhone 4 happily syncs with my iMac at home, and it's entirely convenient that my old desktop is my media hub, keeping stuff off my laptops, but the convenience won't be a measure when 10.5 doesn't support my iPhone. I'll always have an iPhone, and I'll keep my iMac G4 going as long as I can. When they drop support for 10.5, worst case, I'll have to migrate all my media to my MacBook - even though everything in one place (even backed up) isn't my ideal safety scenario.

    Hope my thoughts help! Sorry for my long-winded post, as usual.

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  • lambchucks40
    Jan 28, 04:08 PM
    Can you clarify step #8 please.

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  • Dale Sorel
    Jan 20, 11:45 AM
    Originally posted by Abstract
    What does Spymac offer, exactly?


    Your account includes:

    25 MB e-mail account
    250 MB of space to upload pictures in the Spymac Gallery
    100 MB free space on Spymac Hosting with WebDAV access*
    Free iCal Hosting (both public and private)*
    Access to the Spymac Forums and Shoutbox
    Your very own Spymac Blog*
    Access to the Spymac Auctions
    The ability to create your very own personal Gallery and Forum

    *Mail, Blog, iCal and Free Hosting Details

    Pretty coo, IMO :D


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  • bluesteel
    Mar 30, 04:04 PM
    can someone develop an application for OSX Snow Leopard/Lion, that works, that can backup a Windows 7 Boot Camp partition, and then restore it? i would pay $50+ for an application that can do this successfully. why hasn't anyone developed anything yet?

    i've already tried Winclone to no avail...all i get is errors when i try to restore. i guess Winclone hasn't been updated in a while and isn't supported by Snow Leopard.

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  • iMattcotv
    Apr 3, 12:45 AM


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  • dudeofswim
    Apr 30, 01:46 PM
    1 dark pixel. :(

    Unlikely for replacement, but take it into an apple store and see what they can do for you.

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  • Nameci
    Apr 19, 01:18 PM
    If I were you i would try to strip memory, or reseat memory on the slot.


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  • Sun Baked
    Dec 22, 09:09 AM
    Seems there are many good remarks about it on the SpyMac forum


    Sort of interesting to see a couple...

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  • 666sheep
    May 4, 04:28 PM
    you should settle with a Nvidia 6800 Ultra.

    Oh no, OP - avoid it like plague. It's loud, hot and frequently failing card (and it isn't "top of the line" preformance wise).
    Of original Mac ones X800 or X850XT will be most powerful. Of flashed ones 7800GS, like Transporteur said.


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  • Krafty
    Jun 20, 05:47 PM
    Really... I can not believe this is a topic.... LIVE YOUR LIVES for the next 4 days...
    After getting stung by 2 hornets, I think ill stay inside.....

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  • notjustjay
    Apr 24, 11:31 AM
    What model is the miniDV camcorder? Many (most?) of them have AV inputs, but most of them require a special cable that breaks out the RCA jacks. For example, my Sony cable looks like this (http://www.pickegg.com/wholesale/3-5mm-jack-to-3-rca-phono-lead-audio-video-av-cable-black.html).

    Assuming you do have an AV input, and cable, then you can connect the VHSC output directly to the AV input from the miniDV camcorder. Then connect a Firewire cable from your camcorder to the Mac, and fire up iMovie (the older version, iMovie HD, is actually preferable, but you can capture with the newer versions too).

    What you do next depends on the model of miniDV camcorder you have and whether it has "AV to DV pass through" capability (note: sometimes this is a setting that you have to turn on in the camcorder menus). If it does, then just start playing the VHSC tape, and you'll see the playback in iMovie and you can begin capturing right away.

    If you don't have the passthrough capability, then you'll need to dub the VHSC tape to a miniDV tape, then rewind and playback the miniDV tape to get the output into iMovie.

    If your DV camcorder doesn't do AV inputs, then you might also consider getting a USB video capture device that accepts input directly from RCA jacks. There are plenty of them around (like this one (http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=108&cp_id=10810&cs_id=1081003&p_id=5616&seq=1&format=2)) but I don't know what the quality is like.


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  • KBP
    Jun 22, 12:16 PM
    Brrr. Powell's collllld. Stay warm out there if you go.

    I know, I have been told :( I don't even have one reserved. I hope I get one!

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  • edesignuk
    Mar 24, 05:40 AM
    That's about all there is to say really, update!



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  • Apple...
    Jan 17, 10:20 PM
    Thanks for the replies, anyways, guys. Guess I'll have to keep holding on to it.

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  • RebeccaL
    Apr 4, 07:55 AM

    Thanks! The new cut looks great. What is the other company that has an oleo? I did not found it on larry's page.


    Thanks for the advice. Unfortunatelly my problem is not with dust but with aligment.

    And for the curious, here is how the old SGP Oleo used to look like:



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  • zblaxberg
    Apr 4, 08:04 AM
    As I've posted in multiple other threads that are not outdated and ask the same question. Look into this page that reveals the compatible camera list for iMovie.


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  • ThaDoggg
    Apr 24, 07:36 AM
    Check out the mStand (http://www.raindesigninc.com/mstand.html). It's really beautiful and matches the Alum Macbook.

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  • R94N
    Feb 21, 03:07 AM
    Definitely different from Bill Gates mansion.

    That's built into the side of a mountain isn't it?

    Mar 16, 10:14 AM
    The biggest drawback with your current machine is the 3GB memory. Lightroom is much happier with 4GB or more. I used to have a late 2006 MBP15 and LR was sluggish with 3GB.

    I should think the faster CPU will have a much greater effect on performance than the GPU. GPU speed is really only relevant for games and video rendering.

    I have a personal preference for matte displays. I used to own a black Santa Rosa Macbook and I was not happy with the display. It was largely useless unless you were in a location where you could control reflections and glare. The added screen real estate in the 15 is useful too, and I felt constrained by the resolution of the 13" display. I have traveled with my MBP15 to Asia a couple of times, and its size and weight are easily manageable on trips.

    Jun 15, 03:22 PM
    Dr. Macenstein is full of crap. MacRumor.com's bot has been pwned.

    Apr 8, 04:08 PM
    Absolutely. If you're on AT&T's $25.00/month plan it will cost you and extra $20 in the months when you do that. AT&T has told me that if you've got one of the old $30/month unlimited data plans you can use the iPhone as a hotspot with no additional charge.

    Thanks, I have a 6Gb data plan for $30/mth and my supplier [Rogers in Canada] wants $10 per month to let the iPad share it. I'm assuming if I go the wifi only iPad and use the Hotspot I won't pay any more....I think :)

    May 5, 02:46 PM
    It's obviously only been a short time but I do think 4.3.3 battery life is better. Otherwise, no change, no problems (and no location tracking I guess).

    May 3, 10:15 PM

    She'll be going with her boyfriend and she's gonna make sure it's legit before he gets the 16g back.

    If this is his mistake honestly, he's caused a lot of trouble and worry for nothing.

    We will see what happens, I'm waiting his reply.

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