Monday, June 6, 2011

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    Aug 13, 06:30 AM
    I dont understand this hate for QuickTime X. Its designed for video 'playback'. Just like VLC or any other media player.

    QUickTime 7 has never been good for me. I tried to export a widescreen video to MPEG4 and it came out as horizontally compressed 4:3.

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  • R94N
    Dec 1, 04:31 PM
    I suppose with things like this you've got nowhere to go once you've moved in. Obviously no one else will want to buy the house once everyone finds out it's true past. It sounds awful.

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  • iGary
    Dec 2, 10:06 PM
    Maybe you can add this 2.7 PowerMac ( for the ultimate system.:rolleyes:

    Yeah, "recovery DVD's." :rolleyes:

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  • With the 2011 awards season

  • rockyroad55
    May 6, 12:08 PM
    I put on order for the i7 and the 2Gig Video Card, would this machine handle somewhat serious gaming within 2 years time frame,

    Probably not.


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  • FredAkbar
    Oct 16, 11:26 AM
    There have been conflicting opinions about the new version of Virtual PC (version 7.0)...some say it's a lot faster than before (but still fairly slow), others say it's just as slow. The 20" iMac is a very fast computer, and the 2 GB of RAM will definitely help, but you can't set aside 1 GB for VPC, as VPC only allows you to allocate up to 512 MB for the PC environment.

    If you really need performance in PC apps through Virtual PC, you might be out of luck. But if you don't mind giving it a shot, and perhaps willing to deal with some slow graphics, go for it.

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  • .adam
    Sep 9, 03:08 AM
    Hi all,

    Everyone keeps banging on about this Apple event 9th Sept (today), but when is it in UK time?

    I'm not sure about the time differences.


    6PM :)


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  • Cabbit
    Mar 31, 08:19 PM

    I have a nasty little ie6 problem that has me perplexed to the cause. Every time i click on a input box be it the search one or ether of the 2 in the login area in ie6 it just highlights the input box as if it is active.

    I have tired turning off javascript but this did not help so i assume it can't be a javascript issue. And disabling the stylesheet also had no joy so i can only assume i have messed up basic html.

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  • SeattleMoose
    Mar 17, 02:04 PM
    I've been using Aperture 3.0 since 3.0.1 came out. This is FAR from "beta" quality software. It's rock solid on my 250GB+ Aperture library.

    Yes, some folks have had problems, but that's to be expected; this is software, and software will always have bugs. The bugs were neither egregious nor wide-spread (although to hear the kvetching you'd think that every Aperture user had their photo libraries replaced with goat se pics and emailed to their coworkers).

    The much less vocal majority have been using Aperture 3 for a while now and are getting a heck of a lot of use out of it.

    Another +1.....loving it and zero problems here.:D


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  • prostuff1
    Sep 22, 06:29 PM
    It was originally 250 and it was one that was up for the 100 dollar rebate. When i ordered it the website said that it was on back order adn that it would probably take 6 weeks to get here, which did not bother me seeing as i did not need it right away.

    I just called them and they said it was discontinued and that they no longer carried it. Meaning that i ordered a printer 5 weeks ago that in the end would never get here. I am peeved because when i ordered the printer it was not discontinued. And while there are some other printers availible they are not the ones that i want!! I want the one i ordered 5 weeks ago.

    Apple should at least honor the orders that were mad for that printer before it was discontinued!!

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  • zimv20
    Jan 10, 11:09 AM
    does firefox have a key command for cycling through tabs?


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  • toxthexnines
    Oct 26, 05:26 PM
    im in the line with a red macbook pro :D

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  • Don't panic
    Aug 16, 09:48 AM

    I would have sweared this was the new iJelly.
    what do you know. You live. You learn.


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  • Bob_Barker
    Oct 2, 10:31 AM
    I just got my iPhone replaced under warranty. As per Apple's new policy, the Genuis updated the replacement phone to 1.1.1, rendering it less useful to me.

    The iPhone comes with the original box and accessories, along with the documentation from the replacement (for warranty purposes).

    I'm interested in trading for a 16GB iPod touch, or possibly selling outright.


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  • Doctor Q
    Feb 24, 07:09 PM
    It's fixed. Our apologies for the misalignment.


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  • treehorn
    Apr 22, 08:23 AM
    I do a lot of editing of promo spots that incorporate Brolls from shows with interview footage from opening nights, etc. The Brolls come to me on everything from standard DVD, BetaSP, raw DV/DVCPRO Quicktime and HD files in...a variety of formats. The interviews are either DV/DVCPRO or HDV depending on who shot them.

    Lately I've been having problems with getting them to play nice with each other - specifically, clips from one company are getting very pixilated/blocky when I get the final product compressed down for web (the settings are close to the preset for Ipod Video 640X480 - unfortunately the preset is on my work computer and not here at home).

    The odd thing is that those clips sometimes work beautifully, sometimes look unusably horrible and there is no rhyme or reason (and as I wasn't the one that initially made them, I have no idea if they did something different on their end in compressing them). I've tried converting the clips into whatever format I'm going to be editing in ahead of time to match the interviews, but it makes no difference - it will look great until compressed down to the preset (which if memory serves is 1000kbps instead of the 1500kbps - I'm sure this doesn't help but as everything else looks fine at that level...)

    The Settings on the clips that are giving me problems are:

    Data rate - Between 8 and 12MB/Sec
    Square pixel
    Upper field dominance

    I've tried simply dragging them into the timeline and having FCP render them (usually into a DV/DVCPRO 720X480 Lower Field sequence. Sometimes into an HDV sequence). I've tried using Compressor to convert them into DV NTSC ahead of time to make them match the other footage. Neither shows any difference.

    Since it doesn't happen with every instance of using clips from this company in this format, I'm not sure where or what the problem is occurring. and since it sometimes results in such a glaring difference in the same sequence (imagine the most pristine HD followed by the worst Youtube clip)...

    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated

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  • vincenz
    Feb 23, 06:29 PM
    Don't know much about judging photography, but from an amateur viewer, they look quite decent.


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  • product26
    Aug 19, 03:54 PM
    Snow & Graphite iMacs FTW. Good score!

    My friend texted me asking if I wanted an old iMac for free, I obviously said yes. It is a snow 600MHz iMac G3 with 512MB of RAM, 40GB HD, and it works wonderfully. I'm currently looking for my 10.4 disks and going to install Tiger on it. Can't wait.

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  • Angelina Jolie 2011 Golden

  • Rob587
    Feb 16, 03:27 PM
    deffinatly let me know how going to school with it goes...... when I asked about screen space, I meant to ask If you feel like you need more or not. So do you?

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  • MBP13
    May 4, 01:47 AM
    ^I'll be sure to download those apps if I get the Mac.

    I just noticed that it probably won't come with iMac G4 speakers. :( Does anyone know where I can get a set? I probably could ask here, and I'm willing to pay for them, too. However, if the internal speaker is good (is it?), then I won't worry about the speakers.

    Oct 26, 04:06 PM
    I am at UConn am was thinking of going but now i hear the coop may be selling it for only $70 so I will have to look into that before driving and paying more.

    Is this confirmed yet? I'm at UCONN as well and was just going to head down to WestFarms but if the Co-op will have it for $60 cheaper then I'll wait!

    Mar 8, 10:23 PM
    I i

    Mar 15, 06:57 PM
    So, I picked up a set and thought I might post up some thoughts here in case you are thinking about buying a pair.

    First impressions are quite good. The packaging lends itself to a quality air. When you first try out the headphones you'll notice the very subtle looks. Personally, I think its brilliant to have a $200 pair of headphones not draw too much attention. So, I approve. There's a carrying case, a few different tips to help you get the feel you are comfortable with.

    On to the sound, before you even turn them on you'll notice these block a lot of background noise when properly inserted. Etymotic claims roughly 40db of noise reduction and I believe it. If you aren't noticing this then you probably don't have them far enough into your ears or you have on tips that don't fit properly.

    How do they sound when you start playing music? Well, I've listened to a variety of music through them ranging from Jazz to Blue, Rock to Metal, Club to Pop, Country to Western so far and have gotten a good feel for their style of sound reproduction. Its very restrained and accurate as is fitting for in ear monitors. These are not Beats by Dre and you will not be impressed if you connect them to a low quality source or you play poorly stored music. Now, if you have a good source and good music you'll start to hear the music the way it was recorded. Meaning a well engineered track will reveal things you've never heard before and a poorly recorded track will sound like warm dog poop.

    Whether thats appealing to you or not really depends on the kind of music you want to hear so I'm not going to pass judgement on it other than to say that I like accurate monitors and these are just great.

    If you read online you'll hear a lot of reviews on these and other Etymotic's that complain about a lack of bass response so I think a few comments on that are needed. If you compare these to a pair of Bose, Beats, Sony's and the like you'll not be impressed with the bass since they are accurate. The Etymotic's will not over-emphasize the bass and drown out the mids and highs. You'll hear a nicely balanced bass, mids and treble. I've got a pounding house beat going as I type this and it just rocks albeit softly. Its also a very accurate bass. I've picked up a few things in well known songs that I've never hear. Now, I'm used to that in the vocals or instruments but I was a bit surprised to have that happen with the bass line.

    All in all I'm impressed and happy. They are a bit pricey at $198 including tax from my local Apple store but if they last they will be well worth it.

    If you have any questions or comment post below and I'll try to respond quickly.

    Aug 18, 05:48 AM
    It is pretty bumpy on most of the tracks in the UK I think.
    The Northern Line isn't too bad on that front. The worst line is definitely the Metropolitan, on which you sometimes find it difficult to stay in your seat it jumps around so much.

    Apr 25, 07:29 PM
    I don't however believe I have broken the rules but if you feel otherwise I hope my apology puts a smile on your face and makes your day just that bit better! ;)

    Duff-Man says....not to flog a somewhat dead horse,but you have indeed broken the rules - both the forums and Apple's.

    Even *if* your friend paid for it, it's not his to give you to install and use without violating Apple's license agreement, and as for the forum rules, as quoted above it's *very* clear that you've asked for help with software you do not have license to use so yes, you've broken the rules.....oh yeah!

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