Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • EADchallenged
    07-12 09:03 AM
    I agree with the previous post that most of the House conservatives are right now trying to fight the bigger evil in their eyes - illegal immigration. Yesterday, on Cavuto on Business (Fox News), Tom Tancredo was waxing eloquent on the fact that he favors legal immigration, how he was the grandson of Italian immigrants blah blah blah. But remember, it was these very people who had forced the EB provisions out from S.1932. However, if Tancredo has to make any impact on American politics and be a serious player, he has to take these tactical positions favoring legal immigration when the talk everywhere is illegal immigration.

    So what to take out of this? We should try and pin a lot of these "anti-immigrant" people down on their position on SKIL while they are trying to justify their position on illegal immigration, by saying they favor legal immigration. . I guess now is the time to act and get everyone to support SKIL, while they cannot appear to be inconsistent with their position on legal immigration.

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  • vicks_don
    12-11 02:21 PM
    You are still on H1 status. Why do you want to apply for AP. Get your H1 stamped when you leave the country and you can get in on H1 status.

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  • mgos
    07-21 10:10 AM
    Legislatively, is there a way the bill can be revived? If so, can we involve the democrats by lobbying through the south asian/indian caucas?

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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-30 09:51 AM
    Quetion 11 on the EAD form 765 asks:
    Have you ever before applied for EAD from USCIS: Yes
    "Which USCIS Office?" : ??????????????

    how can i find out which USCIS office my prev (first) EAD application was sent to? I'm a July filer, when i applied for 485 and EAD i lived in NJ and my employer was in NJ as well. The receipt notice of EAD application came from California Service Center. and there is nothing on the EAD card about which office it was approved by. The 485/EAD/AP all was filed by my employer's attorney, they will not respond to my questions anymore. i don't think i have copy of the EAD application send last year july. Anybody got older version of I-765, older than "7/30/07" edition?

    What to write? folks, please respond ASAP, i plan to file on Monday(6/30) morning.

    Thanks in advance!

    Folks please share your opinion/experience about "WHICH USCIS OFFICE" the last EAD application was filed to if you lived and worked in NJ. Thanks!


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  • gcdreamer05
    01-03 09:32 AM
    Folks the solution is simple,

    If you believe your wife is not interested in future employment atleast for the next 2 years then do not renew your EAD. (I say 2 yrs because EAD is given now for 2 yrs).

    If you have stamping on her passport for h4 then no need for AP.

    If the stamping on her passport for h4 has expired then apply for AP (since you can show AP and come back and still be on h4). This appln for AP has to be done atleast 3 months before you need it (consider processing time).

    If your wife decides she has to start working then apply for EAD like 4-6 months before preferred emp start date.

    I do not have EAD (but eligible to apply for one), still on h1b, visa expired have just AP, so if I need to go back to home land ill show AP and come back and still be on h1, hope this answers all your questions.

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  • neeidd
    10-09 06:04 PM
    What is the secondary inspection about? Is it just sitting and waiting while they do some checks on our file or do we have to answer some questions? Please let me know



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  • malibuguy007
    10-02 02:55 PM
    Thanks for the support Chintu

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  • Winner
    10-11 09:12 PM
    Dear Friend I totally agree with you. I was with one of these employers and have moved away from them. As suggested by some members you can report about these fraudulent activities to DOL. I know it is dufficult to leave these employers as they make the employees to sign bonds and try to capture all the money that they have acquired in PF etc back in the native country.

    These employers are to be blamed for the current economy condition of this country and the condition of immigrants like us.

    I know there are some members in this forum who will try to shout you down and make you quite.

    But I feel if one believe in what is right then one should go ahead irrespective of what others think.

    Now that you have left your abusive employer, would you mind disclosing your ex-employer information?


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  • jotv
    10-08 06:48 PM
    hi gcpadmavyuh ,

    here is my question i got h1 that is starting from oct 1st and i got ead also .

    i dont have ssn also . my i-94 got expired.

    1) now i am on which status ?

    2) how to come from h4 to ead in my situation ?

    3) how to actually use ead or h1 ?

    4) should i get salary( payroles every month ) on h1 from this oct 1st onwards ?

    5) in my situation how uscis will recognise am i using ead /h1 /h4 ?

    6) in my situation if i got ssn and driving license after showing ead card in that offices , but i didnt work until this year end then by the year end on which status i am h4 or ead or h1 ?

    7) in my situation if once i used my ead is there any chance to come from ead to h1 in future if i need ?

    please clarify this doubts . please other experts suggest me.

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  • wandmaker
    07-19 04:01 AM
    Just wanted to share our 7th year H-1B extension stamping in Chennai on July 15th. Since my I-140 was approved, the I-797 petition was approved for 3 years. My family (wife and daughter) attended the interview along with me. The procedure for H-1B extension/renewal is much easier in Chennai compared to first time stampers. There is a separate counter for renewals and the interview procedure is quite simple. After the initial screening of documents, we went to a separate renewal counter which did not have any queue.

    The VO just asked some questions about my nature of the job and how long I have been with my company. FYI, my company is a major reputed IT Foreign MNC. My family was not asked any questions. We did not have any PIMS delays and I got the passport couriered the very next day itself. The petition was approved a month before the stamping. Overall it is a much streamlined process for H-1B visa extensions/renewals.

    Thanks MP70

    Thanks for sharing, Nice to know there is a separate counter for H1B revalidation. Enjoy your rest of the vacation.


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  • jasmin45
    12-05 07:04 PM
    I was recently speaking with a member and he told me that people even congratulate each other when they have LUDs. :D

    Very funny! but sadly true and LUD's are integral part of several signatures.. I could not control my laughter when I read your this very statement.:D:D:D

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  • anandrajesh
    11-26 02:35 PM
    Thank you so much for your response.

    So If I understand correctly I will have to staple the current I-94 (bottom part of I-797) from company C to my original I-94 in the passport i.e the I-94 I got at the time of entry (the one which has the company A info , I mean the type of visa , valid till etc.)

    What abt the I-94 from company B(the one which I have the copy of) . Does it need to be stapled too while I am leaving US ? If yes, can I staple the copy ?

    Thanks again for your time.

    I was under the same situation as u are, when i left to india last month. I stapled all I-94 records together and gave it at the airline counter. It is Arrival/Departure Card and they need all the documents to document your status correctly.

    As far as the Interview, I Carried current I-797 original for the interview and carried all copies with me. I had the copy of all approvals NOTARIZED by my Attorney.

    The interview at the embassy was a breeze. No questions asked, none answered :)


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  • fadingblack
    09-20 07:30 AM
    Screw em if they don't like it. I know if I don't like the program, it goes right off my machine and probebly wont ever be tested again.

    he, he... we speak the same languaje here. :P

    Thanks for those opinions. I will try to mess a bit with painter to see if something comes up. I will let you know who won the fight, my patience or the bloddy million of buttons!!!

    Thanks David! Oh, and thanks for the "bookseek" too. =)

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  • crazyghoda
    01-15 11:19 AM
    No one cares how you exit. A lesser known fact is that most Mexicans who are here illegally catch a regular commercial flight when they visit their homes in Mexico.

    Thanks a lot for your timely reply. I want to know does it matter how we exited US, I mean did anyone see your advance parole while leaving US.




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  • rkat
    02-07 03:47 PM
    Thanks again for all answers - Another Q that i had is - i am applying for a extension of my H1 Visa. My current validity is till June 2008. My 6 years will be completed in August 2009. I have a approved I-140!

    My Q is - can i apply for a 3 year extension right now based on my 140 approval.? That is - can i extend H1 from July 2008 till June 2011..?? OR do i have to wait to complete all 6 years till i can use the benefit of the 140 approval for H1 extension?

    Thank you!

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  • pd052009
    05-10 10:40 AM
    I just got PIO for my daughter in 6 working days. Compared to my PP application, this service was super fast.


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  • bitzbytz
    07-13 03:14 PM
    do i need to send flowers to everyone so that you can ignore this thread...i agree that this forum is not the place for my question. i hope u understand.

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  • FredG
    June 25th, 2006, 08:25 AM
    First option is always to try to blow it out. Next, in my mind, is an arctic butterfly (a bush that works on the principle of static cling, and no chance of leaving a residue). The lens pen was originally developed for lenses, but has recently come into vogue for sensors. Finally, a wet solution applied with a pad. A variety of blowers is here (*&bhs=t&shs=air+blower&image.x=0&image.y=0). Visible dust ( has a variety of wet and dry offerings, including the butterfly. Lens pen is found here (, along with instructions. I consider a wet method the last resort, due to experience with streaking (No, I don't streak, it's from the fluid. Oh, I guess y'all figured that out. :) )

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  • CareerHit
    10-14 11:02 PM
    I'm on h1 and also have an EAD
    My current job is on my h1. And I have an EAD, but never used it.
    Question: Can I work pat time on my EAD and still retain my h1.

    Any pros and cons?


    02-07 08:28 PM
    YOu will get your GC. I'm positive. For me all my docs like AP, EAD etc had same status and i got the physical card and ap.

    06-27 02:20 PM
    Can you please provide below details

    when did u file for your EAD renewal? Is it e-file or paper based file? what is the service center?

    Just got �Card Production Ordered� LUD for EAD for both myself and my wife. Wish it could have happened on the next working day, which is Monday - June 30th, we could have got 2 year EAD, unlucky!!!

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