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  • FredG
    June 25th, 2006, 08:40 PM
    If the bidding gets high enough, we'll work out the details.

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  • qplearn
    10-02 03:47 PM
    If I-140 is withdrawn by the employer, one can not port the PD.
    I spoke to an extremely good lawyer, but he is human and could be wrong. I was trying to tell the OP what I knew. Can the laws be found anywhere, by the way?

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  • iviviv
    11-01 09:33 PM

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  • jthomas
    07-05 05:52 PM
    Most of the active members would have done their calls to lawmakers and the list of provided. What's next. Can somebody keep it moving.


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  • roseball
    02-17 06:06 PM
    Really speaking I care more for the dates to get current so I can add my wife to my GC application and get her an EAD and AP. After that I won't mind if I have to wait for some more time before I get the actual GC in hand

    If your employer has a EB-2 position open which you would be a fit for and if he is willing to start the EB-2 process, then I think you should go ahead with the process. The problem with pending I-485 inventory that USCIS published is that those are only the cases pending at NSC and TSC. They do not account for the cases pending at USCIS Field Offices and overseas consulates. Now coming to the main reason why EB-3 dates not moving is because of 245i (legalization of illegals) cases which were filed before Apr 30, 2001. All of them were classified as EB-3 and there were thousands of applicants. Most the applicants who filed for Adjustment within US are processed. But their dependents cases are still pending at the overseas consulates. Many of them were follow-to-join cases where the cases were filed after primary beneficiary got the greencard and they still use the 2001 PD. There are many such cases pending for consular processing. Though USCIS I-485 inventory only suggests 1100 cases before Dec 2001, there could be hundereds or even thousands pending in field offices or consular posts, hence EB-3 I dates aren't moving either.

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  • leo2606
    08-19 06:17 PM
    You can print them from the following location.

    Can that flyer / poster be made available to other here?

    I was thinkining of posting it in indian stores etc...


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  • immig4me
    11-03 10:08 AM
    I don't care much for either party, but I do find "talking points" abhorring as it never considers the practical matters...........

    What is it about the immigration debate that makes Republicans in Congress act like children?

    In the latest stunt, all seven Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee - Charles Grassley, Jon Kyl, John Cornyn, Orrin Hatch, Lindsey Graham, Tom Coburn and Jeff Sessions - have signed a letter asking Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano to "detail exactly how much funding" would be needed to "ensure that enforcement of the law occurs consistently for every illegal alien encountered and apprehended."

    The answer: A lot.

    John Morton, director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, told me that Congress appropriates $2.6 billion each year for the detention and removal of illegal immigrants.

    According to Morton, ICE is able to apprehend, process and remove a maximum of about 400,000 immigrants per year. (From October 2009 to September 2010, the Obama administration deported 392,862 people.) This is a record, and yet still only a fraction of the estimated 10.3 million illegal immigrants living in the United States.

    So to remove 10 million illegal immigrants, it would cost about $65 billion.

    There you go, senators. Will that be cash or charge?

    Of course, there are also the ancillary costs. First, if the federal government were to cast the net wide enough to apprehend large numbers of suspected illegal immigrants, perhaps by substituting skin color for probable cause (see: Arizona), it's likely to ensnare a good number of U.S.-born Latinos who would probably file a flurry of lawsuits for racial profiling, and thus run up the tab. Second, in the time that it takes to detect, detain and deport 10 million illegal immigrants, many of those who had already been removed would come back - and then have to be re-deported at an additional cost. And third, by spending that much more money on enforcement, federal immigration officials would surely inspire smugglers on the other side of the border to raise their prices. This would only enrich and empower the bad guys to bring in still more illegal immigrants.

    Then, there is another problem. As incredible as it sounds, deporting millions of illegal immigrants would be disruptive to Americans' way of life. As Morton pointed out, there would likely be massive and debilitating labor shortages, especially in those industries that currently depend more heavily than they should on illegal immigrant labor.

    "No one is talking about letting people go on their way with no punishment whatsoever," Morton said. "But we need a rational discussion of the proper sanction in light of the circumstances."

    Republicans are really in no position to talk about seriousness. When serious leadership is called for, they offer only theatrics and chest-thumping. They have to realize that, as a practical matter, ICE can't deport every illegal immigrant it comes in contact with. But they don't care. They only want attention.

    The GOP has a lot invested in spinning the yarn that the border can be secured and millions of illegal immigrants expelled through a strategy of enforcement only. Once you adopt this line of thinking, the way to explain the fact that there are still millions of illegal immigrants in the United States is to somehow argue that the Obama administration has been slow to deport them.

    This was a harmless delusion when Republicans were in the minority in Congress. But now that they are gaining seats, it could become a real nuisance as politicians proceed to lecture law enforcement officials about the best way to enforce the law.

    As the country's top immigration enforcement official, Morton is critical of an enforcement-only approach.

    "You have to be much more precise than simply saying 'deport them all'," he said. "That kind of attitude doesn't make sense in the context of how you deal with 10.3 million people."

    There you have it. Right on cue, seven Republican senators have stopped making sense.

    Read more: Republicans can't talk about immigration enforcement (
    Republicans can't talk about immigration enforcement (

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  • ivgclive
    05-02 08:31 AM
    I was on I-485 status on my EB3 application working on EAD. My I140 for Eb2 application got approved today while also requesting porting of priority date.

    I believe USCIS would have automatically switched the 485 application to use the new EB2 I-140 instead of old EB3-I140

    Now my question I am ready to renew my EAD. I wanted if there will be any problem with my EAD application since it is now transfered to an Eb2 position.

    My pririty date is still not current....

    EAD is based on a pending I-485, you should go ahead to renew your EAD (as you work in EAD, do not let it expire). Consult a lawyer, send additional documentation along with the package that you have done so-and-so transfer.


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  • sgupta33
    08-28 04:14 PM
    What kind of help are you looking for?? Its all in the IV forums about AC21... You need nothing... If you think your employer may revoke your approved I-140.. then you need to inform USCIS of your using AC21 to do a job change... If your I-140 is not approved yet.. you need to wait...

    All the needed details would be in AC21 threads...

    Yes, I have looked at the AC21 threads and they have been very helpful. I was hoping my current attorney could give me information on the process of transferring my H1B, the costs involved, and how long the process takes. Again, I work in the mental health area where agencies do not have immigration attorneys on staff so if I port, the new employer will not have an attorney that can help me. Thanks.

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  • jimecalfa
    01-08 03:40 AM
    Hi, this is my situation:

    - I have L2 Visa, because my husband has L1B Visa. This year, the visa expires and we have 3 new options: extension for L1 and L2 Visa, H1 and H4Visa or Green Card.
    - In the other hand, I have my own business. I have and EAD (work permit) and SSN.

    1. Which of the 3 options do you recommend us to get? Why?
    2. I understand that under H4, I am not able to get a work permit. Do I need a work permit to continue doing business by myself? Or it is required even to run my business?



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  • buehler
    07-11 01:17 PM
    If you get one consolidated paycheck and W-2, you're fine. Otherwise, you will have a tough time explaining multiple paychecks and W-2s to the immigration officer when you go for visa stamping or when entering the country.

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  • ndbhatt
    06-23 12:11 AM
    Although I filed the Labor Certification Application (regular filing) in mid 2004, I couldn�t apply for I-485 in July/Aug 2007 because my LC was still pending at that time. Later in 2007 I got the Labor Certification and in 2009 I received the I-140 approval.

    While may case was stuck in a DOL backlog elimination center, many people who started their permanent residency process in 2005, 2006 and 2007 were able to take advantage of the I-485 filing window because of RIR and PERM filings.

    I am wondering if I could request USCIS to extend to me the same EAD Card benefit that applicants with a later priority date are enjoying. Is it something I can appeal to an immigration board or to an immigration court? I have been working in H1B since 1999. Would 11 years in H1B (and 3 years in F1 prior to that) carry any humanitarian consideration in a court of appeal?

    Could someone please advice?

    Thank you.

    There are several hundreds of people who missed July 2007 fiasco, including me. Unfortunately, nothing can be done on humanitarian grounds. Only thing is wait in never-ending queue until you turn comes or wait for favorable immigration policy changes.


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  • Siddharta
    03-11 10:13 PM
    I have an NRE account and I get a 1099-INT every year from my bank for that account. It clearly states that the interest has been reported to the IRS and therefore must be shown on the 1040.

    Interesting. I never received the 1099-INT. Will talk to my bank.

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  • deardar
    09-14 09:57 AM
    And why does your profile say "NO" for the rally?

    Cause i cannot make it to the rally.


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  • malibuguy007
    10-02 09:40 AM
    Many of you would have had the chance to discuss with your better halves yesterday night - ready to contribute now? :D

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  • coopheal
    08-01 09:31 AM
    The link on USCIS page sends only the user id thru email. It does not send password.


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  • suwarnapatel
    07-28 05:47 PM
    Thanks Elaine, I may have misrepresented myself all I wanted to ask is:

    1. If I apply for a second one, will they cancel my previous one?

    2. Will it affect any future chance? And you did say, no to that. Thank you for your response.


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  • WeShallOvercome
    07-18 12:15 PM
    Is there a chance of USCIS coming back and saying that they will not take applications for I485 after July 31 2007 for whatever crap reason?

    Do you think they will do that after all this noise ?

    NO WAY !

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  • snathan
    05-08 10:23 PM
    We are all paying tax for years and the way USCIS works...we would get the GC only by next birth. This is very ridiculous rule.

    08-20 02:26 PM
    I'm a Jul 02 filer and I received the 485 and 765 notices recently.

    However, the PRIORITY DATE cell in receipts for both 485 & 765 is BLANK. Is this the usual practice? Shouldn't my PD be populated on these receipt notices?


    02-22 07:04 PM
    I have similar question about EB2 and experience with current employer

    I came from China, so EB3 are really bad comparing with EB2

    As I know I could not use experience at my current employer (Company A) to fill EB2, can I find a consulting company (Company B) who willing to sponsor my EB2, while still work for Company A (through Company B)?

    Will that be some problem, or is it legal?

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