Sunday, June 5, 2011

jesse metcalfe hairstyles

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  • hipeye01
    May 4, 01:54 PM
    Well, I don't know about the calendar syncing, but the best Verizon feature phone is the LG enV3.

    Unfortunately there does not seem to be a good way to sync most LG phones with a mac computer. The only thing I have come across is Bit Pim and its reviews are pretty spotty.

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  • BigBeast
    May 7, 12:30 AM
    Thanks for the info! I'll be going to pick one up tomorrow if it's in stock! Also, I'm usually the guy who wants the FULLY upgraded system, but I think I'm turning over a new leaf. Hopefully this change goes well... :D

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  • MacRumors
    May 4, 08:36 AM (

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  • Ponchobot
    Apr 28, 03:37 PM
    I know this might be a stupid question but i have been googling for hours now and i cannot find a solution.
    Is there a way to unlock any other basebands off the iPhone 4 not only 1.59.00 that ultrasn0w does.? And if so can you please supply a list of the basebands that are unlockable with Verson 4.0iOS and up.?


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  • ryan.go.habs
    Jul 5, 12:45 AM
    Anybody know which location will have it for sure? I will be there 1st thing! I know alot of the Rogers locations are called Rogers Video. So will they have it?

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  • EazyWeazy3
    Feb 10, 02:10 AM
    You just sold me OP.

    Thank you.


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  • Lucky8
    Sep 18, 10:23 PM
    Apple retail stores do not take returns on online ordered items.
    They have to be sent back at your cost unless if it's defective or damaged during shipment.
    It takes about 2-3 weeks after they receive the items for the credit to show up in your account.
    Oh, and 20% restocking fees for all open boxes within 30 days of purchased.

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  • JM8814
    Apr 28, 03:25 PM
    its a 3GS.. damn that sucks, ok. the only reason is because my cousin just updated to 4.2 firmware and he said he cant jailbreak his phone at all. he's tried greenpoison, limerain, he said nothing seems to work so if i update im worried i wont be able to jailbreak my phone anymore


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  • velocityg4
    Apr 19, 10:31 PM
    how did you verify that the adapter you referenced on amazon will take a 24 pin zif cable? I'm reading elsewhere that adapters for this interface simply don't exist which doesn't make sense :(
    I'm in the same bind as you...

    At this point it is the best guess I can make. Given that it is SATA and the ZIF-24 is SATA. Though I am starting to think it will not work. I'll know when it arrives. I could always use a ZIF-40 adapter at some point. If that is what it turns out to be.

    Anyways I managed to verify the power button of the Air's top case was faulty and shorted the correct pins on the motherboard to fire it up. The computer booted and is currently backing up the hard drive and awaiting a replacement top case.

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  • Bigmacduck
    Apr 5, 04:47 PM
    Windows is a typical masturbation operating system that constantly tries to satisfy itself (herself/himself?).

    Windows 7 has many background processes that do things, consume CPU cycles and therefore nibble battery capacity.

    OS X like most UN*X operating systems is behaving more orderly here.


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  • likemyorbs
    Mar 1, 06:30 PM
    Ironic part is, by trying to defend this law the republicans are just speeding up the whole process of it going to court and having it ruled unconstitutional. So thanks to republicans, the Feds may soon be recognizing gay marriages! Who would have thought?

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  • Koodauw
    Nov 28, 06:21 PM
    So you would recomend the v600 over the v400 as far as battery life and quality?

    It all depends. I liked the V600 better than the V400 for these reasons.

    It was made out of Metal/Aluminium instead of plastic.
    I seemed to be able to hear better on it. Although i think it was do mainly to ergonomics.
    I liked the look and feel of it much better. To me the V400 was the beta, and the V600 was the final product.

    I value style, and durability, so I went with the V600. Also, I had a V60 which I loved. Possibly the best phone I have ever owned, and the V600 remind me much of it. I'm sure was a big part of my decision.

    And as for battery life, if I remember correctly it was about the same. No huge difference.

    So I guess if your an average user, The V400 is a good fit.

    BTW, I dont think Cingular sells the V600 anymore. I think they replaced it with a 500 series phone. Which is made out of plastic :(


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  • macsrcool1234
    Feb 20, 06:37 PM
    The Library of Congress already rule jb is legal. Try again.

    Whatever 'muscle' is? All you need to sue someone is money and both Apple and Sony have more than enough.

    I've never seen somebody more clueless.

    If Geohot loses, Apple could try another pass at it. Even the lowest court could throw out the Library of Congress's opinion.

    Clearly somebody wasn't paying attention in middle school history when they went over constitutional powers.

    I just donated $100. Geohot is a drama queen but this has absolutely nothing to do with him as a person but the importance of what he did.

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  • blevins321
    May 1, 11:14 AM

    It works! Thanks man! You're a life saver! I didn't think it was possible, but was just trying my luck here. You're awesome! :D

    Lol you're welcome. :). That had been at the back of my mind for awhile, and hearing someone else that was annoyed with it gave me an excuse to look.


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  • zelmo
    Jan 21, 10:47 PM
    So far, more like an extra 175 ppd.

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  • Hellhammer
    Apr 13, 11:40 AM
    also you can connect apple display with mini displayport to thunderbolt.

    Yes. Thunderbolt uses the same connector as mDP so any existing mDP device will work without any adapters in TB port.

    what the diference it would be if a display has thunderbolt? bigger resolution because of higher speed?

    Thunderbolt uses DisplayPort 1.1a so it's not any faster than normal (Mini) DisplayPort. However, it can carry other data too because of the 10Gb/s PCIe channel it has, so it would eliminate the need of USB cable for data.

    and what would daisy-chaining give me?

    That means the ACD would act as a hub. For example, if you have an ACD with TB and ext HD with TB, you connect one cable from the ACD to the MBP and the other port(s) can be used to connect other TB devices. That way you don't have to get a hub to attach multiple devices into one port.

    TB supports up to 7 devices in one port.


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  • Bob Knob
    Mar 31, 02:14 PM
    Screw Combustion, I want Discreet to get the bugs out of Cleaner 6. Since they picked up Cleaner from Terran Interactive years ago they haven't done squat. They rarely even put out the "new version coming soon" lie on their BB anymore because every time they do they get slammed.

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  • atrac7
    Apr 4, 08:56 PM
    Hello all,

    I bought an iPad 1 about 2 weeks ago, brand new. All has been well, and I was able to jailbreak it on firmware 4.2.1 using green poison.

    I think I made an error yesterday by trying to charge the iPad with a 3rd party connector. It charged fine, and this morning I awoke to a 100% charged battery as usual.

    The problem however is that it is STUCK at 100% for the whole day, and that's with a good amount of usage.

    I've tried:

    -Rebooting (full power off, power on), respringing, trying to sync with itunes, all to no avail. The battery is still stuck at 100%

    What is the BEST option for me at this point? If I need to RESTORE, what is the best way to make sure i STAY on 4.2.1 so I can apply the UNTETHERED jailbreak again? The more specific, the more helpful...such as if I were to restore, should I be able to restore from a backup or just create as a brand new iPad?

    Thanks everybody, this is really bothering me because being unsure of my battery percentage sucks when leaving the house and not knowing when it'll die.:(

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  • Mertzen
    Jan 2, 01:00 AM
    HAHAHAHAH .. spycorp, inc ..

    So what happened to their MWSF booth ???

    Feb 17, 08:06 PM
    What was historic about it ?

    There you go

    Mar 20, 02:40 PM
    Well, If you own 2 keyboards and 2 mice then why don't you check to see if your monitor already supports 2 computers and that will save you money?

    Dec 15, 03:52 AM
    Cheers for your feedback guys! :)

    The animation is a little bit choppy in parts as I had to remove so many frames and change timings to get the overall file within the size limits.

    Anyway, bit of background on my entry...

    I wanted to use a character of some sort and Newton seemed a good choice because of the obvious connection with the apple; this also has some personal relevance because I have a degree in Physics!

    I've got a PowerBook myself, but the reason why I chose to drop an iBook on Newton's head is because the white shows up better (since I gave him grey hair)... also when I first signed up to MR I was interested in buying an iBook and my very first post was in the "New iBooks Next Tuesday?" thread. I had to change the text to Wednesday what with the recent releases, but I thought that including this all-too familiar thread topic kinda captured the boards :p

    I've got some ideas for other avatars too, but not sure if I'll have time to execute them...

    Jul 26, 05:04 PM
    Is there a plugin API in Xcode (4)?

    I miss a lot of the brilliant extensions made for VS2008 and VS2010. ReSharper, Telerik, misc database plugins etc. are all good tools that enhance VS and makes it so good. That way some of the itches that Apple can't or won't scratch could be done by other developers.

    May 18, 05:24 AM
    Just seen this on the bay - the guy won't ship to the UK (and ignored my e-mail asking if he would), so no use to me. However, this one looks like a prototype, so you other collectors might be interested.

    It has apple stickers on the back (maybe just asset tags), but if you look at the photo of the sub, it's definitely a Bose prototype that was sent to apple.

    eBay link (

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