Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • ps57002
    09-14 07:50 AM
    I see IV has done an excellent job in promoting the event as I see it listed in several newspapers (and listed on lawfirm websites such as murthy, siskund, etc. I think it will be a huge turnout and you want to be a part of this exciting rally. If you're thinking "well there's enough people already" then you need to think "i'm doing my part, that's what matters, no matter how many show/don't show up". Stand up for what is right. Stand up cause enough is enough. Stand up because each and every one counts. Come on to D.C. You'll make a lot of new friends and can have fun in person talking to people who can talk about your receipts in person too :p Will be great...don't miss out.

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  • mhtanim
    06-30 02:04 AM
    Your H-1B stays valid for as long as it is approved, even if you enter using AP.

    If you enter with AP, you become a parolee (based on the fact that you get an I-94 with parolee status on it). Then you resume your work with the H-1B employer. After few months, for some reason your I-485 gets denied. Do you become out of status since your status was parolee?

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  • kiran_k02
    07-14 01:27 PM
    Anyone travelled recently through Germany (Frankfurt) using Advance Parole? Any issues with Advance Parole while coming back to US? Do we need transit visa? Appreciate your response.

    Please visit the old thread, you will find lot of information about this issue.

    Also take a printout of the information from the Website ( (German Consulate Website).

    I hope you have already searched the threads for the information you are seeking and then proceeded to post your issue.
    I don't know IV policy but if we have an existing thread then please re-ignite the thread by posting your concerns which are missing from the posting. This way we can have single thread for single piece of information. Right now we have scattered threads for unique issues, same information gets repeated several times.

    Anyway have a nice vacation, don't worry too much about it.

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  • chintu25
    08-13 04:41 PM
    Unfortunately Yes...i had infopass appointment on monday and IO told me samething. NC has to be cleared before 485 can be approved. But they are targeting they will clear NC within 180 days after Feb 2009.

    Just read a post on a different thread where a 2006 NSC case was cleared without NC


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  • puskeygadha
    01-13 03:29 PM

    I am live example..
    my perm was denied..and we filed MTR which has not gone through yet
    then my company filed another perm but for a different position and
    description..that got approved..

    i extened H1 with MTR but lost my priority date..which does not matter to me
    since i am EB2 and Rest of the world...just incase my MTR gets accepted
    i can use that PD

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  • Jaime
    09-15 08:35 PM


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  • santa123
    06-09 11:20 PM
    I suggest that you put things in black and white.
    Write to the former employer to let him know that you have been calling him reg the dues. Give him a time frame and let him know that you will consider going to DOL if things are not sorted out.

    Pls be polite with your wordings as this may help resolve the issue itself.

    Dear Viewers

    Could anyone please advice me on how to claim the unpaid salary from the previous employers.

    I was working for a company based in Michigan run by an Indian. This person did not pay me my last month salary. He does not pick up his phone or respond to my email. I have all the proof that my client has paid him the money for which I worked but he continue to ignore my request. This guy owes me around 5000 dollars.

    Any piece of advice would be of great help.

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  • giddu
    06-27 12:07 PM
    My attorney received an email notice of I-140 approval (PP) on Mon, June 25. But the online case status showed the application as pending. Finally,today my attorney called and was told that due to "system glitch ", approval notices were sent out in error!! It seems this has done to others too!!
    Did anyone else encounter this?


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  • msyedy
    01-24 11:09 AM
    Yes your crook attorney is partially right. Because once your I-140 gets approved, then you are eligible for 3 yr extension and not 1 yr extension. No attorney like his/her clients get 3 yrs extension because they will lose their attorney fee for the next two years.

    Just ask your lier to apply for I-140. If he refuses to do that, ask him why?

    Change your attorney if you are paying for your GC. If company is paying then talk to the companies HR or who ever, lawyers will work on what the company says.

    Forget about the lawyer, It is the company issue here if they are paying for your GC.


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  • chanduv23
    09-15 06:53 PM
    If we turn up in lower numbers - media will ignore. Rallies happen everyday in DC - and media wont bother unless numbers are huge or there is a fight or something.

    Remember - they key for success is numbers.



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  • insbaby
    11-12 03:05 PM
    As far as I know no need of another visa. The expiry date given by the IO at port of entry over rides the earlier expiry date on visa. One of my friends parent got his visa for 6 months. If the IO gives less than 6 months he can apply for extension how ever

    The VO gives I-94 only up to the expiry of visa period. Its rare to see someone gives I-94 beyond the expiry date of visa. There is a risk involved.

    When you have 10 years visa, they give 2 months and 4 months many times, I don't expect them giving gifts to visitors.

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  • mgarvey
    08-06 08:00 AM
    Hello everyone,new to the forum
    Anyway,filed i-485 in 1997 and was interview 1999 and stamp in passport adjustment status pending,b;cos of past immigration issues.Then i did recieve letter that my family petition was accepted then two weeks recieved another letter stated my application was denial due to my past issues so i had to leave the country and reapply. My lawyer said she had to file a motion,did charge alot of money.Did not hear anything till i went there to check my status and the officer told me i was in the process of deportation,so she gave me the date.So i went to my lawyer to check if she knew anything and she said your case is pending,so i ask her if she can call and check whereby she did and find out i was in the processes of deportation,now she told she need more money and if i do not pay that amount she can not go the court with me,so i did offer some amount and she refuse.
    So i went to the immigration court and i did win the case,and now she find out that i did win the case so trying to be my attorney.
    I do need to file for Ead because my old one was revorke,do i have to file for another i-485 or not?Another thing my lawyer had my file how do i track my old receipt number.Can someone please help me, i do have the original judgement from the immigration court


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  • sangarmool
    10-09 01:09 PM


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  • desi3933
    02-23 03:20 PM
    QUESTION 1: Can my wife extend her H1-B (beyond 6th year) based on her pending I-485?


    Question: When I am at the port of entry, I will have my old H1-B valid for 2 more months and also the visa stamp valid for 2 more months, but a new H1-B I-797 is already approved. Will this cause a problem?

    Refer to my previous post on this thread.

    Not a legal advice


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  • a_yaja
    01-08 08:06 PM
    If you are not using EAD why renew it? Unless you are one of the people who applied under the new scheme (free EAD and AP for life), you are just wasting $340 + $305 = $645 (per person).

    You can easily wait till you move to new place before applying - if at all you want to apply. If your EAD & AP have expired, I am not sure if the new EAD/ AP will be considered as a "new" application or a "renewal".

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  • imh1b
    07-30 12:15 PM
    Every lawyer is a businessman. And every businessman has a success story to tell to advertise himself. And you are unknowingly doing viral marketing. Look up on Google what viral marketing it. Has any of these lawyers done viral marketing of IV or greencard backlog action items on their forums and newsletters? So why are you advertising them? You go around town asking lawyers if they did any case successfully Showing a Valid Employer-Employee Relationship. And you will mostly get Yes answer so that they get more business. So why promoting only one lawyer.


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  • snathan
    05-20 12:28 PM
    Was your question

    We are beneficiaries of my husband on a EB3 petition. due to retrogression issue, I want to sue someone. Whom should I start with?


    Lets complete her questions with various possible choices and help her. Happy Friday. :D

    May be the husband....

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  • ilikekilo
    07-18 10:39 AM
    This is the website to check labor status at the BEC.

    My case was filed in Nov 2001. In Oct 2006, the DOL stated that they lost my case (I did not receive a 45 day letter). So my lawyer reconstructed my labor and filed it again as per DOL's instruction. I received a 45 day letter in Apr 2007 which showed my case no. Since then I have been checking the case status online.

    very sorry to eahr that.....did urs get approved yet

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  • StarSun
    02-07 09:44 AM
    Members with questions, take this opportunity to clarify your doubts from these reputed lawyers.

    07-18 06:12 PM
    A lot of discussion happened on this topic in the past and the general consensus was that it will boomerang on us. We should not be demonstrating/protesting/demanding.

    Welcome to the world of white collar politics.:)

    This is ridiculous, there is a saying that even a mom doesn't feed her own child unless he cries.

    I strongly feel that we should make a genuine effort.

    04-22 05:13 PM
    I have added your treasure trove and "old school web design" stamps :) I think the text in some of the other stamps needs some work. More specifically, I'm seeing a lot of words. The good stamps I've seen use more visual imagery as opposed to text to convey information very quickly.

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