Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • paskal
    12-01 10:13 AM
    I believe no group is formed for TN. I am requesting people to reply so that we can count and form something.



    We can help you but the first step is to complete your profile
    Also I suggest you start by joining the GA chapter, you will get some help from them.

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  • statuslaw
    01-31 01:28 PM
    This is my first H1-b. My interview was on Jan. 4, 2008 in Toronto and got 221g for administrative review. I faxed my research description the VO requested to US consulate in Toronto on Jan. 7, 2008, got the check finished email today. I keep calling DOS for my status during the waiting time. It may work for my case. It is really a pain time. Good luck to you.

    Hi I am stuck in 221(g) since mid-November 2007..over 75 days..can you provide some details about your case?
    Mine is H1B 3 extension for 7th year at Mumbai. I am not getting any help in this matter from the authorities that my lawyer has contacted...only the standard response that it they are awaiting a response.

    If you like you can send me a private message. Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.

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  • deafTunes123
    09-04 01:28 PM
    My Lawyer sent a letter explaining to port from EB3 to EB2. He attached both the copies of the approved I-140s. btw. my new approved I-140 has the priority date of EB3. Lawyer request to port the PD from EB3 to EB2 at the time of I-140 application.

    He also mentioned the A# no.s in the Cover Letter.
    Also my Approved I-140 has the A# printed in the beneficiary column.

    Hope this helps.

    I am hoping that PD is ported successfully.


    Can you tell me what your lawyer sent to the USCIS. How did he link the approved 140 to the pending 485. Did he fill any form? I am in the same boat. My both 140's are with the same company though.


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  • levelup
    10-22 02:22 AM
    is really useful for me, I am glad to read it here.


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  • vparam
    05-31 05:03 PM
    PD - august 2002
    140 AP - august 2005

    485/EA/AP - sent it out today

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    12-21 09:56 PM
    Its mystery. My friend visited one Canadian consulate for VISA interview. He sent his I-171 and DS160 to them in email to get PIMS done before his interview date and they said that they received the documents and noted info & can come for interview. He though PIMS check is done and he can go peacefully for interview.
    But today they gave some document saying they need to verify PIMS, so the conclusion is always better to go home country sothat we can have nice time with relatives atleast.


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  • Aah_GC
    05-03 07:20 PM
    Hi my father lost his passport at the airport today and with it his I94 and US B1 visa. We do have scanned copies of his US Visa and Passport. I would appreciate any pointers on the following question -

    1. What are my next steps?
    2. I figured from browsing few sites that he needs to apply for I94 - does any one know of any vague ETA there?
    3. Would he have to go through his visa stamping again?

    Much apprecaite your reply.


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  • ujjvalkoul
    01-30 06:04 PM
    in short....when they cannot determine ur duration of stay..u get a one year license...interesting...wonder if you still have H1B and 485 pending what will the SAVE system pick for ur unless for all AOS applications we can get EADs for 3 years, we will have to get DLs every year...given they accept EAD as a status/duration of stay proof..which they wont coz they will be looking at SAVE only for verifying appplicant status/duration of stay.....

    We are looking at a big mess folks...

    Comment: Commenters said that this provision would be unduly
    burdensome for many individuals who have lawful status for extended
    periods of time, such as F and J visa holders, and specifically
    expressed concern that the rule is eliminating a long-standing
    provision for J-1 participants, who, under State Department
    regulations, are entitled to a thirty-day grace period after completion
    of their programs to travel within the United States One of these
    commenters suggested that States be allowed to use the end dates listed
    on the certificates of eligibility for each of these visa types as the
    ``ending date'' of status for the purpose of obtaining a driver's
    Response: Again, the determination for lawful status in the United
    States will be made by the SAVE system, not particular documents. SAVE
    takes into account the grace periods to which those in certain F and J
    statuses are generally entitled. It should be noted, however, that
    since F and J non-immigrants are admitted for ``duration of status,''
    which is an indeterminate period, they would normally be issued
    licenses valid for one year.


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  • saint_2010
    07-11 04:33 PM
    Hello All,

    Just received in mail - 2 Year EAD card for me and my wife. Valid till July 2010. I have e-filed myself for both of us. Still waiting for AP docs.

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  • ohguy
    02-18 09:25 PM
    I got the same email like you later in the day today. 485 is not in the USCIS office where it was transferred. Hopefully they will work on our cases soon.


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  • eeezzz
    10-09 04:14 PM
    and when the processing dates move forward, the pd will retrogress. they will find ways to scr** this way or that.

    I think processing dates only matters about if you can do SR. It doesn't matter if they are going to adjust your I-485. The reason I think this way is based on processing date for EAD and AP. Myself and many people got EAD or AP and our dates are no where close to the date list on processing center. So I think processing center date not really matters if they have your case in hand and ready to adjust.

    Maybe when the boss at USCIS thinks CSR are bored, they will adavnce the date to keep them busy with SR.

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  • number30
    10-26 08:14 PM
    vacation or telecommuting for longer duration (not sure about max # of days) is considered as abandoning AOS.

    You need not be here in US until the GC is approved. There is no abandoning if he has valid offer and some way of re-entry like valid AP or H1.


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  • Singer
    10-22 01:12 PM
    I am a vocalist based in the US for the last 13 years. I have performed around the world at World music festivals, television shows, radios, various clubs, private events, for stars like P... S.... and D.... B.... and for organizations such as UN, UNESCO, UNDP, NDI, Schomburg Center, etc.I have always been legal and on several P1/O1 artist visas), I have applied on December 2006 for a EB1-EA green card

    On June 10th 2007 I have received a RFE from the Nebraska Service Center, and I had to submit additional stuff proving I am really a singer with an international carreer. (I won an award by the way)before August 15th 2007. On August 3rd 2007 I went myself to the FedEx office and sent a priority 8.0lbs package to the Nebraska Service Center. It was delivered on August 6th signed by Mr. Brad B... at the Nebraska Center.

    When I called they said my case was pending, same thing on the USCIS website where I create a portfolio. It is until April 2009 that thanks to congressional and senatorial help that we found out that my I-140 and I-485 had been denied, closed archived since end of August 2007! They said that my response to the RFE was received by them in October!

    We argued that I never received the denial notice, neither my attorney received. My congressional liaison faxed them the ax receipt, then the congressional liaison there said: "O my God!" We were hoping that at this stage they would simply reopen the case and look at my 8 pounder RFE response! Nebraska Service Center decided that i will have to file an appeal.

    In April 2008 I filled and appeal with Administrative Appeals Office in DC in 2008 (more money into thei pockets) to demonstrate that both my I-140 and I-485 were denied in error, (they had lost my application) the case was returned to Nebraska for them to reconsider.

    The AAO decision granted me all that was in their power to give.

    1. The appeal was rejected because it was untimely filed -- By statute (law) they cannot consider an untimely appeal regardless of circumstances however.

    2. They state that if "an utimely appeal meets the requirements of a motion to reopen or a motion to reconsider, the appeal "MUST" be treated as a motion and a decision "MUST" be made on the merits of the case. -- This is exactly what I asked for.

    3. They state that a motion to reconsider must establish that the decision was incorrect based on the evidence of record at the time of the initial decision. Again this is exactly what I claimed.

    4. They catagoricaly state in paragraph 2 on page 3 -- Here, the untimely appeal "MEETS" the requirements of a motion to reopen and reconsider. They also positively state that you "SUCCESSFULLY" argue that the October 10, 2007 decision was "FLAWED" and they point to 2 specific reasons -- that yur attorney of record was not properly notified and that your response to the RFE was not considered.

    5. In paragraph 5 on page 3 they conclude that the October 10, 2007 decision was "CLEARLY IN ERROR" and that the decision "DID NOT COMPLY WITH THE REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS".

    6. Finally, in the last pragraph on page 3 and the 1st paragraph of page 4 they state "therefore, the director "MUST" consider the untimely appeal as a motion to reopen and reconsider and render a "NEW" decision acccordingly"

    7. They also state that the "NEW" decision "MUST" thoroughly address all of the evidence submitted in your response to the RFE.

    So the AAO�s office sent back my file to the Nebraska Service Center.
    Then the I-140 was reopened and I finally approved May 20th 2009. At that time the rest should be like �a letter in the mail�. That is when I demanded that my I-485 be reopened as well.
    They responded to my congressional liaison telling him that they will reopen the I-485 and tat the green cards were being prepared and would be sent to us in less then 60 days. Stating: This has been going on for too long�

    That is when the �saga� took another turn. On August 14th 09 I received another RFE on the I-485! I was told by one lawyer that it was not so bad (they just needed to update my records since 2006 is the date of my first GC filling), But this RFE did not make sense because once the I-140 is approved they should not ask me to supply any documents work related. They wanted me to prove that I will continue to work in my field, what I have been doing for the last 2 years since they have denied my case and what will be my upcoming work offers.

    Remember that in May 2009 they have said that the green cards would be sent�
    We responded again with a 5 pounder file! We mailed it September 1rst 2009. I provided them with the same documents I sent in the 8 pounder they have lost in 2006, plus everything I have done since. Including all the performances with P. S., D. B. and letters from future contractors such as The United Nations, Schomburg, my booking agents letters, etc...)

    October 19th 2009 we received an email from USCIS saying that a decision has been taken and that my husband�s I-485 has been denied!
    Another ridiculous thing.
    1-I am the petitioner, not my husband.
    2-They should adjudicate my case first, not my husband�s!
    3-my case is still pending no decision made on it�

    At this time, we are awaiting the full denial explanation letter, to see what is the reason for their decision. Hoping that they just made another mistake for example dissociated my husband I-485 from mine the petitioner.

    I am currently (Thank God) on an 01-visa valid until 2011, my husband has a -O3-visa

    Because of this terrible saga, we have endured a tremendous stress, and anxiety. We have lost a lot of money. Between the lawyers fees, the various application fees plus the appeal we have spent more than $20,000. I have decided not to file another appeal because this is more money into their pockets. I am ready to sue the USICS with a writ of mandamus and more if they do not fix the multiple mistakes they have made.

    Please somebody in this forum answers me. What should I do? Please help!

    Thank you.


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  • kim kardashian w magazine

    07-08 08:49 PM
    you can file 2 i140's.. ( I Have 4 in total)

    I filed 2 (EB2 Eb3) based on my perm (already approved) and another set of EB2 EB3 based on my old labor (in process)


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  • nik.patelc
    02-18 08:39 PM
    I just noticed that your PD date is Nov 2004 EB2. I am just curious that CIS is processing case with PD NOV 2004 in March but March 2009 bulletin show EB2 Feb 2004.

    Would you share details when did you get GC interview?

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  • hariswaminathan
    10-16 08:45 AM
    EB5 investor Visa is already in place.
    The numbers are a little different ($500,000 to $1M) but you can buy yourself a GC pretty quickly.


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  • satishku_2000
    08-27 04:53 PM
    I sumited my wife's & my I140 and I485 together in this July 2nd, 2007. I already got receipt and the requesting for fingerprinting. If i file a divorce now does it going to have any effect on my processing?

    this is very important.

    Depends on who is primary and who is secondary. I asssume its an EB case because you mention 140.

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  • gcwait2007
    07-04 05:44 PM
    My EB-3 labor PD is 02/2007, my I-140 is stuck-up in NSC for more than one year now.

    Considering the present trend, I decided to move on to EB-2. I pressurized my employer to file for another PERM for EB-2 which they are now reluctantly doing. Let me see what happens :rolleyes:

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  • howzatt
    07-18 10:56 AM
    Granted, its nto the best way. Now, can you suggest a way pls ? What is generally recommended ?
    Can you pls help 'convince' people to contribute...

    one suggestion, make it a paid site. Even a minimum of 5$ a month would add quite a bit to the revenues. Even if we assume only 5000 people will sign up, it is still a decent chunk of money. I am not sure if this goes against the principles of a non-profit organisation. The way I look at it, people are saving a lot of money by avoiding lawyers fees.

    Plus we have people who are willing to donate. How many of these 20,000 people you think are people who people who understand BEC and the long term effect of the surge of applications. It is important to make people understand the effects and the potential problems with retrogression. Let us take a poll for people to see how many of us are just happy to get EAD/AP. We might find some surprising answers!

    07-17 06:25 PM

    06-22 11:48 AM
    Fill up the data. Take the print. Scan the print. Thats it.

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