Monday, June 6, 2011

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  • Jax Mac
    Sep 22, 03:10 PM
    Thanks for the feedback!

    It finally hit me the other day that my Quicksilver model is 4.5 years old. It's had a good life.

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  • balamw
    Mar 29, 07:57 PM
    it doesn't know where to find the curl command unless it was built in.

    Which might explain why ls works and curl doesn't. I know I've run into this myself, so this is a likely part of the problem as is not checking the return codes.


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  • PurpleHeart
    Mar 24, 08:50 PM
    just an update.. I thought best buy was supposed to be doing the ticket system at 10am ?

    I just called them and I was told that she cannot confirm on any of it .. except that iPads are being released tomorrow


    no concrete information even though launch is less than 24 hours away?


    apple store @ pacific centre said they are doing ipads at 5 but don't know the quantity/stock ...

    this is so frustrating I should've just gotten the ipad from the states last week or something

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  • RobertPS
    Apr 20, 05:17 PM
    Basically you are saying that the case is physically warped and that I should apply torque on the MBA case to fix the warp. That sounds a bit risky. I think I will bring this back.

    Yes, that's what I'm saying.

    It doesn't need a lot of pressure.
    The MBA case isn't very rigid.
    You can start with very little pressure.

    No harm in bringing it back though.


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  • michaelltd
    Mar 28, 10:05 PM
    Wasn't this the map that was available for download ever since the game came out?

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  • gwuMACaddict
    Sep 7, 11:30 AM
    losing respect for someone because they unretire? why? thats silly in my opinion.

    at least he's being honest about why he's thinking about it :eek: :D


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  • irmongoose
    Oct 13, 01:26 AM
    I translated this myself...
    According to the sources, Bird Electronics has released a notebook computer (laptop), ZeroBeat, which is made out of 'Urethane' foam from 'kick board' materials. By using a mobile internal cooler, the cooling system of this laptop is said to be close to perfect.
    According to the sources, the soon-to-be-released Powerbook G4 will have a built-in Superdrive and Bluetooth. Also, the design of the machine will not change dramatically, and it will be released as a new Powerbook G4.

    There. I don't know what 'urethane' or 'kick board' is, so I left that as is. Hope it helps.

    The original Sherlock translation was pretty good.


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  • gnasher729
    Apr 22, 03:48 AM
    Ok, here is the issue. I have a MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.4 Core 2 Duo (late 2007 model) with 6GB of RAM (DDR2 667). I don't know how to explain this because I am so pissed! Ok so let me try. Take a look at this screenshot.

    In proper English (the one spoken in Britain), pissed = drunk out of your head, pissed off = annoyed. I assume you are annoyed because you have just enough knowledge to get all heated up under your collar, but not enough knowledge to actually understand things.

    Unused memory is useless. You bought 6 GB of RAM to use it. Freeing up the inactive memory just wastes it. What you want to do is like renting a huge storage space and paying lots of money for it, filling it with your stuff, and then complaining that you don't have any empty storage space left. That's the point of it, to be used.

    I cant open other apps because there is only 28.6MB of memory FREE..

    You _think_ you can't open other apps. If you had tried it, you would have seen that the application is started just fine, and the "inactive" memory gets instantly turned into "used" memory for the next application. And if you have neither unused nor inactive memory, you can still start more applications. The operating system will then automatically use the hard drive instead of RAM, which is slower but still works.


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  • Blue Fox
    May 18, 01:57 PM
    I think a blue or pink one would be great!! Maybe Apple will have a "rainbow" collection of colors? That would be so much fun!!

    LOL. Your too late on that one. :D

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  • ciTiger
    Apr 22, 02:13 PM
    This buys more time for Apple to launch the iPhone 5 :p


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  • lee50539310
    May 4, 04:17 AM
    2)Serial Number
    As I say before, 3 companies make adapters for Apple. Delta/Liteon/Samsung.

    Serial Number like this: MV9200G9J81WA
    MV stands for Delta, 9 means 20 means 20weeks. This one is made by Delta in May, 2009.
    ZZ stands for Liteon, Samsung with R start.

    These may change in future, and I don�t know the meaning of 0G9J81WA, if somebody knows pls tell me.

    Conside manufacturer�s name is showed on case, you could check whether serial no. is the same with manufacturer. And choose the date in 2010 would be better than 2008.

    Someone make high-copy serial no. please don�t choose adapters only accord to it.

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  • mrapplegate
    Apr 12, 08:49 PM
    That's the weird part ... everything was running fine since DP2 came out then today it started giving problems!

    What does the system log show when the iTunes hangs?


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  • Cromulent
    Apr 22, 03:54 PM
    But it's only at a very intermediate level, nothing advanced like Java servlets, Cocoa, or .NET framework specific.

    That sounds quite basic to me. Using the Java servlets API or the various Cocoa frameworks are hardly advanced.

    Advanced programming is generally centred around writing your own unique software for which there are no existing solutions.

    1. Java (specifically Tomcat and Spring)
    2. Objective-C (Cocoa, iPhone)
    3. Ruby (Rails)

    I know #1 and #3 are more web specific and might be beneficial because of my background in web development, but I really like the surge going on with Objective-C and the Mac and iPhone platforms. But would this help on a career level? I want to pick one where there's a strong demand for it and something that puts food on the table. I'm not talking about just writing apps for the app store, but writing apps for businesses that use Macs. It just seems like it's hard to land an entry or junior level job out therre without some type of experience. My main experience now is just education and I'd like to dig deeper into these frameworks out there that are used to work on a project that might gain me experience to show employers. Are there advantages to learning one framework over another or should I just pick one and go with it? I know Java and .NET are used a lot in the enterprise, but it seems like there's no shortages of these developers out there. Would learning a niche language like Objective-C or Ruby be an advantage since there are fewer experts in these languages? I'm open to any ideas or questions that people might have. Thanks.

    My suggestion (since this is a subject I am very familiar with myself) would be to pick a language / framework and become as knowledgeable in that chosen framework as you can be. If you spend time contributing to the various mailing lists / forums / newsgroups of that framework people will notice you and you will be able to point to perspective employers showing them your expertise (and your enthusiasm as you will be doing this unpaid in your spare time obviously for a fair while). Also try and contribute code to the framework in question. Nothing shouts "expert" more than a code contributor to perspective employers (no matter if it is true or not).

    Personally I tend to stick with C, Objective-C and Python (Django).

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  • killmoms
    Jan 17, 11:11 PM

    doesnt this already exist?
    all they need is some kind of dongle or adapter to loose the wire?

    Yeah, at least this one only makes you look like Geordi La Forge, instead of a Linux freetard. :D


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  • KillersKiss
    Jan 25, 10:34 AM
    That was fast. Thanks. I'll give it a try.

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  • patchouli
    Dec 28, 10:11 PM
    Pretty pathetic.... when that happened to us, we bought a used one.. if you buy from a store, they'll provide some kind of warranty in many cases... we've had used ones last longer than new ones.


    So my 2007 Xbox 360 decided to konk out on me today. It turns on and it makes the booting noise, but alas I just have a black screen (yes I've check cables). Fine, ***** happens. So I go to Best Buy to pick up the 4gb 360 slim. Low and behold they don't have it, all they have is the stupid 4gb Kinect bundles or the 250gb holiday bundle. They have stacks upon stacks of these goddamn bundles, but no stand-alone 4gb systems. Next stop, Target. Same story there, Kinect and holiday bundles galore, but no stand-alone systems. Next stop Wal-Mart, same story. Next Stop Meijer, same stupid story. Finally I go to Gamestop, and guess what only Kinect and Holiday bundles.

    To say that I am pissed right now is a major understatement. Why do they have to stock all of these stupid *********g bundles? No one wants the damn things. Why can't they just stock more stand-alone systems? Maybe it's not the fault of the stores, maybe this is Microsoft's falut, because they won't make enough stand-alone systems. If that is the case, why do they have to be so stupid????

    /END RANT/

    Basically what is with this bundle crap? What happened to buying this separately?



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  • Ashok0
    Apr 20, 04:00 PM
    This is simply not accurate I'm afraid.
    The 27" ACD works absolutely fine with the Apple OEM 5770 upgrade card with MDP, also with the 5870. After all, why would Apple sell these graphic cards if they didn't work with their only display? Further, my 5870 and 27" ACD get along like a house on fire. Note that you have to buy the Apple cards, not just a standard PC card like you seem to be implying

    The first generation of ATI 5-series cards for PC didn't actually didn't follow the DisplayPort port specifications properly, and do have compatability issues with Apple products. That being said, your absolutely right peskaa, the issues were fixed with Apple OEM cards (but ppl who want to throw in any PC card just beware the 5- series cards are hit and miss on compatibility).

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  • ThirteenXIII
    Oct 13, 06:19 PM
    I just like how this guy seems to know the 'info' he put in there.
    I like the last part as a fact, Apple will unveil OS X 10.7 Lion next week;

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  • lyzardking
    Apr 19, 10:50 AM
    I started folding after I found out a loved one was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

    Apr 29, 06:19 PM
    What is a unibody white MacBook? It's either white or an unibody.

    It's the white MacBook Apple has been selling for the past 2 years. By Apple's description, it's a "white unibody" MacBook. The current white MacBook design is very different from the previous polycarbonate MacBook design.

    Jan 20, 05:20 PM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8A293 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Mmmmm. Full details **is** available?

    Apr 11, 01:20 PM
    I have two internet connections here, one via GBit-Ethernet to my Mac Mini and a slower one connected to my WiFi router. I just bought a wireless printer, thus I need to connect the Mini to the WiFi to print.

    I think this is not explicitly specified, but which connection will be used to route to the internet? It would be unfortunate to use the WiFi, as it's about 5 times slower.

    Can I set the wired connection to be default for all connections, and route only the traffic that really has to go into the WiFi? All that comes to mind at the moment is removing the gateway/router address.

    Better ideas?

    May 5, 11:49 AM
    I'd love to see an end to this question. With every new firmware release this question is posted. Can I still restore to the previous firmware since a new firmware came out today?

    Well, why don't YOU try it and find out the answer to that question?

    The worst that will happen is you will be denied the restore to that firmware if you don't have an SHSH on file for it already.

    This isn't rocket science. The slightest bit of research would turn up this information.

    Maybe they are not at a computer where they can try?

    Apr 11, 08:57 AM
    Its obvious there are some problems with rapid weaver can anyone suggest anything else that would be suitable please for what I'm looking for.
    What about sandvox? Would that be any better or worse than rapid weaver

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