Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ruby rose 2011

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  • macingman
    May 1, 02:58 AM
    If you have a screen protecter it could be dirt under the screen protecter.

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  • EJBasile
    Sep 15, 08:47 PM
    yea... hack into it so that when it gets dark and someone walks by it starts playing the video from the ring...

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  • Blu101
    Oct 16, 11:26 AM
    You guys are fast!

    Cool. So far I have just been right clicking "set as desktop" off the images themselves. I haven't added any folder to the desktop/wallpaper preferences pane - is this why my wallpaper last night didn't "stick" after shutting down? It went back to the default wallpaper this morning when I turned it on.

    Sorry, this is my 1st apple ever and I just got it 2 days ago :(

    So far it's been very intuitive and easy to learn and convert from windows though!

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  • SC68Cal
    Oct 18, 11:46 PM
    Springboard is having a huge party. I say we go there. Then paint the town Red


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  • djbahdow01
    Apr 4, 06:52 PM
    The idea is a nice one but when you actually click on that article they say G4. It is great to hope and wait as i am doing for the PM G5 update. Lets hope they come soon.

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  • medea
    Oct 27, 04:48 PM
    I think there is definitely a market that would buy these things, I mean some people do pay $15,000 for a TV right, and I think there are plenty of labs and such that use Apple's and could use a 30" screen. And as far as the current economy goes, this is rumored to be a year or more away so that isnt really an issue either, they also stated that it would have the same resoulion as the 23" one now. The digital lifestyle device is a tough one though, there are so many rumors about PDA's and phones that's it's almost impossible to say.
    Personally if it was one of those two I think it would be the phone, Jobs has stated before that PDA's may be ancient and pointless now and "one day you won't even think about using a (cell?) phone without a computer...)


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  • minik
    Oct 27, 11:29 PM
    I saw some people just took the Leopard T-shirts and left the store.

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  • jamdr
    Jan 21, 12:12 PM
    Thanks for the review. I was considering getting a Shuffle, but now that you mention it, maybe I'll get both the Mini and Shuffle :D I need a flash drive, too, so that probably makes sense.


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  • LimeiBook86
    Dec 14, 09:58 PM
    Hahaha - new iBooks next wednesday! I love it! :p

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  • Written on February 16, 2011

  • Mr. Anderson
    Dec 13, 12:14 PM
    Odd, I just was thinking about this the other day as well. I'm in the market for a slide scanner - I've used the Nikon's before and I'm tempted to go buy one myself - the prices have come down a bit.

    But are there any good sites that have decent comprehensive reviews of all the slide scanners?



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  • Stampyhead
    Dec 14, 05:36 PM
    Thanks for your replies! I answered everyone's PMs. I'll definitely check out Circuit City as well. Thanks for the tip.

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  • MacSignal
    Dec 29, 03:18 PM
    According to Wikipedia (, Apple added exFat support to 10.6.5 in November.


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  • zimv20
    Jan 10, 11:09 AM
    does firefox have a key command for cycling through tabs?

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  • DeaconGraves
    May 4, 11:00 PM
    thank you soo much dude!!

    oh, will this erase anything?

    and do u no how i can get snow leopard back?

    No, that will not erase everything, but what it will hopefully do is direct your computer to your startup disk so you will get back into Lion to do what you need (maybe back everything up?)

    The re-install snow leopard insert your DVD, then restart the computer. Hold down the option bottom when you here the chimes and hold it until your boot options appear. One of them will be the DVD. Select it and wait for the installer to load (it may take a while). But honestly, get your paper done first and worry about that tomorrow.


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  • Richard14
    Apr 6, 07:32 AM
    Plug the external drive into your MacBook Pro, and open a finder window. The WD drive should show up in the left part of the finder window, under devices.

    Right-click on the drive, and click on "Get Info".

    In the Info window, part way down you'll see the format. For example:

    Format: MS-DOS (FAT32)
    Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    something else for NTFS...

    Remember, you can't reformat a drive (or a partition) without losing the files currently on that drive (partition). So, you MUST copy the files somewhere else, first.

    I have checked and it is NTFS format. There is too much memory to copy onto my mac before reformatting. So then where else can i copy them too? For safety I can copy to another external hard drive which is NTFS, but will i then be able to move the data on to the newly formatted drive? Or just the stuff from my mac? Thanks so much for your help again

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  • wuntrikpony
    Jan 5, 12:41 AM
    Why is everyone getting so down on the trailer? It's a fun little video made by people who have a great online community. It's not supposed to be serious or serve an immediate function(other than creating some hype). Is that really so wrong? I mean it's one thing if you just don't think the trailer was done well, but why put down some people having fun? And I'm sure those who are bitching that it was pointless are the same people who like to watch 10 minute long movie trailers that give away the whole plot.

    I think if they had just called it a "teaser" there would be little to no argument.


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  • Blue Velvet
    Sep 18, 04:59 PM
    If I had to go out and buy a Lacie drive now, I'd get a D2 if only for the triple interface on some models. Have one at work and it's so solid and reliable... noise is only so-so but the office is noisy anyway.

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  • toxthexnines
    Oct 26, 04:27 PM
    im currently sitting in line waiting out front of the store:D

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  • cheeserandyburg
    May 4, 02:23 AM
    Does anyone know or understand what this means:

    Oct 4, 01:01 PM

    How do you use the knife part, and how does it not slice your mouth open?

    Apr 14, 04:06 AM
    Your best bet is to buy a new MBP, that may sound simple but since you have a variety of different issues, I don't think you will benefit from the repair costs for each specific issue. On top of this, since its warranty has expired, you will need to pay for all repair costs, including hardware, parts and even delivery fees.

    Just get a quote from Apple to see how much they will charge you for the repair (obviously this means the laptop will have to be sent to Apple repair warehouse - they don't carry hardware changes in-store). If you see that it will cost a heck-load of cash, it's best to buy a new MBP, or even a 13" Air.

    Lord Appleseed
    May 6, 04:23 PM
    How about 1080p movies in full screen mode? Does it look bad? Do you guys prefer watching it through a window at 1080p?
    No, it looks very awesome. Since there are no movies at 1440p there is no comparison though.

    Laughing at our mistakes can lengthen our own life. Laughing at someone else's can shorten it - Cullen Hightower

    And your point is? Also: Never herd of this guy.

    Sep 20, 04:15 PM
    Just less than 1MB for me.

    I like updates for Mac OS X.

    Apr 11, 04:33 PM
    no read what I was saying. I am not going to go with the standard MS is coping Apple crap that will be coming flying soon.
    Hell Apple coping the flash game lay out more proves that the simple lay out used is kind of a standard long before Apple used it. It was shutting down the standard argument MS is coping.
    BTW I would not even say Apple is really copy any one. It is just a simple layout and lets face it there are only so many ways to do that layout.

    So flash games call themselves the flash App Store before? :rolleyes:

    Oh wait, Flash games are basically copying the Mac OS icons and grids.

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