Thursday, June 2, 2011

tyra banks crazy

tyra banks crazy. Tyra Banks is heading to court
  • Tyra Banks is heading to court

  • ap3604
    May 5, 02:11 PM
    It's up to you...

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  • crazy-fierce Tyra Banks to

  • igucl
    Sep 25, 08:45 PM
    how to post a pic?

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  • tyra banks crazy. super model

  • Chris14
    Mar 18, 02:25 PM
    Thanks for the replies guys.
    I have Call of Duty 2 which really is great fun on Multiplayer, but I'm looking for something new.
    I purchased Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth II but am not enjoying it very much, so I will return it tomorrow and swap for something else. Supreme Commander looks so cool but I am worried about how it will perform... it says it needs a 256 meg Vid Card recommended and I like my games to look good... Is Medieval II any good?
    oh, and I quite enjoy strategy games. Civilization IV is highly recommended too... and I love Civ III.

    Thanks again,

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  • ALERT photo | Tyra Banks

  • Lord Appleseed
    May 6, 03:27 PM
    I am going to be picking up my new 27" iMac at the store tomorrow. For the past 4 years I have been using a 24" Dell at 1920x1200. Since the 27" iMac is 2560x1140, do most people run it at native or something lower?

    I am looking forward to the increased screen size so I can have more rows/columns viewable, but not sure I want them any smaller.

    I sit about 24-30" away from the screen.

    How would the 27" look at something lower?

    LCDs looks horrible when not ran at their native resolution. You will definitely want to run it at 2560x1600. If the text is too small, sit closer or make the fonts bigger.

    @Topic, it looks horrible if not run at native res.


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  • Tyra Banks Biography

  • eva01
    Sep 30, 09:44 AM
    Taco HTML edit is great, its all i use

    tyra banks crazy. Tyra? Any thoughts?
  • Tyra? Any thoughts?

  • cb911
    Nov 9, 11:07 PM
    whoa. i didn't even know this forum existed! :eek:

    can i be old skool? well at least i know i'm older skool than the newbies & regulars. :p

    BTW, i also remember shrek and cleo. :)


    tyra banks crazy. TYRA BANKS CRAZY

  • Melrose
    Apr 11, 09:04 AM
    Check out Rick Steves for some ideas. Granted, the man's always checking out churches (which is fine if you like history type stuff) but he also has some fantastic recommendations for out-of-the-way places too.

    Dusseldorf is beautiful, and relatively low on tourism compared to Berlin or Munich (albeit Munich has the Englischer Garten which is clothing-optional). Still, I'm more of the "spend a month in one place" type of traveller than move around so much.

    And if you're in Amsterdam looking for sex, avoid the places that give you a free t-shirt. :D

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  • iH8Quark
    Jul 22, 06:36 PM
    Geez. That's almost as many users as arn has posts. :)


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  • Banks hopefully will increase

  • PBF
    Mar 23, 08:31 PM
    I bet any groundbreaking new features are tested only internally.

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  • Tyra Banks posted this photo

  • FasterDada
    Jul 1, 05:38 PM
    Looked through the forums for this topic, but no dice. My question:

    I'd like to transfer pictures from my CDMA phone (on Sprint; LG Rumor2) via bluetooth to my ipod touch 3rd gen. I've gotten them to recognize each other, but they don't seem to hold connection. The iPod especially fails to connect. I've gotten to the point of the passkey and each device identifying the other, but that's where it ends.

    Anyone have any success with this, LG or otherwise?


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  • “Hearing about crazy rumors

  • Simgar988
    May 25, 03:22 AM
    Who's Seth?

    Seth green is the voice of joker in the games. He is also doctor evils son and his speakers blow the clthes off of women.

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  • zelmo
    Jan 17, 06:57 AM
    Have been running Folding (GUI) on three Macs for the past few months:

    PB G4 1.33GHz, 1GB RAM, 24x7
    iMac G4 800, 1GB RAM, 24x7
    iMac G4 700, 576MB RAM, 24x7

    Combined, those have been averaging about 2,600 points per month for me.

    Just added today (console):

    a 3.6GHz Xeon, 1GB RAM, 800MHz system bus
    a Dual 2.4GHz Xeon, 2GB RAM, 400Mhz system bus

    How much of a jump in production should I see?


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  • tyra banks crazy.

  • Fishrrman
    May 2, 08:49 AM
    Download the free CarbonCopyCloner from

    Take a few mins and set it up.

    It will create BOOTABLE backups in POFF (plain ol' finder format).

    In a moment of extreme need, you will find out why this is a better way to backup your data....

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  • The Tyra Banks Show isn#39;t

  • efoto
    Sep 30, 09:13 AM
    Cool, I am now fiddiling with the dreamweaver free trial, anyone else have any suggestion?

    I prefer GoLive to Dreamweaver, but that could just be me liking the setup and workflow because it more closely mimics Photoshop. I believe Adobe offers a 30-day trial of GoLive CS2, check that out while you're at it and compare them. If you use other Adobe products (or other Macromedia ones) you might find the given program easier to use simply by association of workflow and layout.

    Edit: Not free, but Adobe does have student pricing if you qualify. If not, once you purchase one app, I believe the entire Creative Suite isn't that far away which would gain you many other apps. Depending on your usage, look into it to see if that makes sense for you.


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  • Tyra Banks Sheepish

  • Consultant
    May 6, 01:48 AM
    It opens but requires your password to install.

    Just don't install it.

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  • Norouzi
    Feb 9, 10:38 PM
    Does this copy the OS as well? I ask because I am getting a Mac mini but want to put a different hd in it. I plan to use my external case to house the new drive and connect it to my Mac. I thought I read that there was something that came with the Mac (so you don't have to buy anything) that would let you copy everything including the os to a new clean drive.

    If you have a Time Machine backup and are installing a new hard drive you can boot up from your OS X install disk and under Utilities (if I remember right) you can choose to restore the new hard drive from a Time Machine Backup. I did this for a friend when I replaced a hard drive for him in a Macbook.


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  • A young Tyra Banks appears

  • yellow
    Mar 7, 11:48 AM
    By using a 3rd party application. Here are 2 choices.

    You might also consider creating a password protected disk image (don't store the password in your keychain :rolleyes: ). And then mount it, copy your.. umm.. sensitive material into it... and then unmount it. Next time you mount it, you will be prompted for the password.

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  • tyra banks

  • JML42691
    Jan 14, 12:29 PM
    how long will it take for the video to b online roughly:apple:

    Enough smilies? :rolleyes: lol

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  • macenforcer
    Apr 2, 10:36 PM
    Okay, so the black may not be permanent... :o

    Yes it is permanent. That post you cite is old. Read this one.

    Dec 19, 11:03 AM
    I've decided that I don't really want to part out the machine if I do actually sell it. Right now it's looking like I have a good idea of what I want to do with both machines in the future so I may hold off on selling them.

    Mar 5, 08:37 AM
    Do we really need more rules, when the people breaking them aren't likely to know of their existence in the first place????????


    Agreed, I think we should be less concerned about the number of question marks in a title and perhaps what the OP wrote.

    May 5, 01:48 PM
    BB seldom has the latest and greatest in their stores until weeks after the introduction.

    Hmm, well how can my local stores have them if it's only been 2 days since the launch? :confused:

    Your best bet is to call around and find out for yourself. You might get lucky!

    May 5, 08:11 AM
    Basically I want an iPhone 4, but am mostly around WiFi, I'd be ok with some data, but I really don't need it. I'm looking to buy the phone upfront, and maybe $20-$40 for service afterwards, but I'm open to compromise to keep it cheaper.

    As of now, I'm using an iPod touch with textfree but I need more stability.

    I would like unlimited texting (sms not needed) and maybe 500-1000 minutes a month... any suggestions?

    Also, I have no idea how to do a carrier unlock (or when its needed, even) but I do know how to jailbreak.

    ANY advice would be appreciated!

    You failed to mention whether you are from the US or Canada....If you're from Canada, I started a thread almost a year ago called "The Canadian iPhone thread" do a quick search and there is pages of people talking about and suggesting great plans and retention plans to choose from.

    Aug 13, 02:07 PM
    why has nobody ever replied to this???

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