Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • coolpal
    02-06 11:34 AM
    well... I am definitely not scared. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation, or has any useful advice ;)

    If you were trying to be funny there, seriously, I didn't get it.

    pal :)

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  • baleraosreedhar
    11-18 02:45 PM
    Hi All

    I have a question regarding visitors visa, my parents got multiple Entry 10 years visa in 2007, but have not visited me so far, but this december my Mom is visitng me and in Feb my father( as to avoid harsh winter weather in East Coast), they will leave back in May 2009.

    My Question is will there be any issue as their visa was issued in 2007 but they are visiting now

    Do I need to send any new documents( I have moved onto EAD )

    Looking forward to hear suggestions.

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  • r2i2009
    09-10 10:54 AM

    This is election time and no immigration bills will be taken seriously until mid next year. Let us stay calm and cool.

    Still have friends from EB2 2002/03 not gotten their GCs...

    Patience is the key.

    Election time....immigration issue has zero value

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  • GCBy3000
    02-12 02:36 PM
    If you have approved labor and 140, why you want to file EB2 perm?

    1. Are you jumping to another company? Yes you can do this as you are not substituting any labor. You are just porting YOUR PD.

    2. Are you thinking to apply ther PERM from the same company? It is possible only if you jump to different department. Yes, you can still port the PD.

    Substitution is the terminology used only when the beneficiary name changes. As long as the original labor is in your name, you can port the PD n number of times.

    I was reading through a thread here where someone said that since LC substition will be banned soon and 140 will have to be applied within 45 days of labor approval else LC becomes invalid, so it would not be possible to transfer the priority date of a old LC which has I140 approved to a new LC that could be filed in another category since it would be more than 45 days since the old LC was approved. Is this true, if yes, this is the final blow to those apirants in Eb3 aspiring to transfer PD by reapplying in Perm Eb2 and transferring PD based on approved I140. Please respond with comments. Thanks.


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  • dreamworld
    12-18 05:21 PM
    You should reply to that letter saying that you are Not US Citizen. It is very important to reply to that notice and be a responsible US resident.

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  • aau
    07-16 10:36 AM
    In the article. It also says that

    It isn't clear, however, whether the immigration agency will now accept all applications and process them later, accept only those that have arrived, or come up with some other approach."

    So, we don't know...


    Do you have access to the entire article? Could you post it here please..


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  • LondonTown
    05-04 07:58 AM

    My H1-B expires in August 2011. My I-94 was stamped only until May 20, 2011 because my passport was expiring early. Now I have a new passport.

    In March 2011, I also applied for a renewal of my Advance Parole(AP) and EAD and they are still pending approval.

    I am planning on travelling to Canada next week by road(through Detroit) to get my I-94 renewed. So If I travel to Canada, will my AP application be considered abandoned?

    Also, can I just cross into Canada by road, wait for a couple of hours and come back into the US to get a new I-94. I know usually you don't surrender your I-94 when visiting Canada for less of 30 days.

    I am hoping I would be able tell the Canadian/US immigration officer that I need a new I-94 and hopefully surrender my older I-94 and get a new one when coming back in. Please let me know if thats not possible and I need to fly to Canada to get a new I-94.


    You may try going to the nearest CBP office. We had the similar situation (except our visa on the passport was expired) and visited nearest 3 CBP offices. Two offices said that since it is not CBP's fault you have to extend the validity of I-94 via I-539 but the third office issued a new I-94 without asking any questions.

    Technically they only fix the errors made by their officers but they can do it if they want.

    Since you have a valid visa on your passport so you have an option to go out of country and come back with new I-94 or you may try visiting CBP office.

    If you plan to visit CBP office, use the word error not correction- just staple both passport together and hand over along with I94 and I797 and point them to the date of I94 vs I797 and let them interpret.

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  • dipmay2002
    11-05 02:08 PM
    Notarized NOC is needed from you and your wife but was never checked for my daughter when she came back from India with my mother-in-law six month back.


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  • eb3_nepa
    03-04 11:44 AM
    So much for the Obama administration being good for Legal EB immigrants :)

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  • sapking
    12-15 07:52 PM
    The following is from site.

    Question: Good evening, Murthiji. Do you think professional degree holders, like Chartered Accountants / Company Secretaries, may be deemed as equivalent to master�s degree holders for green card purposes under EB2?

    Answer: Generally, CAs are not considered to be master"s degree holders. In fact, many of them do not even equate to a bachelor"s degree since, in India, the bachelor"s is only a 3-year program instead of a 4-year program. Also, the CAs do not attend proper coursework like with degrees here, so it can be a problem if one has no other education besides the BA or BCom with the CA license. Sep-12-2005.


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  • pappu
    11-02 04:10 PM
    I had written 2 long posts in the past detailing my own views on how to hire an attorney and how to deal with them when you hire them. You may want to go through them in the threads. If someone can dig them we can try to create a thread dedicated on 'advice when you hire an attorney'. I have myself seen enough bad attorneys (both big and small firrms) and the posts were written based on my experiences and experiences of my friends.

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  • Sugar
    07-10 11:53 AM
    Why AILA not suing State Dept. or USCIS for other issues... read a letter posted by someone in a forum


    I appreciate your effort in filing lawsuit on behalf of July I-485 filers.

    There are several critics on your July I-485 lawsuit. They criticize that you are doing for the benefit of your members (AILA). Definitely, your members will be benefited by huge amount of legal fees. Also, the critic says it is waste of time.

    Even one of your reputed member (Rajiv Khanna @ posted in his website that chance of winning the law suit is very minimum.

    He posted in his website as follows: "Please note folks, I don�t think this class will be easily approved by courts. CIS could argue a lot of things against it, which I don�t wish to publish in an open forum."

    Why you cannot sue for the people who struck at Consulate due to administrative process without probable cause.

    Several of them working in U.S (they have proof of employment, pay stubs, worked in the U.S on H1B visa for many years) just went to their home country for short vacation and applied for visa; they have rented house in the U.S and unable to break the lease; unable to pay car dues; their U.S citizen children also held overseas; they are loosing their jobs. State department is holding these visa application for more than a year in several cases.

    What steps AILA has taken in this issue. If not, why you are not aware of this issue or why you are not giving importance. Do you think this issue will not bring such a huge legal fee like I-485 lawsuit?


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  • cooler
    08-27 03:16 PM
    I do not have EAD and my 485 app is pending, all i can do is get my h1b renewed, in my case without stamping and just 797 will they not give me drivers license extension ???

    I dont think that should be a problem. AS Attorney Murthy suggested, talk to the supervisor at the DMV office. The I485 receipt should be enough.

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  • lazycis
    01-24 12:38 PM
    I do not think there will be any issues. It's cheaper for the company to apply for EAD renewal than for H1B extension, though...


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  • chanduv23
    10-30 04:35 PM
    yeah the meeting was really good..I got to meet many people but had to leave a bit early. For a first meeting (for me) I got an overview of IV etc and put faces to the handles I see in here. For future meetings I think we should
    1) establish action items
    2) find volunteers to carry out specific action items
    3) set drop-dead dates for each item
    4) find a conduit for communicating back the results /feedback from the implemented tasks (yahoo groups works fine)
    5) list out our progress/obstacles/lessons learnt

    Thanks for the excellent feedback. Do please write to the yahoogroups your overall experience during the NJ meet.

    We are currently restructuring the yahoogroups, we removed all bouncing and anonymous ids and making it extra secure. The idea is to make yahoogroups exclusively for local chapter activities and mobilization within the chapter.

    Tri State still needs mobilization in Long Island and Upstate NY and I am trying to jump start these sub units, I want help from people living in those places.

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  • kondur_007
    02-17 04:20 PM
    If you have a viable option: go for it.

    Here is the math:
    PERM: 1 year
    I 140: 3 weeks with PP and 2-3 months without
    I 485: 2 months

    So you can potentially get your GC in lest than 15 months.

    EB3 is not very predictable as many of the old cases are either through CP or at local offices (not accounted for in USCIS statistics). It may become current in above time frame; but if you do have a good option of going for EB2, it will be certain. So if I were to be you, I would seriously consider it.

    Good Luck.


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  • sku
    12-30 10:07 PM
    All set..I will changing job after 180 days from Next week, I will change my immigration lawyer from my employers
    Ist Question
    I am thinking of Murthyas as lawyer. Her fee of taking over pending $ 2100, Can anybody suggest any other lawyer and there Fee's etc and all.
    I will really appreciate the help.

    IInd Question:

    For Filing AC21 , do I need letter from the my future employer that job profile matches. My Job Title Matches my Labor Certification Title It was Software Enggineer Now it is Senior Software Engineering, But As I am in IT my old labor certification says about some old Oracle Technology but new job is J2EE and Also my Labor Certification talks about Financial Business Area but New Job is HealthCare Sector.Common thing are Both Says Design and Development of Software application.. Is it OK ?

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  • siddar
    01-05 04:40 PM
    If she has the H4 stamped, with the validity 06/09 then she can enter using the H4.

    my 2 cents.

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  • ski_dude12
    07-13 05:36 PM
    Are you sure about that? Can you give your source that says

    "You have to inform them of every small move even after citizenship is approved".

    If you can support your post by citing a valid source then its fine, otherwise stop shooting off your hips please.

    yes, u need to inform them of every small move u make, all ur life. this holds true even after ur us citizenship is approved.

    09-11 08:36 AM
    Thanks dummgelauft

    My priority date is not current yet. There is a chance that my priority date will not be current even by the time my TN visa expires. So, that was the main problem I had. I know there is no way I can renew my TN visa ( since I-140 shows intent to immigrate). But, a HUGE misunderstanding I had, which you clarified for me, is that the 6 years
    H1B restriction will not apply on me once I have approved I-140. So, if my priority date is current before my TN expires, I will get my EAD. If my priority date is not current by the time my TN expires, I will have the option of getting H1B and continue to work until I adjust my status.

    What a relief !!!

    Thank you so much again !!!!

    just make sure that you allow sufficient time for you h1b processing. these can take upto 120 days.

    03-05 01:40 PM
    The interview didn't last more than 10 minutes. She asked for copies of current employment letter and a copy of future employment offer letter. She kept my original (first) I-94 and attached it to the file she already had.


    Now I dont know what to do next? Any idea whats gonna happen? My PD, RD and ND all are current at this time.

    About what to do next, I would say start planning the "got my GC" party. Write down your guest list, the brands of wine and start talking to caterers. By the time you are done with this, you should have your approval.

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