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  • TechJunkieee
    Mar 12, 01:49 AM
    Wirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/532.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0.5 Mobile/8B117 Safari/6531.22.7)

    Can anyone who bought a iPad 2 AT&T 3G version who also has an iPhone 4 confirm that the microsim from the iPhone4 can be switched with the iPad 2s microsim to "borrow" the Internet data?

    I know it was possible with iPad 1, not sure with iPad 2. Thanks.

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  • marshallbedsaul
    Mar 24, 09:29 PM
    Can't you just do that in Parallels? Why do you need Boot Camp for simple streaming?


    I am not 100% on how to use parallels

    Basically I just need that one stupid site to stream, so I need to find a way to stream and I wont have to worry about windows ever.

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  • cvalda
    Dec 2, 06:48 PM
    There are a few too many exclamation marks. Also the lack of any other information besides "Boxed, warranty product!" is a bit shady.

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  • wickedG35
    Mar 13, 02:47 PM
    The only things I would consider doing a partial trade for is:

    1. Firelite Firewire 160GB external HD
    2. 500GB MyBook Studio External HD


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  • Lord Appleseed
    May 6, 12:38 PM
    The 6970 card is 2 years old, since it can handle current games fairly decently, it will definitely not in 4 years (it would make it a 4 year old card).

    The 6970 came out this year.

    @OP: Yes it will handle decent gaming for about that time, but expect that you may have to play future games at slightly lower setting over the time.

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  • Saphrosit
    Apr 8, 12:29 PM
    There should not be any DMZ, firewall is completely disabled...
    Besides, I receive packets from online open port checker (as I mentioned), so I seem to be able to receive packets from outside my LAN...
    what I do not understand is why I cannot establish a connection with a telnet call...


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  • aholden12592
    Mar 30, 03:56 PM
    I don't have a portable console right now but a friend loved and got a lot of play from Monster Hunter...

    i had monster hunter but i was so incredibly bad that i traded it to my friend for field commander...which was repetetive and boring. i think im going with The warriors

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  • Sdashiki
    Oct 17, 12:28 PM
    your own post and you dont like it?


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  • lee1210
    Apr 24, 03:41 PM
    I don't really know why research is needed for this, unless you don't know Python at all. If that is the case, you don't need to research how to do this in Python, you just need to research Python. Finding code online that does what you need is easy. However, i doubt somewhat seriously that you have a real-world problem requiring this, and you're simply desperate for a solution. Instead this sounds like an academic assignment/exercise/what-have-you.

    If that is the case, then you want to learn something, not find the answer. That means you might need to learn:
    What a palindrome is (you probably already know this)

    How to write a loop in Python

    How to manipulate numbers using Python (including exponentiation and division, perhaps taking logarithms)
    How to manipulate strings using Python (including getting a substring, string equality, or character equality and getting characters)

    As an academic exercise i would try to write both approaches... treating the number as a number and approaching this with math and treating the number with a string and dealing with it that way.

    I'm confident that you can google your way to what a palindrome is if you don't know, and the Python documentation is actually quite good:

    Good luck. As you progress feel free to post code here telling us what you've tried, what the current errors are (or erroneous results), what you expect to happen, etc. We'll be glad to help you work it out, but it's better for everyone if we don't give you the answer.


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  • 666sheep
    May 4, 04:28 PM
    you should settle with a Nvidia 6800 Ultra.

    Oh no, OP - avoid it like plague. It's loud, hot and frequently failing card (and it isn't "top of the line" preformance wise).
    Of original Mac ones X800 or X850XT will be most powerful. Of flashed ones 7800GS, like Transporteur said.


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  • madog
    Feb 16, 12:33 AM
    Everything ran smoothly for the... ohhh 4-5 years I've had Mac OS X. Then, one day a couple of weeks ago [using 10.3.7], my internet magically "shuts down" while my computer is on [this is the only pretext to my finder problem]. Nothing I could do could restart the internet: power cycling the modem/router, creating new connection settings, whatever. So then, I decided to restart. This is when my Finder hung at startup. Soooo, I let it sit there for a while and after about 5 min of not touching anything [not trying to relaunch Finder] it will startup. However, if the Finder hangs [for me] at startup, the internet will not work at all. Soooo crap.

    So I went through my basic troubleshooting scheme, rebooting from a CD and running the likes of DiskWarrior, TechTool4 and DiskUtility. The first time I did this, everything went back to normal. However, after another 12 hours of the computer being on, the internet mysteriously cut out again, so I knew the Finder would hang if I rebooted [which it did]. So I did what I had done before but this time nothing worked. Soooo I tried a combo power-cycling modem/router-while-booted-from-cd-and-running-repairs thing and it worked. So I went along my merry way and it happened again. This time after about 24 hours.

    So then I boot up from my Panther disk to run repairs from there. This time, I only have my modem unplugged [in all/any way it can be unplugged] and upon restart it worked fine. Good. Great. Dandy.

    Then after another unknown amount of hours [2 days or so] it happens [i]again. Sigh.....

    "OK, screw this", I thought. I'll just reinstall and everything will be OK. So I boot from my Panther disk, zero my boot drive and reformat to Journaling ["Fine, if Mac OS X would rather have journaling then it might make my life easier"]. I reinstall only the BSD Subsystem as an option so I only have to use 1 disk. Then I go about re-customizing my OS to my liking, adding this time only LittleSnitch, MenuMeters and TransperantDock [as opposed to all the crap I had on before, with around 10 "other" system preference panes and a "full" Applications folder]. Then after another 48 hours the system craps out. Just long enough after I had everything to my liking.


    So I go about reinstalling again, this time from a friends Panther disk, just to make sure. Instead of zeroing the drive again, I just erase and reinstall. Upon the very first restart, the Finder hung........ "Dear Mac Gods......"

    So the next time, I try zeroing AND "8-way random write" to my drive just to make sure everything is nice and clear before I start again. Oh, by the way, did you know it takes around 13 hours to 8-way random write to a 30gb hard drive? Anyway, this time I get it started after and immediately [as I usually do] run permission repair and then update my OS. Then after reboot, I repair permissions again and proceed to get more updates. Oh, and at this time I had been recieving weird permission problems such as:

    User differs on ., should be 0, owner is 501
    Permissions differ on ., should be drwxrwxr-t , they are drwxrwxr-x
    Owner and group corrected on .
    Permissions corrected on .


    Permissions differ on ./private/etc/slpsa.conf, should be -rwxr-xr-x , they are -rw-r--r--
    Owner and group corrected on ./private/etc/slpsa.conf
    Permissions corrected on ./private/etc/slpsa.conf

    I repair my permissions regularly and have never seen either of those before.

    Let's see.... where was I.... oh, 3rd reinstall I think.

    Ok, so I continue to update my system [this install was when 10.3.8 came out, before the full combo update] and get it to 10.3.8. I happily chug along thinking 10.3.8 was a god send, and go forth and install LittleSnitch and MenuMeters [two things I can't live without] directly from the developer sites. Then the problem happens AGAIN after another 24 hours or so of no restart after installing LS.

    So now I'm really angry. I search Apple's boards and google the problem to find that it's happened to more than a few people. They have suggestions such as to reset pram, delete user and system caches and delete certain user/system preferences. "How could I have a corrupt cache or pref on a fresh install?", I think. So I reboot and let the system hang until it finally boots up [but with no internet access] and I enable invisible items and proceed to trash all my caches [only this so far]. Since some are still in use, I have to reboot to empty the trash. So I do so. The Finder hangs the next start up, but I figure that's just a warmup for the files I just deleted. So I restart again. Finder still hangs. Luckily I had to leave at this point, so I keep my system running, getting ready to rein

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  • stephen =D
    Jan 14, 11:57 AM
    how long will it take for the video to b online roughly:apple:



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  • bedifferent
    Mar 16, 11:48 AM
    It could mean that, or it could mean they just haven't updated the graphite versions of the buttons/loading bars/etc yet. I would love to see them offer more color options, but I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up being just blue and graphite again. :o

    I hope they offer more color options, especially for the sidebar icons. I'm not loving the iTunes 10 UI.

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 15, 03:55 PM (


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  • shen
    Jan 15, 08:51 AM
    "There are lots because no one has been buying in anticipation"

    i was at the local Apple store 4 days ago and the place was packed and i watched 3 iMacs and 7 notebooks and a mini leave in just over an hour. i mentioned MWSF to an employee and he laughed and said most people didn't know about it. they are not having ANY trouble selling stuff in the run up.

    yeah, people who hit these forums are not buying, but everyone else is going to town and laying their cards down. look at estimates for Apples sales over the holiday! :D

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  • jonnymo5
    Apr 17, 08:29 PM
    Totally depends on what software you want to run and expected number of users. Also does it have to be OSX?

    Mac Pro isn't an ideal full time server since you are spending money on video card, Bluetooth, I/O ports,airport, etc.


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  • BigRedOne
    May 7, 01:35 AM
    I called Apple, they said it's most likely a graphics card failing (I agree).

    The weird thing is, is that 10-15 in while playing a game, it completely locks up, but the mouse cursor is movable (weird).

    You have to hold the power button to get it to work again. But once booted back into OS X, it's slow, and the screen flickers once, and then locks up again.
    The TechDoolDeluxe tests came back normal too....

    This only happens when gaming for about 10 mintues, and then the lock ups happen. (weird thing is mouse cursor is still movable)

    Any thoughts?

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  • jgonzo220
    Apr 12, 06:58 PM
    I know I'm bumping a slightly old post, but I'm in the exact same position as you! I really wanted to get Black to for gaming nostalgia, but I read online that they are planning on a 3D pokemon title, and that game won't work on the DSi. So, I think I've decided to just go and get a 3DS--

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  • twoodcc
    Dec 10, 09:33 AM
    I honestly havnen't had good luck with the mac clients. I LOVE the GPU clients on regular PC's. There is just so much more PPD available with a GPU client.


    yeah, i've had bad luck with the mac clients also. i would try the GPU clients, but my video card isn't supported.

    Apr 16, 05:45 AM
    Also, keep in mind that many people report the VGA output as looking "washed out." I know that I did have that problem when I was using the official VGA cable, so I switched back to component.

    I would suggest springing for the elite.

    Apr 26, 04:45 PM
    No, I guess not. I could probably do copy and paste. I was trying to use the screen shot feature instead to see how it works.

    When you took the screenshot, the shot screen loads in a new Preview window. Press CMD+A, then CMD+C to copy it.
    Or use the shortcuts listed here (

    Apr 6, 09:04 PM
    i can't find how i make a pic my profile picture ANYWHERE, ive tried creating albums and looked everywhere i can think of. If i'm completely blind and missing something, sorry but any help would be great!

    Oct 20, 01:17 PM
    It's a little faster than the Core i7 920.

    Over Achiever
    Sep 8, 08:25 PM
    Originally posted by arn
    I don't think anyone actually thought TiBooks/iBooks would be updated at Paris...

    the only hints have been low powerbook supply reports (which are nonspecific), and a competely BS report about dual G5's via reader email at MacBidouille.


    What? What reader e-mail? :D

    Anyway, they expected G5s? Duals is already crazy (read my sig), but G5s? Before they are introduced into powermacs? Wishful thinking!:D

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