Monday, June 6, 2011

wesley sneijder real madrid

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  • motulist
    Apr 30, 01:32 AM
    MacRumors has always been very fast, delivering every requested page in a short amount of time. But over the past couple of days the site has slowed WAY down. Sometimes the pages will load just as fast as always, but then suddenly it'll be REALLY slow, taking like 30 to 120 seconds to fully load a page. I'm pretty certain that it's not being caused by my computer or internet connection, because I'm not seeing this new delay at any other sites I visit.

    What's up wit dat?

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  • arogge
    Jul 11, 06:01 PM
    I just found a vulnerability in the OS X password security. I can bypass the exact password as long as the password is correct up to the second to last character. For example, if the password is "Macintosh", the system will accept any of the following as valid:


    wesley sneijder real madrid. Wesley Sneijder of Real Madrid
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  • Chrismcfall
    Mar 27, 01:17 PM
    IGN Link (

    Looks good, Just regretting buying Phoenix Wright now, when I could have got this instead.

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  • ActionableMango
    May 2, 11:30 AM
    For your specific needs and requirements, the 5870 is the way to go. No question.

    Personally, I am waiting for retail Lion to see what's up with AMD 6xxx series drivers.


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  • kammron
    Dec 8, 06:53 PM
    if you go to the page just just stick with the 3 i mentioned and you wont regret it, they look awsome.
    i didnt get any pop ups, thats awfull. :mad:

    "AquaX III 1.3.1"
    "AquaX III Graphite" <----(the second one)
    "Aqua (no pin stripes)"

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  • ReanimationLP
    Jan 23, 05:00 PM

    Where'd ya get the Xeons? They sound like some nice beasts.

    I'd love to have the Dual Processor one for my video crunching/gaming machine.


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  • iRobby
    Mar 24, 12:36 AM
    You'll find out at WWDC what the final version will be.

    When is WWDC?

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  • tsvb
    Sep 12, 12:56 PM
    Hey kntgsp where's the dock and manual? Correct me if I'm wrong but don't these things come with that stuff? Oh, and you never got back to me about whether you had a receipt or not. Thanks in advance.

    There is no manual that comes with the iPhone, the dock on the other hand...


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  • Moyank24
    Mar 1, 08:13 PM
    Congress appears to disagree with the President

    You mean, the Republicans appear to disagree with the President.


    And as a previous poster said, they are wrong. I'd love to know the marital status' of all of those supporting the DOMA. I wonder how many divorces they have between them.

    wesley sneijder real madrid. Real Madrid player Wesley
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  • daneoni
    Apr 22, 04:31 PM
    I had my EMP primed and ready.


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  • McGiord
    Feb 20, 06:15 PM

    wesley sneijder real madrid. and Real Madrid. Sneijder
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  • Lollypop
    Apr 11, 01:02 AM
    A lot of linux ditros work without a graphics card, problem is you might need embedded hardware that is designed to work without a graphics card.

    Cheapest way to build a headless pc is to get a cheap ass dell (yes, i know im sorry!!! :( ) with cheap ass integrated graphics, cofigure the machine, and then once its up and running to allocate less memory to the graphics card and more to the OS to increase performance.


    wesley sneijder real madrid. one Wesley Sneijder, Real
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  • alansmallen
    Jun 5, 03:55 PM
    I apologize.

    wesley sneijder real madrid. Le Real Madrid a ouvert le
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  • balamw
    Mar 23, 12:49 PM
    i just found this download...


    wesley sneijder real madrid. Wesley Sneijder (Real
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  • TT4T
    Apr 6, 11:45 PM
    American Eagle, I would be naked without them.
    McDonalds, simply for the Mocha Frappe.
    Old Spice Deodorant, to attract females...

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  • krossfyter
    Nov 3, 06:37 AM
    jefhatfield is oldskool!

    better believe it.


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  • mpw
    Mar 18, 06:01 AM
    What are the best games for Windows right now?...

    I haven't played a windows game in ages, but if it were raining my brother and me used to choose a droplet each and race them down to the cill.

    Wicked good fun!

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  • WesCole
    Apr 21, 01:16 PM

    I am planning on getting a 2011 15" MacBook Pro and have experience with Macs and Boot Camp. However, I am not 100% sure on this question and was hoping y'all could help.

    I am going to have a 128GB SSD in the main HD slot. I will also have a 500GB 5400 RPM hard drive in the opti-bay. I am planning on partitioning the SSD to give OS X 64GB and Windows 7 64GB. My question is...if I install just the Windows OS on the SSD, will I be able to install the Windows programs to the hard drive in the opti-bay slot? I will also use the opti-bay drive to hold music, pictures, videos, etc. for both OS X and Windows.

    Thanks in advance.

    wesley sneijder real madrid. Real Madrid celebrate winning
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  • blackcatgifts
    Apr 8, 01:04 AM
    Is this the EKM you refer to?

    If so, I don't think you are looking in the right place or the right tool.

    Sell online using PayPal? Check out their supported hosts.

    I am a Yahoo store developer and am partial to that platform for small business. That is probably out of your price range.

    Hi Yes thats the ekm I was talking about

    Are you looking for a text editor or a WYSIWYG editor? If you want a text editor then i would look at Coda ( or PHPStorm ( Both are pretty powerful IDE's for web design.

    I would prefer a WYSIWYG just purely because I haven't got that much free time and the quicker I can learn how to do things the better.

    Check our rapidweaver that would be perfect for what your describing.

    I did have a a look at rapidweaver but the comments about it on the app store don't sound too good, there are alot of people complaining about there being bugs in it.

    I appreciate everybody's answers but at the moment I'm still stuck as to which program to go for.
    Can anybody else help with any advice. Thanks

    Just to add a bit more information about what I'm looking for. I have quite a lot of photos that need to be put into some sort of album and the people can click on the image they require and then be taken to a page of information about that image and be able to purchase it online. I have seen a nice feature in iWeb where you can add albums of photos but you don't seem to able to link them to another page. Hopefully someone on here knows of a program I can use. Thanks again

    Night Spring
    Mar 14, 01:21 PM
    I didn't mean to say that new tool will allow him to downgrade without SHSHs, I meant to say that he is stuck until the new tool is release that can Jailbreak 4.3 and he can get all his stuff back. ;)

    Actually, if OP doesn't mind a tethered jailbreak, there are tools available to jailbreak 4.3 right now.

    Aug 13, 06:23 PM
    Chaos struck London Underground's Northern Line at the start of this morning's rush when a driverless train broke away from the engine towing it and headed off into the tunnels under Camden towards the centre of the city. At 6:44am the engineering train broke its coupling near Archway station and rolled back down the hill towards oncoming passenger trains. Thanks to the Northern Line having multiple routes through the city control room staff quickly diverted passenger trains safely onto the line's Bank branch whilst the runaway was left to come to a rest at Warren Street station on the Charing Cross part of the network.

    Sadly Ringo Starr did not provide commentary.

    BBC News (

    Mar 24, 04:12 AM
    If you do a little bit of searing, you can see some pretty cool videos by people using nothing but iPhones, especially the iphone4.
    Has anyone here played with the iPhone 4 to do some videos?
    I have bought some stuff on eBay such as a wide angle lens and macro lens to play with. I am having a hell of a time trying to find a 15ft or longer 3ring cable extension to attach a external mic to. But once I have that, I'll use another eBay toy to mount it on a small tripod.
    Some might wonder why I am bothring with the iPhone as a video tool, but the fact that I can carry a HD camera kit in my shoulder bag is too convenient not to try.
    I'll be using it do interviews and creative work.

    More to come.

    Wow! I've been thinking about doing an iPhone project myself ever since the 4 came - the idea seems fun (me being a total newbie with shootng)! Now you got me REALLY wanting to get it on!!

    What lenses and equipment would you say is necessary? Is some kind of wireless mics an option?

    Apr 1, 09:19 PM
    Has anyone had luck with Chrome in 10.7? When I try to Quit it won't. I have to Force Quit in Activity Monitor, and Chromuim nightly's won't even launch.

    When i try to download a file in Safari I get the Download window and a message that the file can't be downloaded. I click on re-try and then a 2nd item is added to the download list for the file and it downloads while the 1st file seems to still be retrying.

    I'd post a screen shot of this but when I try I just get a full black screen like this:

    Nov 11, 07:34 PM
    It was nice being able to just copy pictures to a different folder to have them online.. but I guess for now I can just use online picture hosting services...

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