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  • Canadianindian
    07-22 01:38 PM
    I am moving/transfer to another state within the same company in same position within US. My 140 is approved and 485 filed on July 2nd, 2007 My question:

    Would my transfer affect my 485 processing. If yes, is there a solution?

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  • venkat9
    03-10 02:34 PM
    Thanks gckalafda,
    Mine was from NSC.

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  • saimrathi
    07-10 09:45 AM
    I heard once you get your GC, you have to stay 6 months in US?

    thats correct , india is booming right now and it will only go up
    So i think that even if we succeed in getting the green card , we should always have one option to going back.

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  • psk79
    05-28 12:29 AM
    from my understanding it wil start right away.. which means we will loose some time overlapping between the EAD's.


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  • broadcaster
    11-08 03:42 PM
    On July 27, I sent my I-485/I-765 to the TSC. Case was delivered on July 31. I have no receipts, my checks have not been cashed. I called NCS, they asked me to wait two more weeks.

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  • tnite
    03-18 10:57 AM
    I am positively sick of seeing the same "case received and pending" status on my I-485 case for the past two years (almost). I call CIS and they parrot like repeat the same status which I see on their website. They tell me they have no further information.

    I simply can't take it any more. I have already paid unnacceptably high human cost for this GC. If my case has any discrepency and it is going to be rejected eventually, then I dont see any point of working in US from this point onwards itself. I would rather move back to India and use this time to build my career there.

    I can hang on only if I somehow get to know if my case has been pre-adjudicated for approval, and no more bureaucratic actions are required on it. But how do I do that?

    Any ideas?
    Some folks have had success at the infopass getting this information but for most cases they will not be able to tell you. The might be able to tell you if the file has been assigned or not.


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  • sprash
    03-02 04:55 PM
    I was interviewed by American Public Media's "Marketplace (" regarding my experience with this issue. She introduced this research by Wadhwa asked me I was considering going back, but I am not considering that option. I did highlight the woes of legal immigrants, but while she empathized with our situation, she was more interested in stories of people who are planning to go back.

    I think she said this story will be appearing on NPR Monday (today or next, I'm not sure). I don't think my story will be featured though (because of aforementioned reasons).

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  • edd
    02-05 05:36 PM
    I am also in the same boat. only spouse received the notice. So did you go FP along with your wife? would appreciate your input on this one


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  • amitga
    04-12 07:27 PM
    I am even willing to pay $10K per family member to get a GC. Only condition is that they should process it in the same way as other Premium processing. It should not take years in Name check or any other processing after paying this kind of money.

    Australia has similar plan for parent Visa. Any Permanent Resident can pay Approx 20K Aus$ and get a permanent Resident Visa for parents.

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  • webm
    02-20 02:01 PM
    Get a non-availability certificate from the local municipal office and submit it to USCIS..on a safer side..



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  • peer123
    06-11 06:59 PM
    please refrain from using harsh words that would hurt others in this forum. Please respect others and treat everyone with dignity as we are all fighting for same cause.

    I totally agree with you, people should use civility in thier comment. Do not be harsh so much that the open speech right on this forum is withdrawn.

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  • shree09
    08-07 02:55 PM
    I need some info. about whether it is good idea to do Canadian PR Landing and H1B extension stamping in one visit to Canada?

    Here is the situation:
    1. I got Canadian PR approval. I have submitted passport for stamping. After They mail it back to me, I need to travel to Canada(want to go to Vancouver) and at the border apply for PR Landing forms.
    2. I have H1B extension approval but need stamping as I need to travel to INdia later this year on vacation. So when I go to canada, can I go to US Consulate apply for stamping and come back to US with same stamping???

    I dont have AP so I cannot come back to US without the stamping. So what is the best solution in this case.?

    I need to land in Canada before May 2008.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated


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  • anjans
    07-09 02:50 PM
    I am in a similar situation..pls update the thread on what the latest my case I-140 is not 180 days old..:(

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  • upuaut8
    01-30 11:38 PM
    It's not the "swf" we're concerned with, it's the "fla", and it doesn't just do it with imported Swift3D stuff, but with jpg's and movie's and other imported media.

    Try this experiment.

    Open a blank Flash project. Save it as an FLA file, and note the file size.
    Import a large jpg, then delete it from the stage, and from the library.
    Save it again and compare file size again.


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  • waitin_toolong
    08-15 06:51 AM
    and since you applications are not being filed with I-485 you will have to pay the new fee.

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  • kaisersose
    05-29 11:57 AM
    Thanks for your response kaisersose.
    I understand I can switch jobs with my EAD.

    I want to switch from EB3 category to EB2 since I will be current under EB2 with my PD of July 2003. What is the process I have to follow to make this switch?

    KC INdian

    Three steps,

    1. Your employer or a future employer should file a new Labor for a job that has EB2 requirements and you should be eligible under these requirements.

    2. Then apply for an EB-2 140 for this approved Labor by using PD substitution (from your earlier 140). This 140 will be approved under EB-2 and will have your earlier PD.

    3. Now you can replace the underlying 140 of your 485 application with the newer one and you will be all set.

    Easier said that done PERM in Atlanta is taking a long time and 140 is taking a long time too without Premium processing.


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  • satishku_2000
    07-19 11:46 AM
    Thanks for the info..! btw, what about my first question ..When do the 90 days wait start counting? NBC received my app on July 2nd.. Does it mean it's 90 days after July 2nd??


    Boy, you cant wait for EAD ...:) I don't blame ya for that, I think in case of July 2nd you should count from the date when your check gets cashed. In case of July filers we should not be surprised if EADs and APs take more than 6 months being on cynical side.

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  • amitga
    12-09 07:02 PM
    To second what SITM said in this post, my case (interfiling from EB2 NIW to EB1 EA) was approved on March 30, 2009. My I-485 was submitted in Aug 07 thanks to the July 07 melee. In my case, I had my lawyer do the interfiling for an additional fee. So, I am not sure how the interfiling request looked like. But, I did follow with NSC on my I-485 s after the request on a regular basis and I believe that it helped! AFAIK, it looks like interfiling is not completely hopeless.

    Can you please share what steps you took to follow up with NSC on interfiling and did they respond to your requests.

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  • dan19
    11-07 02:07 PM

    Many of the threads posted here are not directly related to "Employment-Based Green Card Retrogression". Most of them are related to problems we immigrants face day after day.

    I started this thread with a good intent. Many people who are searching for jobs are lured by "flashing advertisements" in sulekha. They find out the reality only once they start working for them and "Green Card" is sponsored.

    So if each one of us can post about good consulting companies we know about, it will help the current job hunters. (By the way, as far as I know, the majority of us in this forum work as consultants rather than as full-time employees)

    And what would that list of "good consulting companies" have to do with IV? Or Employment-Based LEGAL IMMIGRATION?

    11-21 12:09 PM

    Could you please let me know what is the procedure to go for an SR (Service Request)?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Raj
    Ur RD is dec21st.Now according to nsc processing date they r processing jan1st 2007 cases.So wait till next update if u didnt get before that u ask ur lawyer or employer to open SR.i dont think there is any paper work for that.They need to call and talk to IO and open.but i donno the procedure so check with quizzer.

    12-06 10:08 AM
    So, did you follow up see what happened on your case or are you just waiting. My lawyer says that the timelines are just like that.

    I am in the same boat and my case was filed on apr 3 and mine is eb3 nebraska.
    even my employer opened a service request.

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