Saturday, June 11, 2011

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  • sekharpurna
    10-03 08:33 AM
    Our (2 adult, 1 kid) FP was done yesterday 10/2 in Alexandria, VA, It took us 1 hr from the time we got in. Make sure to fillup the form quickly to get token number, but it may vary from place to place.

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  • Enebreus
    01-20 11:38 AM
    Your entry is really cool, and I am sure nobody doubts that. It is just for a competetion about programming, it is assumed that all code is your own :P

    Awww, well it was worth a shot :D

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  • sachin76
    11-06 11:20 PM
    Any one with july 3rd recvd date at NEBRASKA recvd AP?

    Mine rec date is july 2nd and notice date july 27th. Have got EAD, but not AP yet. Though I noticed two LUDs on my AP, 10/24 and 10/25

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  • newuser
    09-15 01:11 PM
    I am in


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  • krishnam70
    05-08 11:28 AM
    Now they want to visit client place for the H1b people.

    There are only 415,000 H1-b holders in USA.
    And number of employed labor in USA are 144 million. (as per DOL)

    And we form 0.28% of the workforce in the entire USA.

    Why the hell they are whining about 0.28% ??
    Can anybody tell me if i am wrong with numbers here?

    05/07/2009: DHS Reportedly Stepping Up Enforcement of the H-1B Program Including Work Site Visits

    Report indicates that DHS Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing yesterday that her agency was stepping up its enforcement of the H-1B program. She reportedly said that over the last month the department has added fraud prevention tactics that were not being used previously in the H-1B program. Those measures include visits to work sites.

    Statistics of H-1B Visa Holders in the U.S. and Reach of H-1B Cap in Recent Years
    Total H1-B Visa Holders in the U.S. in Recent Fiscal Years
    2008: 409,619
    2007: 461,730
    2006: 431,853
    2005: 407,418
    2004: 386,821
    Reach of H-1B Cap in Recent Fiscal Years
    2010: Still Open, and Going and Going, as of 04/11/2009! May be it will record the statistics between 2007 and 2008.
    2009: 1 day
    2008: 2 days
    2007: 56 days
    2006: 132 days
    2005: 184 days
    2004: 323 days
    The total H-1B holders steadily increased until 2008 when it dropped substantially. Probably it was affected by FY 2007 July Visa Bulletin fiaso which opened the flood gate for EB-485 filings with no visa number cut-off date in July 2007, accompanied by massive issuance of EAD allowing some of the H-1Bs in this stream to drop out ofH-1B status and use EAD, most of which were issued beginning from November 2007. There being no such event in 2009, presumedly the total numbe of H-1B holders in 2009 might have increased. Considering the fact that every year a same new number of H-1B holders are added to the total pool, a large number of H-1Bs have kept extending their H-1B status on and on. Additionally, the fact that overall the total H-1B holder numbers remained steady may indicate that more or less of from 85,000 to 100,000 numbers of H-1B are added to the pool and about the same number moved out of the pool, mostly into green card holder pool, adding flesh blood ofvaluable workers to the main stream of this country. It Ain't Interesting?


    I know cos it happened at my workplace


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  • Norristown
    11-07 04:00 PM
    My wife's EAD was also sent back even though we haven't moved. She got all her other receipts. I didn't have her name in the mail box. Wondering if it is the reason but again she got all her receipts, ad parole. We called USCIS they opened a Service Request. It will take a month minimum.


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  • txh1b
    08-18 09:32 AM
    Please see page 8-10 of the I765 form instructions for more information. It is clearly written that it has to go where your area falls under for the (c) 9 category.

    If you are in Boston, it should go to TSC irrespective of which center your 485 is pending.

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  • gcwait2007
    12-22 09:14 AM
    Once again Thanks, Bestin.

    I am married long enough and I do not want to get into marriage again with a GORI ladki. Once bitten twice shy :rolleyes:. Enough is enough.

    I spoke to my manager who had agreed to do the needful. However, he had put another spoke now by writing in the approval email that it is my responsibility to keep the EAD current.

    I do not understand this part- I am working on H1-B, why should I keep my EAD current, by paying my own fees?


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  • sbmallik
    04-03 04:46 PM
    No, it's the usual 3 (or 6) months.

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  • up_guy
    08-27 04:09 PM
    What was the cause for H1B rejection??

    My H-1 B was not rejected, just application got returned back to the lawyer because some form was missing in it. They had refiled it back.
    I donot know any other details, as lawyer did not share it with me..


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  • skynet2500
    11-24 02:03 PM
    Yes. This is what I am thinking. They are going to stay for 6 months anyways, I wanna take advantage of tax deductions if possible. Would getting an I-94 extension for a week going to be a problem? thanks.

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  • snathan
    05-08 10:23 PM
    We are all paying tax for years and the way USCIS works...we would get the GC only by next birth. This is very ridiculous rule.


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  • paskal
    08-22 07:02 PM
    I have your request to join, we are indeed very active.
    My sincere apologies at not getting back to you so far- will redress that asap!

    Welcome...we are delighted to have you with us.....:)

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  • logiclife
    03-28 06:26 PM
    I read, a liberal blog site, often. Recently, there has been a spate of postings there that are anti H-1B and anti high tech immigration. One example, from today, is: I have been posting comments as cacophonix. is the most powerful and most popular liberal blog. Opinion that gets set there is influential with Democratic legislators. There is significant support there for high-tech immigration, but I think the tide could easily turn.

    I need help from fellow IVers in refuting such ridiculous diaries as the one above. Please register and follow developments there, and please post responses when these issues come up.

    I can't stress this enough: dailykos has a strict trolling/abuse policy. If you lose your cool and start abusing, you will get banned in a flash. So please be courteous.

    You have indeed done an amazing job in totally making that diary hopeless.

    Kudos to you for doing that and many thanks for defending this community on that site.


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  • gogal
    01-03 10:42 AM
    Does it mean that the full case will be covered in 15 days or till the query is send if any... Hope i am being clear..
    What my concern is after the query is send and replied, still the 15 day limit stays or it loses that and goes back to the normal processing.


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  • kaisersose
    05-01 10:17 AM
    Thanks guys for all your responses....

    I got the paperwork from my attorney for my wife's 485 as they want us to be ready so that if dates are current, we just mail the paperwork without having to start at that time.

    However, my wife is pregnant and i am not sure if medical examinations are possible. What are my options ?

    Complete medicals without the vaccines, etc which cannot be taken during pregnancy. The Civil surgeon shoould make a note on the medical report that the applicant is pregnant and so medical is incomplete.

    When your 485 is picked up for processing, an RFE will be issued and then she can complete the rest.


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  • GCAmigo
    04-30 01:44 PM
    I was shocked as well, when I read about that in the other thread. Thanks for clarifying this Pappu!

    shocked to learn that the wait is getting longer! now I am truly SHOCKED!
    "Jo poora doob gava, usko thandee nahin laagva re!"
    poorly translates to english "Does it get any colder, for one who is already drowned?"

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  • sridharnarasimha
    04-09 08:32 PM
    I went for H-1 renewal after 10-year completion. All set for 13 years on H1B. I also renewed my EAD but do not plan on using it. I did not renew my AP after the 1st year. My employer pays for H1 renewals but not EAD and AP renewals. So it was a no-brainer for me. Visa stamping is an hassle, but it is worth the trouble when considering the money saved in not applying for AP for 3 of us in my family for 3 years.

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  • gc_chahiye
    10-26 03:52 PM
    W... For regular applications, they don't even have a column asking for any valid reason.

    Right. The Initial Evidence section of the I-131 form. Under section I part C 1 b. on page 4 (page 4 in PDF, page 3 printed on that doc) does mention this:

    An explanation or other evidence showing the circumstances that warrant issuance of an advance parole document; or

    but the very next line is that the alternative to this is a copy of the USCIS receipt of your 485. So just USCIS receipt (or even receipt number) should be good enough for us (or if you filed all three together, dont even need that).

    Anyway to OP: ask your lawyer to apply, you should not face any problems getting it.

    07-18 06:04 PM
    I wonder when illegal can demonstrate, why can't we unite and organize some demonstartions to explain our frustrations and demands.

    A lot of discussion happened on this topic in the past and the general consensus was that it will boomerang on us. We should not be demonstrating/protesting/demanding.

    Welcome to the world of white collar politics.:)

    02-23 03:04 PM
    I don't want to use EAD/AP, as I want to have a backup.

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