Wednesday, June 1, 2011

emma watson brown

emma watson brown. Emma Watson, the 19-year-old
  • Emma Watson, the 19-year-old

  • Raska
    Oct 24, 04:15 PM
    Oh yeah, I'll be the guy with the "I :apple: Code" shirt on :D

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  • Chundles
    Sep 20, 02:29 AM
    Well crap. Is Hitler back from the dead or something?


    Bad joke. I'm tired. Night-night.

    You look tired, off to bed for you.

    This is the best, it's the one time of year the american mac addicts have to stay up till all hours to see the updates and I don't. No offense to you americans I'm just stoked I don't have to stay up.

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  • altecXP
    May 6, 06:44 PM
    I'm looking for a nice skin or slim case for my MBP. My bag I use is well protected but I'd like something to protect it from maybe something at my desk falling on it.

    Any ideas?

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  • biohazard6969
    Dec 7, 10:42 PM
    again, i'm interested in the PC but would have to wait for some christmas cash. as stated in your previous thread i could trade, a powerbook g3, ipod 3G 15GB, or an imac G3 600

    let me know if interested...i also have a few obscure un-tech related things for sale if interested....


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  • TrollToddington
    May 4, 11:42 PM
    MacBook Airs:
    extremely portable
    slower processors than the iMac
    SSD is faster than the iMac's traditional hard drive, but less storage capacity
    memory can't be upgraded after purchase
    no Thunderbolt ports

    not very portable
    faster processors than the Air
    traditional hard drive is slower than the Air's SSD, but has more storage capability
    memory can be upgraded after purchase
    has Thunderbolt ports
    You forgot to add that the iMac has a much much much bigger screen which, besides everything else, is of much higher quality than than any MBA.

    OP in every aspect the iMac is the better value for money - faster, bigger screen, more convenient even for trivial tasks like writing and browsing, let alone picture editing. You have to decide whether you need a laptop or a desktop.

    I've decided to go for both, as it turned out I cannot give up the ergonomics of a desktop computer while at home.

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  • furryrabidbunny
    Sep 8, 09:54 PM
    I didn't pay for the computer!!! it was given to me. I am giving the parents the eMac because xp is just a tad harder than os x ;) I also need a pc for a required computer class. I need to be able to take tests and stuff at home. I yes, I am going to switch back when the mac mini features a one of those intel mobile chips with low wattage.


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  • yg17
    Feb 7, 10:05 PM

    DELANO, Calif.� A California man attending a cockfight has died after being stabbed in the leg by a bird that had a knife attached to its own limb.

    The Kern County coroner says 35-year-old Jose Luis Ochoa was declared dead at a hospital about two hours after he suffered the injury in neighboring Tulare County on Jan. 30.

    An autopsy concluded Ochoa died of an accidental "sharp force injury" to his right calf.

    Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt says it's unclear if a delay in seeking medical attention contributed to Ochoa's death. Tulare officials are investigating, and no arrests were made at the cockfight.

    I'd say this is deserving of a Darwin Award

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  • chrmjenkins
    Jun 11, 12:42 PM
    The quotes in the article don't even imply the guy said AMOLED screens are better, only that there is only 3-5% less visible difference (using some of that creative math since the actual difference he states is 20%) between the AMOLED screens and Apple's new screen.

    Even then it conveniently ignores the fact that AMOLED screens are completely useless outside.

    In any case it's a weak and completely ineffectual attempt at muckraking.

    Samsung's new "Super" AMOLED are actually somewhat visible outside. They are an improvement in that respect. Besides that, it will have inferior color reproduction and (IMO) over-saturated colors.


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  • libertysat
    May 1, 03:50 PM
    I have had these for about 4-5 years
    Not real crazy about appearance but sound great

    My gf bought a set a year or so ago and likes em too

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  • hookem12387
    Feb 29, 04:54 PM
    Ok I sent money for the dented one. Thanks please contact me


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  • John J Rambo
    Apr 7, 03:29 AM
    Hi, thanks for the responses guys. Below is my php script:


    /* subject and eamil variables */

    $emailSubject = 'hello!';
    $webMaster = '';

    /* Gathering Data Variables */

    $name = $_POST['name'];
    $email = $_POST['email'];
    $message = $_POST['message'];

    $body = <<<EOD
    Name: $name <br>
    Email: $email <br>
    Message: $message <br>

    $headers = "From: $email\r\n";
    $headers .= "Content-type: text/html\r\n";
    $success = mail($webMaster, $emailSubject, $body, $headers);

    /* Results rendered as HTML */

    $theResults = <<<EOD
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />
    <link href="css/styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />
    <title>Contact Form Complete</title>



    echo "$theResults";


    thanks again, this is driving me crazy...

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  • greatdevourer
    Apr 16, 01:07 PM
    You could take all the things people hate about gamertags, and then be really ironic and thus the coolest mofo on XBL :p

    So... random Xs, random numbers, lots of l33t, the usage of a famous character's name as though it were your own... *and off the gamertag machine goes...*



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  • jefhatfield
    Jul 7, 04:44 AM
    wow. thanks

    btw, kainjow is only id number 190 which is the oldest regular poster i can think of

    blakespot is the oldest listed at id number 9

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  • mr.steevo
    Apr 25, 12:57 PM
    The iMac is a better buy if you are intending to replace your keyboard and considering upgrading your monitor. The mini is good if you are happy with your current peripherals and don't need a lot of power.

    I'd expect the mini to move towards the i5 and i7 processors in the next month or two. It would be best to wait until this Summer for the next OS upgrade to come out (10.7 aka Lion) otherwise you'll be looking at an OS upgrade cost to you in the future.


    emma watson brown. emma watson brown 2011
  • emma watson brown 2011

  • militaryman911
    Apr 24, 10:59 PM
    If you're willing to spend that much then why not just get a baseline 2011 MBP?

    The Intel i series of the new MBPs will be far better than that C2D found in that macbook. See here (

    Hahaha thats weird, you quoted me right before I changed that post to include what you're talking about.

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  • WhatAmI
    Apr 29, 06:25 AM
    Unless you'd go bankrupt from loosing out on a potential 75$ uplift on resale value I'd drop 03.10.01. If you still had 01.59 I would have of course reponded differently...


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  • arcrius
    Apr 9, 09:18 PM
    i get error code 1604

    Ahh! I forgot a step! :eek: I just edited it though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • nyzwerewolf
    Apr 21, 07:52 PM
    Ok, here is the issue. I have a MacBook Pro 15 inch 2.4 Core 2 Duo (late 2007 model) with 6GB of RAM (DDR2 667). I don't know how to explain this because I am so pissed! Ok so let me try. Take a look at this screenshot. (

    It says Used 5.97GB and Inactive 2.07GB. WTF? why cant it release that 2.07GB? I cant open other apps because there is only 28.6MB of memory FREE.. I know the Inactive Memory is there so it helps the frequently opened apps to start faster.. but what if I want to open apps that I don't frequently open?

    WTF do I do? Is there something screwed up in my OS or is this how OS X manage memory?:mad:

    Sorry for expressing my frustration..

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  • hackthatphone
    Mar 19, 07:25 PM
    Simple, play dumb. Claim it was there when you got it.

    And that's exactly what's wrong with society these days.

    Man or woman up and take responsibility for YOUR screw up.

    Apr 28, 11:17 PM
    So when are you going to post the Buzz Aldrin up on eBay? I haven't seen it up yet and I have been looking everyday!!

    Jul 6, 10:33 AM
    "Black Email of Death"
    "Death Grip"?

    What is it about the internet that it encourages everyone to be so dramatic with every issue, even a dead pixel. ("The pixel is dead! DEAD! I could handle a sick pixel, but a dead one?")

    not sure but i think it goes way back to the Windows' Blue Screen of Death (BSOD).

    but yeah, i agree - what's with the drama over these technical glitches, and with most small things in life? :rolleyes:

    Apr 6, 01:52 PM
    Thanks for the heads up chrono about the collision detection, but that was not really where I was getting at.

    Perhaps this image will make it clearer.

    The merging part is where I'm stuck.
    I want the decay of the 'barrier' realtime, not a bunch of sprites displaying a decaying barrier.
    Think of Worms where you blast away a piece of do they do that.


    May 3, 09:35 AM
    Is there any way I could delete the windows partition and have another shot at installing it?
    And is it best to download the support software, instead of relying on the disc?

    May 5, 03:41 PM
    I Have not installed the last update yet, but, if battery life were to improve as much as people say with every update, people would only have to charge their iPhones once a month... :rolleyes:

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