Wednesday, June 1, 2011

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  • Doctor Q
    Apr 1, 11:59 PM
    We need to know the URL that the ad links to. You don't have to click it, just control-click or right-click to get the address. That's how we track them down.

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  • DougFNJ
    Mar 11, 03:37 PM
    Are you sure that you aren't at the back of the line standing the wrong way? :confused:

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  • gpat
    May 7, 03:54 AM
    Wait until mac pro refresh.

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  • 4JNA
    Nov 18, 06:00 PM
    ppc, intel, xscale, vax, big endian.... hell, i don't care! load it on anything that will still turn on! we are getting killed, and seeing the daily output line FINALLY start to trend up is a wonderful thing!!!

    congrats on the amazing output '64 ;)

    welcome back to all the 'took the summer off' people...

    ...I just completed my first WU for Team MacRumors!



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  • thejadedmonkey
    Apr 18, 09:03 AM
    So true. Between my SLR, Samsung Focus, and Cannon SD780, I see no reason to keep my P&S, except that I couldn't sell it for much, and it's a quality camera in case I ever need to take a camera somewhere and don't want to use my cellphone? Do situations like that even exist?

    With the newer high-end smart phones, I feel like the convergence has already been completed.

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  • OSMac
    Mar 3, 08:56 AM
    Never been an idevice yet that has not been jailbroken.


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  • jsw
    Sep 19, 08:55 PM
    I read on the forums that sometimes they keep iBooks with bigger HD's in stock because it's a popular upgrade.
    I hope that they have one for you. Best of luck!

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  • Apple Expert
    Mar 11, 05:30 PM
    Ok so you're obviously not at an Apple store. Best buy? Target? I can't imagine Walmart only getting 1.

    My walmart said they only got 3. WTF!!


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  • fatboyslick
    Apr 21, 02:38 AM
    Literally bought the iPad edition for �11.99 an hour before reading this post and thought I'd droppped a bollock. If they do drop the iPad-version price i'll be so annoyed.

    If thta happens in a retail shop - ie buy a t shirt and the next day it's lower in price - you can return it and get the discount guessing no such luck with an app, regardless of its price

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  • renewed
    Sep 14, 09:57 PM
    I threw it back where it came from.
    Just to make you peta people happy xD

    Thank you.


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  • johnnj
    Apr 22, 12:35 PM
    I understand that part of the equation, but I was wondering if windows would give me the option to install programs (like office and photoshop) to the second hard drive. For example, would the installer be able to tell that it is a hard drive that windows can use to install programs?

    You can put them anywhere you want them. There might be some dlls that'll end up somewhere in the Windows directory, but the bulk, if not all, of the app will reside where you put it.

    My current MBP config has Win7 system on a partition on my drive bay drive and the games on another partition on my optibay drive.

    You can also use Paragon NTFS to be able to read/write the Windows drives.


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  • CaptainCaveMann
    Nov 28, 07:22 PM
    It all depends. I liked the V600 better than the V400 for these reasons.

    It was made out of Metal/Aluminium instead of plastic.
    I seemed to be able to hear better on it. Although i think it was do mainly to ergonomics.
    I liked the look and feel of it much better. To me the V400 was the beta, and the V600 was the final product.

    I value style, and durability, so I went with the V600. Also, I had a V60 which I loved. Possibly the best phone I have ever owned, and the V600 remind me much of it. I'm sure was a big part of my decision.

    And as for battery life, if I remember correctly it was about the same. No huge difference.

    So I guess if your an average user, The V400 is a good fit.

    BTW, I dont think Cingular sells the V600 anymore. I think they replaced it with a 500 series phone. Which is made out of plastic :(Well im using the samsung sgh-x427 non m model and i like it except for the fact that it will only hold 3 downloaded full audio ring tones which is freakin lame imo only 3!! I mean come on. Also its not a camera phone and the battery is less than satisfactory. I want a camera phone with great battery life, i do a lot of text meseging and on the phone all the time i want something that will last me at least 4 days without having to run to my life saving charger. Am i asking to much? ah well come on cingular the technology is there isnt it :cool:


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  • wickedG35
    Mar 13, 01:40 PM
    Here is a sample of what you are looking at if you get the screen replaced.iPhone Screen Repair (

    Thanks, but this is my backup phone. I know I can probably replace the LCD and sell it for higher but I'd rather just sell it outright. The best offer I received is $240, will sell for $245 + shipping if anyone here is interested.


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  • devilot
    Sep 23, 10:51 AM
    Congrats! I'm glad you love it so far, of course, I had no doubt you would... just you wait, soon you'll be squinting anytime you have to use a smaller screen. :p


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  • GGJstudios
    Apr 25, 01:45 PM
    No, you can't "force" such a thing. No one knows for certain when Lion will be released. Note that there is a Lion forum (, where answers to your Lion-related questions will be found.

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  • maya
    Sep 23, 10:50 AM
    With global warming, its sure to get worse next year!!!!!!!!!!!

    What a load of BS.

    Someone is living in a crevice for the past decade. :rolleyes:


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  • maturola
    Mar 14, 10:21 AM
    As the title says my mother has an original iPad and her iPad is at 3.2.1 or whatever 3.2 or something. Anyways, my question is where can I get the 4.2.1 software for the iPad. If I restore in iTunes right now I will get 4.3. I dont want that. I want 4.2.1! Any way to do that? She is interested in jailbreaking her pad! Thanks in advance...

    As mentioned on previous post, you need to have your SHSHs saved if you want to installed anything else than the current firmware released by Apple, (currently 4.3). The windows where Apple was signing those SHSHs for 4.2.1 have already been closed (so unless somehow you got your SHSHs saved by tiny Umbrella or Cydia before) your only option is to upgrade to 4.3 or wait out for a Jailbreak tool.

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  • Hrududu
    Mar 9, 10:32 PM
    Not sure how you saw a 12" Powerbook over a decade ago since they didn't come out until 2003 ;)

    But seriously, they will hold 1.12GB of RAM in the original 867MHz models, and all the ones after than will do 1.25GB of RAM. For a short time you actually could get CPU upgrades through a company that you would mail the PowerBook to and they would upgrade it to 1.67GHz or something like that. I've owned both a 867MHz model and currently a 1.5GHz one. Go for no less than a 1.33. They have faster RAM, much better graphics chips, and more HD space by default. My 1.5GHz is wonderful in Leopard with the maximum RAM installed and its 64MB GeForce Go5200 graphics card. Probably wouldn't hurt to find a newer & faster HD, but for a secondary computer, 60GB is plenty for me.

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  • Sharky II
    Apr 25, 04:28 PM
    really weird and frustrating, huh. �240 (just under $400) for 8gb in the UK from crucial, or anywhere else i've seen. 4GB is merely 1/2 that.

    don't think you can get it any cheaper. and it's probably going to stay there. urgh.

    Dec 25, 06:37 PM
    My laptop and iPod. I would die without Pandora.
    Also my wonderful fiance and my Lord Jesus.

    May 1, 04:49 PM
    I can do everything I want to from my ipad except for be notified when I get texts and respond to those texts. I know the jailbreak for the iPad 2 isn't out yet so I am waiting on that anyway, but is there a jailbroken app that allows me to forward texts from my phone and respond with my iPad. I'm using BiteSMS on my phone if that makes a difference.

    May 5, 09:20 AM
    get ready to wait awhile. I ordered a 27 imac the day they were available. shipping time is jun 15th arrive jun 22nd.

    Apr 17, 02:32 PM
    HDDs yes, RAM no. or MacTracker can help you see the specs of PowerMacs and Mac Pros.

    Apr 17, 01:56 PM
    Hi lokerd,

    can you or someone explain how to double tap to switch apps with Sbsettings? I cannot see this option!

    Sure, under the Activator settings, you can set what does what. Click on the Anywhere button, then scroll down to "Status Bar".

    I have double tap status bar set to bring up the application switcher. Swipe right brings up sbsettings, swipe left brings up system settings. Swipe down brings up the home springboard.

    Hope this helps.

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