Thursday, June 2, 2011

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  • rockinmorockin
    Apr 23, 03:50 AM
    it's not a huge deal but i didn't want to be wasting her money on nba jam :P

    i got the gift card for a reason. guess i could just give her a ten when she comes back from belgium if apple doesn't do anything

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  • MacBytes
    Jul 21, 02:38 PM (

    Category: Apple Hardware
    Link: Apple overtakes Google in media impact, iPhone & iPad helps (
    Description:: Apple stole Google's top spot in Q2 Impact Value rankings on the strength of its groundbreaking product releases, the iPad and iPhone 4, Media measurement technology firm General Sentiment said on Tuesday.

    It's one of the "biggest surprises" that Apple took the top in the Impact Value spot, notes Greg Artzt, chief executive officer of General Sentiment.

    Posted on (
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  • Cuddles
    Feb 9, 10:09 AM
    Man, you were rollin' through the first couple of guns!! :cool:

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  • titaniumducky
    Oct 16, 01:23 PM
    I am planning to Switch (upgrade) from PC to Mac but I still need to run some PC programs.

    The only thing I hear about Virtual PC is that it�s terrible slow.

    I am planning to put 2 Gigas of ram on my new Imac 20".

    1 giga dedicated to the Virtual PC.

    Does anybody has an experience if by doing this I should see a lot of performace Gain on Virtual PC?

    I�am not planning to run games just normal applications (some design an graphics) but I need to run them on PC envieroment to ensure compatibility.

    Thanks in advance for advice.

    What graphics programs do you need to run on the PC side? Chances are it's something that requires a lot of power - meaning it's probably going to be ridiculously slow.

    My guess is that you'll be better off designing in OS X. Then you can test the file (or whatever you need to do) in Virtual PC to ensure compatibility.


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  • premierjg
    Feb 21, 11:21 PM
    i dont post here much but need to sell a 15" MBP that I bought at the end of December.

    If I remember correctly there used to be a buy/sell forum here, but I cant seem to find it. Does this still exist?


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  • Small White Car
    May 1, 09:44 PM
    Apple already has a split-system.

    They sell this year's phone for one price and last year's phone for a much cheaper price.

    I don't see any reason why they'd give that up and start selling 2 brand-new models at different prices. I don't understand what that gains them over the current system. Any blog that says there will be a 'pro model' but doesn't explain how that's better than the current system doesn't count much in my opinion.


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  • Intell
    Dec 12, 08:32 PM

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  • bluap84
    Feb 25, 09:25 AM
    I wonder if you shouldn't modify the letter "a" so that it is more like "a" rather than "a". Otherwise, the style of the logotype almost makes it look like a sloppily written "u".

    ill look into it...thanks..

    but ideas about the name.... ?


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  • Acronym
    May 5, 06:07 PM
    Haha I guess you're the only one. You're at -39.
    I chuckled

    actually he's at -43 :P

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  • robbieduncan
    Apr 26, 03:59 PM
    Views PDFs, images etc.


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  • dhdave
    Sep 12, 11:49 AM
    This makes a lot of sense. I suspect we may see this transition far faster than we think. What if Apple were to announce an AMD powered Power Mac at MWSF? From a software standpoint it seems almost unthinkable, but if they've found some way to do it with a minimal impact..... hmmm....


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  • Rapmastac1
    Sep 16, 01:29 AM
    I'm very detailed when it comes to taking care of my iTunes library. I have almost 6,000 songs and I average about 80 new songs a month (mostly cd compilations). I rarely every buy actual physical cds unless it's for an album I really love, so it gets the shelf treatment.

    I use all the fields rather normally. I prefer to only have a few basic Genres which I then break down under the "Grouping" tag. I use various tags for various reasons. I use the grouping for the sub-genre, and naming the record label. The lyrics tab is used as a way to put track-lists in songs that are one continuous track. The comments section is used for tracks that are complete (aka they have all the track information and album art embedded into the file itself). And once every year I have a program that runs through and finds the BPM of each track.

    Now don't even get me started on playlists and playlist folders.


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  • mkrishnan
    Nov 9, 08:22 PM
    I followed it all the way up to OctaMED Pro. ;)

    Oooh, I think I remember that vaguely...But four channels was the best. You had to use up two channels at a time to actually get the sound out of both speakers. But some of the music was *amazing*... Ahhh, good old 8-bit Ensoniq guts. :)

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  • ChrisA
    Feb 17, 08:46 PM
    Another option if you do not want to go with a USB player or worry about Audio out from a receiver or AV Processor is the NAD PP3i ($199). There are a few others out there, but they are creeping into the $500+ price range. I am looking at this unit for myself so I can plug my turntable into it, use a USB cable to connect to my Mac Mini and rip the albums with the NAD software ($25 extra). It helps with tagging the songs, removing clicks and pops, and exports to various audio files including ALAC, which is what I use.

    Software RIAA equalization is available at no cost. There is arguments that it might be even more acurate then a real phono preamp, certainly cheaper.

    If budget is unlimited then yes, buy everything. But if you have only $199 to spend. Buy a new photo cartridge or something that really will have a huge impact on the sound.

    The way to ask this question is "given the gear I already own and my budget what new gear will give the best sound?" the answer is different for everyone. For most people the best use of funds is to spend monay as "close to the vinyl" as yuo can. Start with leaning equipment to remove dirt. That has biggest payoff, then look at in this order stylus, cartridge turntable and then the audio interface into the computer. It's is a one-way signal flow later stages can not un-do hard cause by early stages, so work from the vinyl then follow the signal down stream investing in upgrades i nthat order

    So that preamp might be worth it if the gear upstream is up to the task or a total waste of money if the turn table and cartridge as junk. It all depends


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  • rockyroad55
    May 6, 12:08 PM
    I put on order for the i7 and the 2Gig Video Card, would this machine handle somewhat serious gaming within 2 years time frame,

    Probably not.

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  • blueroom
    May 5, 01:31 PM
    A NAS like Synology or QNAP make. They also act as TimeMachine backups.


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  • rdowns
    Apr 21, 12:14 PM
    Oooh, a YouTube tag.


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  • spillproof
    Sep 8, 06:53 PM
    Why would Apple not want us (the users) to be able to type :apple:? Weird.

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  • TheRealDamager
    Apr 30, 04:21 PM
    I see the speck you are pointing to in that picture, but is that even noticeable in normal usage?

    Jan 4, 07:31 AM
    Thank you, also, for explaining to me, HexMonkey. I have not tried writing an article in the Wiki system yet, so I was not aware of that. :o

    Mar 7, 11:50 AM
    Specific instructions for created an encrypted, password-protected folder:

    Feb 9, 12:58 PM
    Switch to Verizon and put an end to all your problems

    Jun 20, 05:04 PM
    Eating, Sleeping, and Working Being on here refreshing the UK thread ever 5 seconds! :p

    Oct 8, 07:39 AM
    This artical refers to the Pioneer DVR-A05, already announced by Arn (, which actually even links the same information source! :) :p

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