Thursday, June 2, 2011

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tom cruise dressess. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
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  • Hellhammer
    Mar 17, 09:17 AM
    Is that done just by going to accounts, unlocking the lock, right clicking the name and selecting the home folder -- and I presume just making sure it's the same folder that is selected for SL?

    System Preferences > Accounts > Click the lock and type your password > Right-click the user and select "Advanced Options..." > Home directory

    You just select the same folder as in SL. If your username is Steve, then it would be Macintosh HD/Users/Steve, assuming Macintosh HD is the volume where SL is installed.

    Also, given my setup (SSD booting and running SL with my apps) what is the best way to install Lion? I have the dmg. file, so what would I do to make sure I don't wipe out my SSD situation?

    Create a new partition to the HD (e.g. Mac OS X Lion) and when installing Lion, it will ask you where do you want to install it. Select the volume you just created and that's it. You don't need to boot from the DMG, just open it while running SL

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  • WilliamBos
    Apr 16, 07:38 PM
    Hi All,

    How do I keep m Mac clean?? I have downloaded a couple of applications that I do not need, how do I delete them??



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  • DakotaGuy
    Feb 9, 01:32 PM
    Get Big Red and that won't be an issue anymore...

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  • nobias
    Aug 6, 02:56 PM
    Anyone know where you can buy micro sims in Beijing?

    Or is cutting the only option?


    tom cruise dressess. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

  • Gregg2
    May 1, 07:48 AM
    What are these files?

    What does Get Info tell you?

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  • now husband, Tom Cruise.

  • GekiRed
    Dec 31, 11:18 AM
    Go legit. You answered your own question, then, un-answered it.

    "I have no problem buying legitimate copies of these Apps..."

    "how I can fix this problem short of... ... buying the legitimate versions..."

    Now, un-jailbreak your phone so you can stop ripping off software for juvenile kicks ( oooh, boobies!!!), like you said:

    "most of them were ones people paid a small fee for"

    But not you, 'cause you're special.


    Of course I'm special; I'm the founder of "The Church of the Anti-Jobs!" *points to his signature and wonders if dmz was even bothered to read said signature*

    BTW, what's wrong with Boobies? Boobies are cool! [if anyone can get which show this show is a homage to, they'll have my respect!]

    On another note, have you always been an unhelpful hypocrite of a troll or does it come naturally?[/sarcasm]

    In case you're wondering,I have EVERY intention of uninstalling the Apps that I want to buy legally, but I have no intention on uninstalling the others; especially the ones that I paid for legally in the past and which I can't get access to any more legally.

    It's like this... How would you feel paying good money for certain Apps only to find that "Herr Jobs" in his infinite wisdom has suddenly decided that these Apps are a bad thing after Apple has gotten their 30% from the sale of each App.

    Also, I want to keep my iPod Touch unbroken because I want to use Cydia Apps like WiFi Sync and WinterBoard.

    Before I forget, I do have a lot of legitimate Apps including RxmindMe which I use for my Epilepsy medication so don't accuse me of having all my Apps be jailbroken ones as the majority of them are legit ones downloaded from the App Store!

    Look at it this way, if you want your iPod Touch to look as generic as the millions of others; be my guest, but I'd rather be a rebel than a person who's willing to be one of the iPod Touch owners afraid of change...


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  • fcortese
    Aug 22, 08:48 PM
    Can anyone say Florida and hanging chads?

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  • el greenerino
    Nov 29, 01:40 AM
    Actually those bags wouldn't look half-bad if they didn't have the spymac logo plastered everywhere. Too bad, I'm just using a sleeve and backpack for my ibook...

    Hideous design, rude forum-goers, and their overtly biased editorials give mac users a bad name. Why support Spymac?


    tom cruise dressess. tom cruise and katie holmes
  • tom cruise and katie holmes

  • nicely
    Sep 8, 07:38 PM
    I wasn't expecting any...the ibooks and the powerbooks are the only expected update and they have rebates until the 25th...look for new laptops then...maybe the 26th

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  • FFTT
    Sep 22, 12:00 AM
    I just order my new 250 GB Seagate SATA from Newegg this morning, it was on a 24 hour special for $109.50

    It just blows my mind that we're getting down to around $0.50 per GB for these high quality drives.

    Apple has been using Maxtor drives lately as stock units and I'm not sure how they'll hold up.

    If I wasn't so damn broke I would have gotten a matched pair of Seagate 250's, but I need an extra GB of RAM first.


    tom cruise dressess. tom cruise and katie holmes
  • tom cruise and katie holmes

  • bripab007
    Mar 4, 09:23 AM
    Personally, I can't even fathom still being on 3.2.1, considering how many changes/features have been added since then to 4.2.1. And considering how easy it is to jailbreak, it's a total no-brainer.

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  • mjstew33
    Sep 17, 10:59 PM
    I watch Mind of Mencia all the time. I think it's hilarious. -- dee-dee-dee --

    Do you watch it? What do you think of it?


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  • rockinmorockin
    Apr 23, 04:03 AM
    yeah, they should have a return policy like the android market.

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  • abhic
    May 4, 12:17 AM
    Hello All
    I don't know if this is the right place to do it or not but here goes:
    I am a proud owner of a 2011 MBP and am absolutely in love with the latest from Cupertino. I had previously compiled a bunch of reviews from the experts on my blog at , before mine got delivered.

    This time, I wanted to write my own review and thought I should get feedback from other members of this community as well:

    If you would like to share a well-written review of your 2011 MacBook Pro - 13/15/17 in at least 100 words and 1 image, then I am your man.

    I want to compile all of the submissions I collect here into one big blog post, which each of the reviewers can also publish on their blog. I think it would be interesting to see this all in one post.

    What say folks?


    tom cruise dressess. Tom Cruise and Katie
  • Tom Cruise and Katie

  • Lucky8
    Sep 19, 10:10 PM
    I have a Dell laptop now with a 30gb drive and have barely 5gb filled. I don't think having a 40gb in my iBook will be a big problem.
    My iBook's 37GB (40GB before format) fills up really quick.
    OSX Tiger alone takes up approximately 10GB unless you do a custom install and leave off the language packs and printer drivers.

    An external drive would be nice because I would like to share files between computers.
    Internal drives can also share files between computers.

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  • Stella
    Oct 20, 10:02 PM
    Its great that Apple are still updating Java... however, no news regarding Java 7... Hoping that Java 7 doesn't appear too long after official releases on other platforms.


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  • Intell
    Dec 12, 10:31 PM
    Force it into DFU Mode (Google it) when it's at the Apple logo, then rerun redsn0w on it.

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  • cheeseadiddle
    Oct 25, 02:35 PM
    Anyone know how many tee shirts they'll be giving out?

    Probably a couple hundred that will fit 25% of the people they give them to ;)

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  • BenFL
    Apr 5, 07:12 PM
    If you need something to be safe around or in water, you cant go wrong with the GoPro. It impresses me more every time I use it. It isn't the most user friendly, but "bang for your buck" is, IMO, off the chart.
    Ive been playing with one for a little over a month and it does some awesome stuff. Since I've had it I have seen them on TV several times, from Mythbusters to racing shows, to bizarre foods, to a new one about the bike couriers in NYC.

    May 1, 02:21 AM
    I've not read any of those books but based on the description and table of contents, I'd say this one would be a good start:

    Objective C for Absolute Beginners

    It seems to cover the basics of programming in Objective-C without jumping straight into programming user interfaces. Apart from that, it seems very similar to this one:

    Apress: Mac Programming for Absolute Beginners

    Xcode should be all you'll need for now. If you get serious about getting your apps on the mac or iPhone app store you'll need to pay apple to join one of the developer programs. You can't test an iPhone app on a real iPhone without joining, though you can test on a simulator on your Mac.

    Starting programming for the Mac then moving to iOS would be good, but if your ultimate goal is to be an iPhone developer you could skip it. It's up to you really. Just get started and have fun!

    May 2, 06:07 AM
    hmmm I'm asking if anyone has this case to rate the slip in and out of pocket. Ifound the rubbers on the griffin reveal frame to be impossible to slip in and out and gave up with the case. if this has the same rubber I'll avoid it and pick up the incase instead

    i am using the Speck see thru satin and the "rubber lip" around the front screen is abit grippy and rubbery. Its not the texture like glossy TPUs.

    But then i feel that i have no problem taking out of my jeans pocket.

    Apr 26, 08:55 PM
    OCZ PCIe SSD. 1TB storage @ 1.4GB read and write speeds.

    Price? Only $4400

    I've been researching some of the OCZ PCI solutions (much cheaper of course) and I doubt I will be able to boot in Mac Pro with that card, is that true ?

    Oct 18, 09:34 PM
    PS2, not PSP... and wouldnt a mini PS2 have the same size cds so that all the games that have been released to date are compatible. Although, with my experience, burnt media will usually not play in playstations, burnt cds are simply a no go, and burnt dvds are a toss up.

    If you want to listen to MP3s CD or DVDs, just get a cheap dvd player, you can even get DivX DVD players, my friend got a no namer for $100 CDN... and I got a Yahama DivX DVD player for $200 CDN...

    Sep 3, 09:06 PM
    You can see this behavior among Mac users, too.

    You know, when they're down. During the first Dark Days, of Quadras and Performas and the like, when Apple lost some of its magic...

    I personally felt it during the deep days of the G4, getting off the high that THIS processor was frikin' awesome and the best out there, and denying the fact that the G4 really was lagging far behind.

    We as Mac users also have to come to the point of acceptance: We have to accept that there is some excellent PC hardware out there, some of which really bested our stuff for a good while there...

    Then we can go back to the gloating stage, because we have the G5. Hopefully, there will never be a need to go to denial again, although comparisons to AMD, I'm afraid, may cause us denial sooner than we think.

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