Wednesday, June 8, 2011

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  • bluekayal
    10-22 08:29 PM
    call again using POJ method. But don't lose sleep.

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  • meridiani.planum
    06-27 01:42 PM
    Hi All

    Just came accross the following information as posted by the uscis latest newsletter...

    If I am filing for a replacement EAD under 8 C.F.R., Section 274.a.12(c) (9), how long is the EAD valid?

    If an individual requests to replace an EAD that has not expired, USCIS will issue a replacement EAD that is valid through the same date as the previously issued EAD. However, if the previous EAD has expired, USCIS will process the request for a renewal EAD and determine the appropriate validity period based on the Department of State Visa Bulletin and the applicant�s priority date.If USCIS determines that an applicant has filed multiple Forms I-765, the agency may deny the applications for the replacement or renewal EAD.

    source: Latest USCIS Monthly Newsletter
    Link available via

    Dos this mean that to get 2 yead EAD we have to file for an extension after the current EAD expires ???

    can you please put a question mark at the end of the line when your subject is a question instead of a statement? Looking at this link I thought USCIS came out with some new regulation!

    replacement EADs are always issued for the term of the original EAD, so this is no news. If you lose your current one year EAD, and file a new one, its expiry will be same as this one. If you lose a 2 year EAD, its replacement will be granted with the same expiry as the old one, so 2 years.

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  • nousername
    05-06 07:36 PM
    update your profile first

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  • amitjoey
    05-10 11:31 AM
    7 Years and waiting. I have seen this month after month- VB after VB. Our only hope is legislative action. Please get active w/IV action items. Call your senators now.


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  • nkavjs
    12-18 01:36 AM
    Hello all:

    I have few questions related to my travel plans to India. We will be leaving in January 2009.

    We have our Advance Parole and EAD approved till 2009. I-485 is still pending . EB3 India.
    My H1B visa stamp is not current or up-to-date on my passport. We have booked our flights with North-west airlines and KLM which will depart from Detroit-Amsterdam-Mumbai. I have few questions pertaining to my travel.

    1) Would I still need to get a transit visa for Amsterdam, even though our flight will be halting for few may be 3-4 hours at Amsterdam- Schiphol Airport? If I do have to arrange for Amsterdam transit-visa, then where should I start as far as documentation is concerned.

    2) Besides carrying my Passport, Advance parole copies with me, please advise me if I need to carry any more documentation from my end.

    3) Would I need a copy of employment letter for visa purpose, or carrying my recent pay-stubs would be fine?

    I would appreciate if you could please guide me with the travel related visa -requirements and documentation. Thanks!


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    05-01 10:30 AM
    If a partial medical exam is done, for how long is that partial exam results valid ? I heard six months in the past.... Is that true ?


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-05 12:18 PM
    here is the correct link:

    This is not a correct official link.

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  • rajeshiv
    07-22 01:25 AM
    Is Personnel check allowed for I-485, EAD and Advance Parole filing fees.

    Thank you.

    Any checks issued by recognised banks are valid for filing fees.



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  • idli_vada
    07-02 09:46 AM
    I see people not supporting the CIR which was suppose to be a pro Immigration bill, no matter which part of the society it was supporting. My question is Are you guys out here a Pro or an anti immigration forum?
    Or are you guys out here are to fulfill their selfish dreams, stand on others to reach the top.
    Can anyone answer me? I really doubt the people out here.

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  • satishku_2000
    05-04 02:22 PM
    I had a rfe on my 140. About a degree from Bombay University. After the reply within 48 hours my case was approved.

    Hey pete

    when did u file your case , is it EB2 or EB3 reg or prem? Mine was filed on sep 19th EB3 regular still waiting.

    I am concerned about RFE response time change USCIS is planning now ...


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  • psaxena
    06-25 02:00 PM

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  • gcformeornot
    05-04 11:03 AM

    I hope this works out and they implement for every service center....


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  • indio0617
    01-05 10:19 PM
    For any new comprehensive immigration reform, we must push for the Ability to be able to file for EAD after labor rather than having to wait for I-140 approval.

    Do anybody know if any of the proposed bills have this provision? We must get together to push for this in the final bill as this doesn't harm anybody.


    I do not think any of the proposed bills push for I-485 filing after the Labor Cert itself. This has not been proposed because I-140 approval is not an issue right now. It is being approved as fast as one month these days. But I see no harm in asking for it. Let us reach for the moon and see what we get :)

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  • webm
    05-31 11:51 AM

    Do you guys know how long does it take to get EAD/AP renewed? I understand you are eligible to apply for renewal 120 days before the end date.


    Made $100 one-time contribution.

    For us it took approx 1 month -- paper field @ (TSC)


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  • iwantgc
    09-11 06:34 PM
    I've been a silent avid reader of this website and I'm also among those EB3 retro victims. I'm starting a thread about what I read from shusterman website " there's no chance getting an immigration bill inacted before November election" and see what's everyone's opinion on this.


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  • gcquest
    07-17 06:09 PM
    Way to go IV, A million thanks for the news U R the best


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  • crystal
    08-28 04:08 PM
    Either u need to ask your own lawyer or u need to ask the lawyer of the company where u going to join or do ur own research at risk

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  • InTheMoment
    06-27 01:09 PM

    If the premium processing unit sent an e-mail that the petition was approved it does indeed mean it was approved.

    Ignore the online status and expect the approval notice in the mail. No need need to panic.

    This is from my own experience.

    My attorney received an email notice of I-140 approval (PP) on Mon, June 25. But the online case status showed the application as pending. Finally,today my attorney called and was told that due to "system glitch ", approval notices were sent out in error!! It seems this has done to others too!!
    Did anyone else encounter this?

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  • tabletpc
    03-17 12:06 PM
    I was informed that without I-94 card she cannot be added to my insrurance.

    Can anyone suggest me some good insurance I can take online/india for this kind of situation...???


    06-15 11:24 PM
    Oh! Thanks for the explanation. We will ask his old employer if he would give us the letter. Honestly I doubt.... if he can give the letter without an active payroll or a Purchase order for a future project. No harm in tring though.....

    11-04 11:52 PM
    Alright folks:

    I need your help. We have 87 registered members in the Texas State Chapter and we have decided to shoot for 100 by the end of this week.

    If you are from Texas or know someone living in Texas, I request you to urge them to sign-up with the Texas State Chapter.

    We have some exciting events coming up and please use this opportunity to get notified of local events, critical updates and action items.

    Existing texas members, please keep this thread alive!

    GO OPERATION 100!!!!

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