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  • h1techSlave
    11-04 10:36 AM
    Largest proportion of Tennesseans wants illegals to leave the country (43%). Another 22% says, "such individuals should be allowed to stay in their jobs, but only as temporary guest workers ineligible for U.S. citizenship".

    Only 29% says "such individuals should be allowed to stay in their jobs and eventually apply for U.S. citizenship".

    An interesting survey showing 51% of voters in one of America's most politically conservative states favor legalizing illegally present immigrants in one form or another:Tennesseans appear ambivalent about how best to deal with illegal immigrants currently working in the United States. The largest proportion (43 percent) says such illegal immigrants should be required to leave their jobs and leave the country. But the next largest proportion (29 percent) takes the opposite view, saying such individuals should be allowed to stay in their jobs and eventually apply for U.S. citizenship. Finally, another 22 percent say such individuals should be allowed to...

    More... (

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  • golmalreturn
    01-14 11:46 AM

    I am Dec 02/EB3/India candidate. Currently using EAD/AP to work. No H1b visa.

    My current project � SAP PI implementation requires me to travel to London / Ontario, Canada, on a weekly basis. This is going to be for few months at least. Employer is in US, major work place will be US, still working with original employer who filed GC; even residence is in US.

    Has anyone travel more than once on AP?
    Is that ok or there are risk factors?
    Has anyone traveled on AP using car by road? How is experience compared to enter via airport?

    Any help will be highly appreciated.


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  • heywhat
    08-15 03:08 AM
    Your priority date is Aug-2007 and all categories are unavailable in August Visa bulletine....
    I applied for my PERM Labor Certification on 06-Aug-2007. My status online shows "APPROVED"on 13-Aug-2007. My Lawyer says that the HARD COPY is needed to move forward (My priority date is Jan-2006 from a prior Labor/I-140 approval).

    1. How long does it usually take for the Hard copy to reach the attorney's office after approval.
    2. Is there any way I can apply for I-140/485 by August 17th given that my status shows "APPROVED" as of today (August 14th).

    Any suggestions?

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  • singhsa3
    02-09 08:30 PM
    My passport is expiring in March. I live in NY metro . Does anyone knows the procedure to renew the passport while in the USA. Please share your experience.


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  • sertasheep
    07-01 10:36 AM
    As far as I recollect, the Murthy article was about the spouse(dependent) receiving a GC (as part of a derivative spousal application) when his/her spouse(primary beneficiary)'s PD or her PD was not yet current.

    Primary beneficiary had not received the GC, but spouse received it in error. May be that's diff from the situation where the primary beneficiary himself/herself receives the GC while the PD is not current.

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  • tcdsarun
    10-02 02:45 PM
    My suggestion is consult with good lawyer without any delays. Lawyer knows better how to handle the case.


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  • kondur_007
    07-21 08:48 PM
    I do not have personal experience with Fragomen; however I have heard that it is the large immigration law firm in the country.

    The only problem (as far as I know) with them is that your PERM WILL be audited (according to DOL memo). This may lead to delays (and god only knows how long...)

    Most people on this forum know this fact; I mentioned it as you appear to be the novice player...

    Good Luck

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  • pa_arora
    11-07 07:25 PM
    That was an old news. Around 60000 visa's were pre-allocated to pending applications before July 2nd, 2007. I would be very surprised if the numbers are not much more than 18000 for India EB3. India used to get around 40-45 K visas per year for all EB categories before 2005 since the soft quota was introduced. All these numbers are avilable on USCIS website.
    How can India get more than its quota ie 9% per country limit??

    BTW, What is "soft quota"?


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  • aniraj
    02-07 01:10 PM
    Just for the information & thought would share the experience:
    My wife & Daughter visited CAnada: my wife with a valid H4 stamp till Jun 2011 & my daughter with AP since she had no stamp of H4 in her passport (She had a renewed H4 I 539 but did not restamp)
    While going we went to the check in counter & asked the lady at check in counter to remove the I-94's
    While coming at Toronto airport my wife got the new I-94 stamped till June 2011 at the immigration counter & then she went to secondary inspection room with my daughter for her AP & I-94 stamp. Other thatn an hr of wait everything was normal. The lady at secondary inspection asked my wife if the daughter has unexpired H4 & my wife said no but she has the renewal notice till June 2011 & offered her if she (the officer) would liked to see it but she said no.
    Then they had to wait for an hr as there is no token system once you submit yr papers at secondary inspection & they call you in random order near the window again. When both of them were called instead of the initial lady officer there was a guy who actually was very nice & in fact taleked to my daughter about how she liked to live in US & about the recent weather & big snow storm etc.etc & they were through to the gate for boarding!
    One interesting thing though is my wife flew united & she printed the boarding passes on line with every information regarding the documents pre entered but the lady on first immigration counter said those were not the correct boarding passes & she had to go again to the check in counter & get the boarding passes again from the check in counter.
    So I wonder if it is useful to web check in when you are travelling to Canada & coming back thru US immigration
    Rest was all well without any issues.
    Thought would help all those who wanted to know.

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  • loudobbs
    08-28 04:56 PM
    I am planning on using AC21 to switch employers. since it says that the new job should be in the same job classification, how do I know what classification my labor was approved in? I have a copy of the approval notice and under occupation it says consultant and it has the following code after it:
    189167030. anybody knows what this code means or how I can find out my jobe code?


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  • Mahatma
    01-15 09:26 AM
    To the best of my knowledge and what I have heard from our international office and immigration lawyers: Once you are counted (Baptised!!!), you do not need to worry about cap-subject ceiling.

    For making it doubly sure, always check with recruiting firm's lawyers and your non-profit company's lawyers. They will be doing the paper work. If confusions previal, you can give advise, counsel or consult attorney.

    My guess is: this is well known fact and may not need attorney. See what others say.

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  • jimithing
    02-19 05:02 PM
    Hi folks. My wife is petitioning for my green card and we are kind of stuck on a few questions. Hope someone can help us with some or all of these queries we have.

    1. Part C q#10 - I arrived in the US in 2004 on an F1 visa. Now, I'm on H1B status. I don't believe I have ever been given an alien registration number. Am I wrong?
    2. Part C q#14 - Do I say I arrived as a student even though I am currently on H1-B? If so, I don't have that I-94 anymore. It was taken by the airline when I left to get my H1-B stamped. Also, I have travelled extensively for work ever since I started my job. Consequently, I have two I94's. This is because I recently renewed my passport and when I went to Canada for business, upon returning they gave me a new I-94 (the previous I-94 is still in my old passport). So, what do i say i arrived as? And which I-94 number should I provide? Also, the format of the I-94 number on the top of the card seems to be different from that on the application ie. xxx-xxxxxxxx???
    3. Part C q#19 and 20 - I don't really have any relatives in my home country anymore. Do I still have to give an address? Also, I can't write my name in my native language either. What do i do?
    4. Part C q#22 - The instructions for I-485 say that if I am filing concurrently then I should mail everything to their lockbox address in Chicago. So, do I enter Chicago, IL here? or my current city, state of residence?

    1. Part 3 - Non Immigrant visa number? I don't see this particular number anywhere on my H1-B visa. Can anyone help me locate this??

    Thank you in advance for your help.




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    12-16 06:04 PM
    Here is my h1b status:

    1. We have applied for H1B visa extension in premium on March 23rd, 2010.(for 15 months, as I have this period remained on H1 6 years and I-140 not approved yet).
    2. I have joined new client on March5th new project, new location.
    3. USCIS raised RFE on March 9th, 2010 but not received the RFE document.
    4. My employer sent H1B Amendment documents on March 15th, 2010 with new LCA.
    5. Received RFE document on March 30th, 2010 from USCIS and replied on March 31st to USCIS.
    6. USCIS approved case on April 10th, 2010 with 1 year duration, which is May 2011.
    7. USCIS approved amendment on Dec 5th, 2010 which is valid until Aug 20th, 2011 which the max of 6 years period.

    Now question, it means my H1B visa valid until Aug 2011?

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  • awi_ok
    02-19 09:24 AM
    I would suggest you ask your employer B to file thru premium processing. Just to be on the safe side

    cancellation takes atleast a month if not more. (4-5 months is not a confirmed number so its better to assume the worse case of 1 month)


    Thank you for the advice nat23. I will talk to my lawyer about this.



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  • kirupa
    08-31 01:08 AM
    Ack, sorry Dash - didn't notice this thread. Are you still having difficulties resolving this issue?

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  • GCNaseeb
    10-23 09:19 AM
    If your case is a transfer case, sign up here:

    Hello Guys,

    I never received FP notice and got EAD/AP almost three weeks back. Is there a need to worry? or just wait..

    My application reached to texas..they transfered to issued the EAD/AP and senta transfer notice for 485 to nebraska..didn't hear anything from nebraska..

    thank you


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  • roseball
    08-19 09:02 AM
    If the priority dates are not current for the category in which your parents are seeking a green card, then they will have to wait for the priority dates to become current before they can apply I-485. You can check the Visa Bulletin for more info.

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  • archpai
    12-07 10:24 PM
    I took my 2.5 year old to the FP.
    The security officer did not ask anything about him.I was allowed to go with my son.There was no problem.

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  • go_gc_way
    11-25 01:46 PM
    With less than a month to wrap up the lame duck session, Is IV on top of it's game ?

    Not to discourage any one but , my understanding from this forum is nothing with respect to RETROGRESSION and THUS OF SKILLED PEOPLE LEAVING THE SHORES will be done in the Lame duck session.

    I wish some one prove me wrong and let us know if there is any new news.

    07-24 03:23 PM
    I entered US last december 2007 with a visitors visa,allowed me to stay for 6 mos.,last march 2008 I married my fiance who has a H1b visa and is working right now here in the US and last May 2008 I Applied for a change of status from visitors to H4 dependent..Until now the case is pending but right now we had a family crisis back home and I have to go back home asap...what will happen with my application if I go home...Will I still be able to come back here and will I be out of status if I leave my pending application here???

    09-15 03:13 PM
    Its a typo... they copy - pasted EB3-C dates.

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