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  • BondJ
    03-16 01:58 PM
    I work for an India based company that has operations in US. I have been travelling back and forth between India and US for about 8 years now. I am currently in US. My labor got approved this January (PD 7/2004) and my company has filed I140 soon after that. I still have 2+ years on my H1B. I am having to transfer back to India soon and shall be based in India for more than a year. What are the considerations if one has to return back to his/her country after I140 is filed? What is the impact on whole GC process? You response is appreciated.

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  • tmayer01
    05-09 06:14 AM
    i'm finishing work on friday and i still havn't got a new job. I'm a really shy person and i hate the thought

    Hey, just be confident.. not all people get a chance to go in a place and apply for a job.. besides, if you have all the qualities of an applicant, there is no reason to be shy, rather tell your interviewer on what you can do to be an asset and help the company grows more.:D

    study in australia (

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  • PDOCT05
    11-15 05:07 PM
    I am also in the similar situation.....i did resubmitted my application on NOV 1st...still waiting for receipts.

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  • sbmallik
    07-01 03:40 PM
    Good luck on your H-1B transfer ... in the worst scenario you have 10 days.


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  • ksure
    01-25 10:10 PM
    ( i dont know exactly but something i listened this )on h1 we should do the job continuously with out any gap. if one is not working on h1 for more than 180 days staying here is not legal or that may be out of staus.

    like that who is on valid AOS(not primary applicant) dont want to do job means is there legality issues or out of status issues . is there any particular time limit for not doing job with AOS/EAD( not primary person). If i am wrong anything please correct me.

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  • WillIBLucky
    01-10 02:23 PM
    For a while I was glad no one is talking about this. But I guess its hard not to talk about it as well. :D
    There is no point in guessing the visa bulletin......
    Any news when this would be out and what to expect..??

    Good Luck..


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  • sanjay02
    06-01 01:26 AM
    Bumping it.....

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  • vselvam
    05-17 03:43 PM
    After filing 485, Is AC21 based changing employment is legal only when using EAD or it is applicable for H1-B transfer as well?

    History - I filed my 485 in EB3 PD March 2004. Married after that, waiting to file my wife�s 485 for PD. Hence I am maintaining my H1 as well as H4 for my wife.
    I can�t use my EAD.

    I am working as software engineer at a client location for the past 8 yrs. A corporate wide new policy at client location forces me to take full time or quit the job as not allowing a contract for more than two years continuously. I work for a very small American Consulting company and one or two employees in W2. Hence my option to get another client is very limited.

    I like to see what are the options legally can be possible without affecting my GC and legal residency of me and my wife.. I am now on my 11th year on H1 -B

    Can I switch to new employer with a H1 transfer (not using EAD) using AC 21 where the 485 was filed by different employer. Is it possible / I mean using H1B to a new employer not EAD. And extending the H1-B continuously?

    In case if I switch my job, and if the PD become current what are my options? Is my existing 485 application still valid? Can I file my wife�s 485 during the time.

    Can I continue extending my H1-B based on my old I-485 EB3 with the new employer more than one time. assuming my PD may take more than another 3 yrs.

    Do I require to start again my GC process? Or Can I continue with the same existing filed application?

    I can start a fresh GC with the new employer with EB2 as I gained another 6 yrs experience. But don�t know how long it takes, Can I continue extending my H1-B based on my old I-485 EB3?

    Any advice is appreciated.



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  • harrisonaquino
    04-30 12:18 AM
    Any one who already filed i-485, could please give some answers to the above questions... thanks

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  • watzgc
    11-15 04:48 PM
    Hi , I just came to know that my son's application was returned due to wrong fee and seems my lawyer resent with correct fee on Oct-19-2007. will USCIS accept the application?. I'm still waiting for the receipt # for my son.

    my spouse and me got the RN, FP and EAD approved.

    anybody has same probllem ?.

    thanks a lot.


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  • pmat
    02-01 08:55 AM
    It is better and more meaningful to do yearly predictions rather than monthly predictions. This way, we will waste less time and atleast see the dates moving by a few days.

    I have stopped looking at these bulletins now.

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  • gcpradeep
    04-06 09:38 PM
    Here is a link from C-SPAN that summarizes Hagel/Martinez Ammendment


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  • kittu07in
    09-09 09:02 AM

    I got a notice today saying that my H1B withdrawal notice has been sent on Sep9th (today).

    My new employer applied LCA yesterday (09.08.2009) for my H1B transfer.

    What is my status now? can I transfer H1B to new company?

    Is my old H1B revoked?

    what is my next step to do to stay as legal immigrant?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • delhikadesi
    12-20 11:15 PM
    so you are saying that it took 1 year for USCIS to send you NOID?
    you'd mentioned 140 withdrawl in dec2009.

    AC21 is not mandatory in my opinion ( my lawyer's too) , I changed job this Aug
    saw a soft LUD on my 4 years ago approved 140 after changing been 3 months to the soft LUD.
    seeing your pattern looks like they may send some letter but have not got any yet.


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  • pa_arora
    07-31 05:14 PM
    Some of us will be seeing approvals starting tomorrow, the magic date AUG 1, 2008.

    Please post ONLY approvals, LUDs, audits starting Aug 1.

    Good luck to all.


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  • p7810456
    06-19 12:34 PM
    Finally USCIS has corrected the processing date typo. The dates are not back to original track.

    I guess its good news from the EAD point of view.


    Title of your thread scared the hell outta me. I thought this month's VISA bulletin was a "mistake" and they put the dates back to 2003... :( what a nightmare....


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  • a_yaja
    08-17 05:06 PM
    Thanks for your reply. What does DMV care about to decide till when the license will be valid?

    1. H1 visa on the passport
    2. H1 approval notice
    3. Can I show them the AP?

    You said that you live in IL. As far as I know, in IL, they do not care about Immigration Status - unless it is something very recent. My brother lived in IL till March 2009 - and his DL was issued for 4 years. I am sure that this is the case for Motorcycle license too.

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  • Sirisian
    08-12 11:05 PM
    You need the reference. Go to the solution window (located on the right side and right click on it and select add reference). Empty project is just that, empty.

    Console applications are normally the non-GUI projects. It will default and add certain references.

    Just for some future information you can create class library for creating a dll with a project. Useful if you are using certain code in multiple solutions. In this way instead of including the files you just include the project and in the solution put a reference to the project and it includes the .dll (dynamic link library) file when building the solution.

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  • rockdanation
    03-13 07:29 PM
    My employer has been playing this game with me. He filed for my Labour and it got approved in August of 2007. However he did not file for my I-140 until Feb of 2008 , just a week before the labour would expire. Now its been over year , he does not give me my SRC number but keeps telling me its been approved under EB-2 catagory. As for me , I am current in EB-2 , I just checked April Bulletin and I still am current. It looks like he is not going to file for my 485. Is there anyway I can make him file or file myself. Please know, the lawyer is on his side as well. I have asked the lawyer number of times for SRC number but he does not provide that either. What are my option other than joining a new company.


    06-18 07:15 PM
    thx aruben.

    12-19 12:08 AM
    Thanks for the quick response.
    Isn't the GC process independent of what you do now. It is petition for future employment. That is, at the time of adjudication, the employer should still be willing to offer the same position to me or the current employer should provide a letter indicating the responsibilites in the current job are the same as in the original petition.
    If I take another job on H-1B, how does the AC21 rule come into play when I am not on EAD?

    Also, if there any rule that you have to stay in the current job responsibilities for 6 months after getting GC?

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