Sunday, July 3, 2011

Long Hair Haircuts 2010

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  • karthiknv143
    09-16 02:59 PM
    Processing dates are bogus.. Don't rely on that.

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  • buehler
    03-25 11:10 AM

    My friend got EAD.His wife is on F1 visa.If he starts using EAD instead of applying for H1 extension, Can he able to join his wife to his GC process who is currently on F1 when his priority date become current.His priority date is Sept06.140 Approved.july 2, 2007 filer.485 is pending.


    Please update your profile.

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  • cox
    June 12th, 2005, 11:52 AM
    From these shots, it looks like you made a good investment :)

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  • NANO3
    04-30 04:26 PM
    thanks C:-)


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  • ohguy
    02-13 05:59 PM
    Thanks all! I like this site...didn't know about this earlier.

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  • gcdedo
    01-23 06:49 AM
    Off Lately in this forum and thru my freinds I am hearing premiums are also getting delayed..

    Even in My case Fedex has reached uscis on Jan 17 , for me and my family but checks have not yet got cleared..

    my lawyer says , nowadays the delay is because vermont cases are getting transferred to Calisfornia center for H1 Extension ..

    Not sure what is the truth...Just waiting for Premium H1 extension to get cleared soon...



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  • lonedesi
    07-27 12:07 PM
    Anyone who knows about this issue, please respond

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  • willigetagc
    11-13 05:33 AM
    I am sure this may have been asked already but I coudn't find a thread.

    I have an approved and valid extension on my H1 but my EAD expired in august and my AP expired last month. I didn't file for an EAD/AP renewal yet because I was not using them and wanted to delay it for a few months and save some money.

    Will there be any problem with a delayed EAD/AP filing ?


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  • brianmanden
    05-17 02:42 PM
    Thnx 4 the replies ppl!

    Actually I had this guy�s work ( in the back of my head when I did the stamp. I like his work and think he is really talented. BTW he works with these guys ( if anyone should happen to be interested...

    @Aioros: Thnx man. Glad it is of some value to you ;)

    @K-man: If you look at the first of the above links you�ll why I chose the gradients - although I see now that there might be a liiiiittle too much red in the composition. Point taken though - thnx ;)

    @Fasterthanlight: The font is not Times New Roman. It�s Charlemagne Std but I think I know where you are getting at - it looks pretty much too standard. Another point taken into consideration - thnx ;)

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  • vin13
    03-23 10:00 AM
    If your new employer is processing a H1 then you do not need EAD to initiate AC 21.

    If the new employer is not processing a H1 then you would need to show your new employer the EAD inorder to start working for them. You say that you have the A# but do you also know the start and end date for the EAD? Your new employer needs to have all these to fill the I-9 form. YOU MAY BE ABLE TO BUY UPTO 90 DAYS TO SHOW THE EAD. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE I-9 FORM. I HAVE ATTACHED A PORTION OF IT FOR YOUR REFERENCE.


    Employers must complete Section 2 by examining evidence of identity and employment eligibility within three (3) business days of the date employment begins. If employees are authorized to work, but are unable to present the required document(s) within three business days, they must present a receipt for the application of the document(s) within three business days and the actual document(s) within ninety (90) days.


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  • ragz4u
    09-13 07:58 AM
    My I140 was sent to LIN too and approved promptly!

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  • dealguy007
    05-19 08:59 AM

    first labor approved in may 2006 under EB3
    140 was approved in 2007

    Since I already had masters before I joined the company
    EB2 labor applied and received approval in Jan 2011

    My attorney applied for 140 porting but received priority date as Jan 2011 instead of may 2006. My attorney says immigrations has made a mistake, attorney contacted them and received a reference number basically asking attorney to call back on Jun 1st. I'm concerned on what went wrong and what could be the worst case scenario. How much time are talking about here.

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.


    It will alright, wait for few more weeks till attorney fixes the issue.


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  • dilber
    08-18 02:06 AM
    My wife got her F1 stamped in Mexico last week and I just noticed that her old I 94 from the time when she entered in US with her H4 is still in her passport. Is that a problem?? I remember reading some where on the forum that they are supposed to take out I 94 for the departure record...
    How do I fix this?
    Thanks In advance...

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  • gsk0422
    07-01 10:39 AM
    Hey, my friend just got admission in a college and since she is not a US citizen or permanent resident. So, she needed a co-signer who is one but unfortunetly she couldnt get one cuz no one other then your own family member will trust u and sign and affidavit or co-sign a loan. Now her aunt who came with her husband on his work visa,been living for 9 yrs, recetly went out of status(I dont know the reason as its personal) has bank account and of course some savings. So my friend's aunt signed the Affidavit for my friend that was required by the university in order to process the student visa. Now after the application is filed, my friend is worried and maybe you can help her answer the questions. Her english isnt so good so Im going this for her(thu mine is bad too :)

    -I do know one thing that if a person getting a student loan is not a US citizen/permanent resident she/he would need a co-signer who is one and I also know that for sure that the loan agency check the credit history of a co-signer. SO,since my friend's aunt isnt a permant resident or a US citizen(she is out of status in fact) so she cannot be my friend's co-signer for the student loan BUT what about Affidavit?
    do the Immigration check the backgound of the person who signed the Affidavit,attached with her bank statments, for the student visa process or they mainly will check the student's background? my friend is concerned as she doesnt want her aunt to be in any trouble!


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  • ramus
    08-13 10:14 AM
    Lets create new thread for every application received by every different person and track each of them ....

    Why can't we spend some time on DC rally and do something productive then tracking who received your application..

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  • imhrb
    01-06 04:01 PM
    Like many others we have been waiting for our AOS application to be approved for over 2 years. But the strange thing is, I did get an EAD approved but they never called me in for fingerprinting and Biometrics. I know I had to do the non-immigration "registration" that was initiated a few years ago and they had taken my fingerprints and biometrics, is that why they didn't call me in again? since they already have it?


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  • grinch
    05-10 08:21 AM
    Great font choice, but it's to big ;)

    I wouldn't reccomend making it smaller, because that font seems to look well large. I'd say search over under the Script section for a simple caligraphy font :D

    Good Luck!

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  • veni001
    10-29 05:10 PM
    I am planning to file a Fed Court case against USCIS for incorrect denial of I148 with AC21.
    Appreciate if have any input/info on below,

    1. How much typically a Fed court case cost?
    2. Any recommendation of good attorney for this?
    3. Any other information/input

    What is I148?:confused:

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  • eb3_nepa
    05-27 03:26 PM
    I tried and tried but could NOT get through to Sen Specter's DC office. I have however contacted Sen Casey's office and spoke to the Gentleman there.

    02-09 10:56 AM
    Here's the site:

    03-26 06:11 AM
    Hi Mikoo,
    Thanks for your support on this. Please do not wait for people to meet the law makers. Go ahead and schedule your appointments and if no one responds, please go alone.


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