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Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs

images South China tiger cubs Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Tiger cubs adopted by dog
  • Tiger cubs adopted by dog

  • rolrblade
    08-20 10:16 AM
    I remember reading if you travel outside the country while your AP is pending, it will be considered abandoned and you may not receive approval or any refund.
    Check with your attorney

    This is unfortunately a little incorrect advise. H1B is a dual intent visa, which means it can be held TOGETHER with your AOS or 485.

    As long as you use your H1B to travel, you are fine.

    Have a good trip

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  • tags: tiger temple

  • go_gc_way
    11-25 05:16 PM
    Not to discourage any one but , my understanding from this forum is nothing with respect to RETROGRESSION and THUS OF SKILLED PEOPLE LEAVING THE SHORES will be done in the Lame duck session.

    I wish some one prove me wrong and let us know if there is any new news.

    Hello ,

    It is unrealistic to expect something to happen with out participation. My sincere REQUEST to "YOU" all is

    i) BECOME A MEMBER : If you are guest and visiting this site to know about retrogression and your self waiting for a green card and stuck due to retrogression, become a member and participate the forum.

    ii)TELL YOUR FRIENDS : If you are member and have not told about this forum to your other retrogression stuck friends/collegues, please do so.

    iii) CONTRIBUTE : if you are a member, and have not contributed, please think of contributing

    iv) PARTICIPATE : participate this forum more actively with your comments.

    It has been the appeal of IV core team MANY times for i), ii) & iii) above.

    Also I have seen on many web sites related to green cards, it is suggested to come forward and let know your problems .. Things otherwise, may not happen magically.

    Friends on the forum, who think likewise and IV team, please add/correct my comments.

    -- From a IV member

    Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Dancing Tiger Cubs
  • Dancing Tiger Cubs

  • bestia
    02-14 05:01 PM
    My CPA is in Orange County (LA area). I'm pretty happy with him. I can provide his contact info if anybody will PM me.

    2011 tags: tiger temple Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Rare Tiger Cubs Unveiled
  • Rare Tiger Cubs Unveiled

  • u.misc
    01-21 09:58 AM

    My 6 year H1B ends on April 17/2011 with Company A. Company A applied for my PERM on 15th Jan 2010.

    Now I am planning to switch a company B(my interview is next week and I think I will clear that interview) to a Permanent JOB. If I get through that Company B. How soon they have to apply for my H1B transfer?

    If company B apply PERM on June 2010(due to company B policy), is their any issue to get 7th yr of extension on June 2010 PERM? Or is it possible to apply for 7th year of extension Company A PERM application.

    Please respond with your suggestions.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


    I was in the similar situation. i.e. My Labor was applied after I was in 6th year of H1-B. My lawyer told me that I won't be able to get 1 year H1-B extension based on the PERM because PERM had to be filed before 6th year of H1-B period (i.e. at least 1 year before H1-B term is over).

    My lawyer suggested that in case the PERM is not approved in short period of time, he might have to send me abroad (outside US) for certain period of time since the period spend outside US does not count towards H1-B tenure. So basically if your PERM is filed on 01 June 2010, then you might have to spend "X" number of days (counting from April 17,2010 through 01 June 2010) outside US to be able to apply for 7th year H1-B extension based on pending PERM application.

    I my case, things turned out in my favor and I was lucky to get PERM approved in 3 months and then I-140 approved in a week. I was able to get 3 year H1-B extension.

    Please work with a lawyer and he would suggest you a way around. Its worth it to spend some money and get consultation from a expert lawyer on this matter. Good Luck with you new job.


    Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Two Tiger Cubs 2 by *Art-Photo
  • Two Tiger Cubs 2 by *Art-Photo

  • ya
    06-09 10:30 PM he used what you are talking about

    Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. South China tiger cubs born in
  • South China tiger cubs born in

  • mbawa2574
    07-30 06:41 PM
    I am ready to Volunteer.


    Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. baby Tiger+cubs+playing
  • baby Tiger+cubs+playing

  • crazyghoda
    01-25 05:00 PM
    I have heard this from a couple of my friends who used AP recently to enter the US. The Immigration officer at the POE told them that their AP is now valid from the date it was first stamped. IOW he now has a full additional year to use the AP for travel.

    However, I cannot find this documented anywhere on the USCIS site. My AP was issued in Sept 2008 and is valid till Sept 2009 and I used it to return back from India in Dec 2008. However, I plan to renew my AP 120 days before its original expiry date UNLESS a clear rule gets published clearly mentioning that it is valid for a whole extra year following the first use of the AP document.

    2010 Dancing Tiger Cubs Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. South China tiger cubs
  • South China tiger cubs

  • mihird
    05-18 02:37 PM
    I had a very good experience with him..his charges are reasonable...I don't know his contact info off the back, but you can google up the words Virendra, Goswami and Immigration, and should be able to pull up his contact info...


    Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Albino Tiger Cubs Graphics
  • Albino Tiger Cubs Graphics

  • raydon
    03-24 11:00 PM
    I've heard about AC21. What is AC360 - some new USCIS provision ?

    hair Rare Tiger Cubs Unveiled Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Tiger Cubs Lounging Photo
  • Tiger Cubs Lounging Photo

  • karthiknv143
    04-23 07:08 PM
    I was laid off by my employer( Big staffing company) and i am in the 2 weeks notice period . I am looking for any company( desi one - reasonable) who can sponsor my H1B and also start the GC process immediately .They should be able to work with most of the vendor ( corp-corp)

    I am in my end of 6 th year and my employer is willing to give the approved 1 140 ( Eb2- Feb 2006 PD ) .

    what are my best options right now .I am looking for some advise about good company with decent track record ?

    I had pretty bad experience earlier with a chicago based desi company and then moved this big staffing firm . I am not looking for great marketing as i can manage myself.


    can u PM me ?


    Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. feed the white tiger cubs,
  • feed the white tiger cubs,

  • GCNeophyte
    09-09 12:37 AM
    My wife is scheduled to appear for fingerprinting at 1 om a future scheduled date. However I learned from someone that she can go for the fingerprinting even earlier in the day and she will be fine. Is this true? Has anyone experienced this?

    I have tried this when i went for my finger printing for my EAD. My interview was in afternoon and went around 8:30am and they did allow me.

    hot Two Tiger Cubs 2 by *Art-Photo Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Old Malayan Tiger Cubs”
  • Old Malayan Tiger Cubs”

  • belmontboy
    08-10 10:43 PM
    perhaps we should have "Addictive! Beware" warnings in the home page :D

    all my games, Gamesboys, GameCubes, my bike, tennis rackets and all. Since I am addicted to IV so much I don't have time to play.
    My wife is so jealous that if she sees IV site on my PC she asks me to change goo(shit in English) filled dipers of our baby...:eek:


    house Baby Tiger Cubs and Baby Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Month-Old Albino Tiger Cubs vs
  • Month-Old Albino Tiger Cubs vs

  • akred
    05-27 03:17 PM
    Bumping up.

    tattoo South China tiger cubs born in Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. China tiger cubs that were
  • China tiger cubs that were

  • kshitijnt
    06-24 07:44 PM
    I do not want to renew the advanced payroll, since I do not foresee travel within the next 18 months overseas. Is there a way I can skip the renewal this time around (1-year extension) and renew it the next time? If there is an emergency, I can still go to India and have the Visa-stamped since we have a valid H1/H4 right?
    Are there any risks here?

    As I read from your post, you are saying that you do not have H1 visa stamped in passport. These days consulates in India are pretty tough and they are issuing 221(g) etc for H1/H4 visa. And you could be denied visa for no fault of yours. It happened to my wife and it took 3 months for the consulate to get the clearance. So think about it. Personally for me AP is a very important document it allows you to travel in case of an emergency.


    pictures baby Tiger+cubs+playing Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Mother Tiger and Cub
  • Mother Tiger and Cub

  • gc-gc plz
    04-01 09:40 PM
    Hello everyone,

    According to my immigration-lawyer, I have received a notice for interview. I filed under EB2 category and only my and my wife's I-485 is pending. I had friends who got their GC without the interview, but i got called of an interview, so I was wondering why i got called for an interview-any specific reasons that some of us get called for an interview?

    Another questions is; i read some blogs and almost all the people who were called for an interview seem to get a list of documents from the INS to take along for the interview. My attorney didnot mention anything about the list, so do all interview notices come with the document list or is it normal to not have one?

    Please any insight in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    dresses Old Malayan Tiger Cubs” Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Tiger cubs (Pic:Reuters)
  • Tiger cubs (Pic:Reuters)

  • txGuy
    07-17 09:02 PM
    what number did you call to request FP? please share.



    makeup Albino Tiger Cubs Graphics Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. Baby Tiger Cubs and Baby
  • Baby Tiger Cubs and Baby

  • pd_recapturing
    05-27 11:17 AM
    do we need to send passport size photos along with supporting documets after efiling ?

    girlfriend China tiger cubs that were Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. white tigers cubs are seen
  • white tigers cubs are seen

  • JAFO
    04-13 04:19 PM
    I'm new here and hope this is posted in the right forum.
    I got my ASC Appointment Notice ( case type: I 90 Application to Replace Alien Registration Card) and need to show up to the Milwaukee USCIS office this Friday at 8a.m. for photo ID, biometrics, etc.
    Problem is, the USCIS website says the office is closed on Fridays. Other websites say the office is open on Fridays (but they were updated over a year ago), and an immigration attorney website says the office is open Fridays but only until 12.
    What to do?
    I have to drive three hours just to get there . Do I go anyways and risk it?
    The 1800 telephone numbers are no help and any local phone number is useless.
    Anybody have suggestions or similar experience. Thanks. JAFO.

    hairstyles feed the white tiger cubs, Pictures Of Tigers And Cubs. The three tiger cubs born
  • The three tiger cubs born

  • sbmallik
    06-30 01:19 PM
    In that situation, your wife can re-enter using the H-4 stamp.

    09-29 07:26 PM
    Is there any problem if your passport is expired while on H1 visa?

    Do we need to get the passport renewed before it is expiring?

    06-03 08:47 PM
    My last EAD and AP were filed at TSC and that is what is specified in e-file application. Now I am getting worried :confused:

    Update 1: During the EAD efiling process I made a mistake which might have caused this anomaly. More on this thread (

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