Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • sounakc
    03-09 05:03 AM
    Dear Friends,

    I filed my I-485 in July 2007. My I-140 approved. I want to file my EAD now. I have the following questions.

    1) can I e-file ?
    2) how much is the filing fee for me ?
    3) what are the forms to fill and documents to send ?

    It would be helpful if you can point me to any thread with all these info.


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  • rtaqi
    07-25 07:30 AM
    There shouldn't be any issues. The H1 visa stamp on your passport is seperate from the I-797 approval that you received, both are valid. Your wife should also have no problems getting an H4 using your current I-797. I had a freind recently who was in the exact same situation and he and his wife both didn't have any issues.

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  • jwalareddy
    05-18 02:30 PM
    Recently i changed my employer using AC 21.I received an RFE we replied for that.While this RFE in progress I changed my wife address to new and I didn't change.My employer attorney won't handle (represent) dependent applications.
    Please help me.
    Below is the RFE,

    1) Submit any secondary evidence in your possession to support the information you have provided about your marriage and claimed relation ship to Jwala Pogula, the principle applicant.
    Secondary evidence will be evaluated for authenticity any credibility. Such evidence my take the form of historical evidence and must been issued contemporaneously with the event which it documents. Such evidence may include, but is not limited to: medical records, school records and religious documents.Affadivits may also be accepted provided that they are sworn to by persons who born at the time of and who have personal knowledge of to which to which they attest. Any affidavits must contain the affiant�s full name and address, date and place of birth, relation ship to the party on whose behalf they are attesting , If any complete details concerning how the affiant acquire knowledge of the event.
    2) Explain why you leave at the following address( XYZ�.) and your spouse lives in ABC address.
    3) Please explain why you have requested to represent yourself and your spouse has to retained an attorney to represent himself?

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  • Buickkadar
    05-11 01:31 PM

    I have an urgent query. Please help.

    I was laid off from my company AA during last week of March-2010. I have not yet singed the lay off letter. And I was rehired by the same AA company on second week of May. I have valid I 94 for next 2 years. But my visa got expired. I was out of payroll for a month. I dont have last 2 payslips.

    I have joined the new client through the AA company few days before. My AA compay is asking me to go my Home country and get my Visa stamped and come back. Is there a way that I can continue the employment here without travalling to my Home country at this point ? Are any other better solutions / ways.

    Immediate response highly appreciated.



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  • dallasdude
    01-08 11:13 AM
    That would be devastating! I dont see any positives out of that move.

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  • abuddyz
    01-20 07:07 PM
    I asked my company attoreny about this.. he said that immigration petition is I-140 and as I-140 is not filed for your wife (I-485 is already filed for my wife) so I should say No there for my wife's form.


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  • neeidd
    03-01 01:27 PM

    I had applied for my wife through paper and they did not ask for her fingerprints. I had applied for mine through efiling and they did ask for fingerprints. I was not in town on the day that they had asked me to be at the service center. So I requested a later date. Lo and behold one fine day I got my EAD approved without any fingerprints. Don't ask my how it was approved but that is the case.

    Please enter the details of your Green Card application in your profile.
    Thanks for the reply. I updated my profile

    So which one is faster to get approved? E-filing or Paper based (If you consider yours vs your wife) ?

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  • immigrationmatters30
    07-30 02:00 PM
    OP is referring to this post

    Can you please confirm this is right or wrong?


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  • needhelp!
    09-07 12:29 PM
    OK, I give up. the embed doesn't seem to be working.
    Here are the you tube links:

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  • roseball
    01-02 09:59 PM
    H1 has been approved for 2009 quota for a client A. it is almost one and half year and the visa stamping has not been done. The client A is no more interested and a new Client B is interested to offer the same position in a different location or at H1 petitioning employers location. The LCA has been filed for the Client B and may get approved in next couple of days. Is that okay to use this new client letter while going for H1B Visa stamping? This new client is not the one on whom the actual H1B petition is approved.

    Question is When going for H1 B visa is it necessary to use the client letter that has been used when applying for H1B approval. Can the clients be different while going for Visa Stamping?

    This is urgent as the visa stamping appointment is in a few days. And the attorneys suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    Shouldn't be an issue. Make sure you carry documents showing evidence that you have been working for Client A and recently switched to Client B.


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  • gc28262
    07-07 11:44 AM
    Form AR-11 asks for the date my stay in the United States will expire. What date should I use? Currently, I am on working on EAD (I-485 pending) and last entered US on AP.

    Note: Sorry for a duplicate thread. I posted my previous one in I-140 section. :confused:

    IMO you should put the EAD expiry date. ( The fact is stay will never expire since it is a AOS pending).

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  • adhantari
    08-13 03:01 PM
    I have an idea. We can make following proposal to lawmakers....

    In next 2 years they can sunset EB3 catagory. In exchange for that they will give visa numbers enough for everyone whose EB3 485 is pending or in pipeline(labor, 140)

    What you guys think of this idea?

    Anyways there are lot of people who just want to keep EB1 and EB2 catagories. We may get support from them with this proposal......


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  • TomPlate
    10-03 07:38 PM
    I filed i485 after my i140 approved. But my company was sold to an other company. Till my company didn't file i140 amendment.

    Can i change job after 180 days of filing i485. Even though my amendment is not filed yet.

    what may be the problems.

    Administrator can you respond if no one respond. Thanks for your help.

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  • gzpain
    12-17 12:01 PM
    I haven't contributed yet, but I would like to do. Can one of you please add my email address to WI state chapter.


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  • vactorboy29
    11-30 02:04 PM
    I havn't gotten mine yet. Filed on Sept 11th at VSC. Check seems to have cleared though -according to the Attorney. However I guess the delay in my case is the exception rather than the rule.

    I am also in same boat.Applied on 15 oct ,so far no receipt.

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  • 485_spouse
    09-28 05:59 PM
    Andrew Sullivan, uber-blogger and one of the country's most influential political pundits warns that our paralyzed immigration system is at a point where it is harming our economic security: The legal immigration system - the same one that has kept me in limbo for a quarter of a century - is reaching a breaking point. Skilled immigrants are returning home to the more fertile opportunities in China and India because America makes it almost impossible for talented immigrants to move here: "What was a trickle has become a flood," says Duke University's Vivek Wadhwa, who studies reverse immigration. Wadhwa projects...

    More... (

    One and only one Andrew Sullivan who got special deal from Justice department.
    Immigration process which tries to keep pot smokers away from USA is broken indeed.
    Andrew Sullivan the special ONE (


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  • cjain
    09-12 02:56 PM

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  • sangmami
    07-18 08:34 AM
    i have the same question,,,but i contributed already:)

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  • rram555
    03-14 08:21 AM
    My Labor approved in May 2007, Still i didn't received my Labor Hard Copy.

    Anyone in same boat??:eek:

    09-12 02:25 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I have a question regarding filling the emp history on G325, I did part time jobs in my university(in the allowed 20 hours) do i need to mention this as well or its just the professional emp part ? The problem is i used to work on and off in my pt jobs which comes out with a lot of periods with breaks in between.

    Yes you have to mention it.

    03-02 01:22 PM
    Lets see what moderators have to say about these threads ... I guess we should be ashamed ourselves to be called "highly skilled" and "educated".

    For an outsider , there is no difference between one type of Indian or other . These people need to get a life.

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