Sunday, July 3, 2011

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  • sandeep219
    03-29 09:52 PM
    Thanks for your replies guys!!

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  • sameer2730
    09-30 09:06 PM
    Do not submit your I-94 at the canadian border. Just say you intend to come back within 30 days. If you go by road no one will ask you for it either. On the way back show all you documents.

    One important thing. Take all your previous H1b's with you. Take you entire petition papers with you as well. Take your original H1B with the I-94 attached. If your spouse is going with it take all her / his previous papes as well , including the H4 and previous H1 if any. My wife was asked for her previous H1b as well since her last stamp on passport was H4. You should be fine . I have done it and found the procedure very smooth. By road try to take the busy route like the one going through Niagara as they are very well aware of the rule.

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    08-20 04:17 PM
    Your wife can start school pending H4 to F1 COS but you cannot change to F2 until her F1 is approved. It is much easier for you to apply F1-COS and simultaneously apply F2 for your wife but the caveat with this is your F1 might not be approved as USCIS expects you to maintain status until you get their decision which in this case you won't.

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  • 10dulkar
    08-08 09:53 AM
    But the July 2nd decision was reversed later. Why did they not file then?

    Besides, companies do not need to pay for 485. Makes no sense for them to pay for something that they do not have to.

    On a separate note, does anyone know of any company which has discontinued GC processing because the new rule states the employer has to pay for PERM?

    That's our company policy(1 year bond of course)
    BTW they did file after July17th.:o


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  • senk1s
    10-04 04:33 PM
    i've read that the interim EAD is discontinued until further notice.
    you may schedule an infopass appointment and they'll expedite the original app (When its pending for >90 days)

    I know a friend of mine who got EAD about 3 weeks ago(Jul 2 filer)

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  • satishku_2000
    06-17 07:23 PM
    Are doctors supposed to share the results with us or dont they share the results ? My understanding is that doctors are supposed to share the results...


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  • illinois_alum
    08-11 01:21 PM
    My friend will come from India on H1B first time to Atlanta Air port this weekend. His H1B was approved for year 2008 and his stamping was done in early 2009. His H1B is from small desi consulting company. What kind of questions he may face? Any inputs will highly appreciated.

    The IO at the border post may ask similar questions that he may have faced (or he may have prepared for) when he went for the visa interview at the consulate...

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  • reddog
    07-29 12:28 PM
    You have to choose the option - Re-issue of passport.
    Fresh Passport is in case your passport expired 6 months back or more.

    Fill the form, print it, fill the rest of the applicable details in ink and send it.
    As you are already sending your old passport along, it is not that big of a deal.


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  • krishgaay
    07-28 11:08 PM

    I am a US citizen and my mom has been coming to the US once every 3-4 years for the last 15 years on a visitor visa (around 5-6 times). Each time, we had no issue in extending her stay, but her extension got denied yesterday. While I could have applied for her GC, she really did not prefer to apply for a GC since she wanted to spend more time in India than here.

    My questions are as follows:
    1. I have not got the official letter yet (had email notification), but is there really anything we can do to appeal her extension denial. I think I pretty much sent everything I could possibly can - letter with reasons similar to earlier extensions, return ticket itinerary, affidavit of support, bank statements etc. Another reason we gave is that she cannot travel alone - and my brother is leaving to India in 2 months and she wants to go back with him. I dont know what else we can say to extend her stay.

    2. My mom is around 75 years old, and we really don't want to explore the option of leaving within 10 days (she never visited my brother in the last 5 years and she is with him now for only the last 2 weeks after a cross-country flight and recuperating). What I would like to know is - how soon can she safely leave. I think my mom is pretty much done with the US - and doesnt care if she gets a 3 year ban. But - I would like to know if there is any issue if she leaves in 2-3 months (i.e. overstay by 2 months considering the date she got her denial). Will they know at the US airport where she leaves, that she overstayed and (possibly) detain her for questioning. I know there are some airports that require you to document that you left by using a thumb-print.

    3. 6 months+ overstay = 3 year ban. < 6 months overstay = ? (is this at the discretion of the POE officer? Can he deny entry - which would be kind of the worst possible future situation, but would like to know so that we can take as much of an informed decision as possible.

    4. Can I apply for her GC now to keep her stay legal? Again, even if I apply - she is GOING back to India in 2 months and I will likely need to withdraw her application later.

    Any advice on her options is appreciated.


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  • gcdreamer05
    11-03 02:11 PM
    Does anyone know how receptive the ASC in Boston is to FP walk-ins? Also, is there ANY way of calling ahead of time and finding out if they accept walk-ins?

    Dont you need the FP notice to even enter that building, the guard or the cop standing will not even let you in, if you dont have the FP call for notice.

    I never heard of walk-ins :)


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  • sts_seeker
    06-14 05:35 PM
    Hi All,
    My previous I-140 was denied due to the ability to pay issue since company was in loss and Idid not get prevailing wage since PD.I have appealed it hoping I can extend my h1 beyond 6th year.Is it true?

    Also, Now we have pre approved labor with lower in same company where I can satisfy by showing W-2 to prove the ability to pay. Now If I am planning to apply another I-140 with labor sub,

    would it matter to the new I-140 appllication if the previous I-140 was denied and is being currently appealed? Because in the I-140 form there is a question ,
    "Has any Immigrant visa petition been filed by or on this person?"
    Should I say "YES", Right? and also give the detail of previous filing????

    Also How does USCIS verify the W2?BY contacting the IRS or ?
    Please suggest?

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  • whattodo21
    01-28 09:15 AM
    If waiting for decades is not considered backlogged, don't know what it should be called!


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  • buddyinus
    08-11 01:55 AM
    I buy your words, I think they are working half day on saturdays

    Guyz just chill!!! How doz it even matter...Nothingz in our hands now...V have done our bit and let us let them do their bit. One shud appreciate the USCIS' efforts to bring about a temporary solution to the long wait. Atleast things r happening.

    Guyz, this Friday (i.e today) therez a new awesome Hindi movie which got released and itz called Chak De India. Watch it ... as its inspirational. Cheers...CHAK DE INDIA...CHAK DE IV !!!

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  • Jerrome
    05-22 12:02 PM
    Are people getting soft lud on 485 recently?.

    The reason why i am asking this is my 485 did not have any LUD for past 1 year and i got one today for all my 485(mine,dependents). 140 did not have any LUD only 485s. No AP,EAD renewals..

    I know from previous threads it means nothing. Just wanted to check. Was trying to not post about this but at last i posted.

    My wife got RFE after this LUD, Mine and my kid's no change. Waiting for RFE details. I think since the processing time for Texas is Aug 2007 they are pre adjusting the apps, i guess.


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  • ras
    02-22 09:04 PM
    Is there a way to see this program online instead of TV?

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    10-09 09:04 AM
    omg everything is s coool


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  • humsuplou
    07-02 05:40 PM
    Tnks for the quick response. a couple more questions :D
    1) Eligibility Status?

    2)Please provide information concerning your eligibility status.

    Do I need to put anything in there? Or I can just leave it blank?

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  • scorpion00
    04-29 10:18 PM
    Your priority date is when your labor was filed.

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  • ShilpaT
    11-20 02:47 PM
    My company had promised that they would start my GC processing once I complete a year which was in March 2009. Since then they have been going back and forth with the lawyers writing the job description to post the job ad.

    The lawyer tells us that the department of labour has tightened up the process and so the job description needs to be very generic with minimum number of years of experience(2 for a sr. software engineer) and this has caused a lot of controversy that this will cause an audit and so on and forth.

    I am sure there are many other people out there who are applying even now. I do not know if its the lawyer or the company that is causing an issue here.

    My only option would be to search for another job who will do my GC. But i dont have so much time left for all that.

    What can i do?

    07-02 04:35 PM
    Hello All,

    I would really appriciate if you can tell the names of the colleges that you guys are going to ....

    Girish S.

    06-24 09:10 PM
    Hello All,

    When I was doing my education (MS) my credit dropped drastically and recently like 2 years back it went for collections too. However I cleared all my credit card debts but it still shows on the credit report that as severe deliquencies and number of open accounts.

    Next month I'm applying for AOS - I want to know whether bad credit will have any affect of the approval or denial of the application? :mad:

    Any suggestion is appreciated.


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