Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quotes For Exams

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  • paddy.
    06-24 06:37 PM
    Grinch got my my vote. His second volley with the light burst is fantastic looking. Nice work guys keep it up.

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  • greyhair
    04-04 08:28 PM
    Hi All,

    Me and my wife are on EAD. We want to open LLC. Right now I am doing consulting in IT firm. My wife is not working anywhere. What are TAX and immigration consequences if we open LLC on my wife's name?

    Questions we have..

    1. Can I become parnter easily once my status got changed from EAD to GC?
    2. Once my wife start LLC, can she work for another company e.g. Software consulting?
    3. What would be tax bracket for my owner of LLC?

    You can start LLC or 'C' corp on EAD. No consequences. You cannot start 'S' corp on EAD. See this:

    1.) Yes, but you cannot work for it without filing H1 if you are on H1 status. You can even become a partner on EAD.
    2.) Yes
    3.) Depends on your state of registration. Contact Department of State in your state of residence. In Texas you have to pay $750/yr even if you are not doing any business in LLC.

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  • Appu
    08-18 04:49 PM
    I am hoping someone can shed some light on this situation:

    I filed 140 and 485 concurrently (July, 2007). Today I received an email update saying that a RFE has been sent about my 485 petition. There's a LUD update for my 485 but my 140 seems untouched. What kind of issues with the case would prompt an RFE for the 485 before the 140 is processed? Is this for a second set of fingerprints or could this be something more serious? Thanks in advance for your responses.

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  • like_watching_paint_dry
    03-11 10:36 PM

    Run-out? Or LBW?


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  • irukandji
    03-24 03:03 PM
    there is a little logic involved here. what if you changed the jobs between your AC21 and latest NOID. I think CIS just wants to make sure you are still hired by issuing a NOID even though they looked into AC21.

    BTW I had the same situation and I had to respond to NOID with the same emp letter.

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  • agupta2683
    07-08 03:16 PM
    In delhi consulate when I click on Indian resident I see the available dates but when I click on Indian citizen residing in US, I see no availability. I'm not sure which option should I choose. I'm a student working on OPT in US. My OPT will expire on Aug 4th and so I will come to India. I'm not sure which of the two options I have to choose while scheduling an interview :

    Resident of India/Bhutan
    Indian Citizen residing in United States.

    I would really appreciate any help in this matter.



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  • h1bdude1
    03-25 06:04 PM
    I will be going to Civil Surgeon Next week for my Medical Exam Report (I-693). I saw lots of people got RFE (Query) from USCIS for Incomplete I-693. most of the time i heard its a Surgeon Mistake - either missing chest X-Ray Report or missing signatures or not standard X Ray Report and so on.

    1. Could somebody Recommend me any Precautions which i need to take
    while visitng civil surgeon office to minimize mistakes.???
    2. Do i need Chest X-Ray Report from civil surgeon ??
    3. what else i need from civil surgeon ??

    P.S : Mine is a Family Based AOS

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  • rockstart
    10-13 08:42 AM
    You need to consider all possiblities

    1) Best case scenario: Your H1 gets approved before Oct in that case no need to do anything

    2) H1 does not get approved by Oct 31 & No h4 applied then I am not sure if you are in status or not

    3) If you apply for H4 and then you have H1 approval and subsequently H4 approval. In that case least you are in status but you will have to go out of country and get H1 stamped to remain on H1 status.

    I would recommend option 3 as that is safest option though it involves money and stamping hassale it is worth it.


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  • kisana
    08-15 11:07 AM
    I am currently working for compnay A. I got selected for company B. They already started my H1B transfer. But some how I got in troouble in one offense. I already told my company about this offense, they are saying they will be able to support me on the employment point of view. I have fear in my my that if something goes wrong I may not be able to join that company.
    I am curretly thinking to deny the offer. Compnay B is okay with that, only they are saying that they have to back out the paperworks i.e. probably cancel H1B transfer. Is is going to create any problem for me as my current employ is also ready to start my H1B renewal. Also I have EAD with me, is there going to be any problem for GC.

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  • k_confused
    10-03 05:17 PM
    Dear All,
    I am leaving for India to get married in November. I haven't got my 485 receipt as yet nor have I got my H1-B transfer approval. I expedited my H1-B to premium processing and expect a reply soon.
    I leave for India in the first week of November. Now what would happen if I get my finger printing appointment and I am in India?? Can i postpone it?



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  • k_usa
    07-12 03:48 PM
    Visa Bulletin for August 2010 (

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  • obviously
    07-26 11:13 PM
    Folks, let us concentrate on sending the output of all the good analysis done by various members to this person who it appears has a job to identify and recommend systemic fixes. It would be far more useful than sharing woes amongst ourselves in these b-boards.


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  • WillIBLucky
    01-10 02:23 PM
    For a while I was glad no one is talking about this. But I guess its hard not to talk about it as well. :D
    There is no point in guessing the visa bulletin......
    Any news when this would be out and what to expect..??

    Good Luck..

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  • king37
    07-23 12:00 PM
    Hi can someone advise me what is the best way and steps (forms and other supporting documents) to extend the stay for my mother in law beyond the 6 months as given on her entry under 10 year visitor visa for few more months (3-4 months) please. We have a religious ceremony so that she can stay beyond the 6 months and attend. One of the lawyers told me that beyond 6 month as given during her entry is not possible which I doubt it. Pl advise/share your experiences from those of you have gone through this process recently.


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  • venky321
    08-16 12:36 PM
    Update on the Broadgate Lawsuit – H-1B issues. � Business Immigration Law – Global, US, Canada (

    From Murthy law firm.

    MurthyDotCom : NewsFlash! Challenge to Employer-Employee Memo Dismissed (

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  • roseball
    04-07 03:34 PM
    Iam on L2 and working on my EAD which is expiring on april 29 th 2011.

    I have applied for H1 in the 2010 quota but due to my employers mistake i got a rejection on that.
    we are trying to reappeal to USCIS but iam not sure if its going to work.

    Suppose i have a project and apply again for 2011 quota , can i still continue working even if my EAD expires.
    They say that we actually move to H1 on October , so if i apply before end of April through premium processing and get an approval notice before October can i continue working or start work right away or do i have to wait till October.
    Is there a possibility to start working immediately as soon as my H1 gets approved or do we have to wait until October in any case.

    Thanks in advance

    You have to wait until 1st October. Even though your H1 gets approved faster with Premium Processing, your start date is still 1st October. You will have to continue to maintain your current immigration status (L2) till Sep 30th. On October 1st, your status will automatically change to H1 and L2 becomes invalid.

    Since you get the benefit of EAD with L2, you can renew your EAD and keep working till Sep 30th. Your EAD along with your L2 will become invalid automatically on 1st October since your H1 (if approved) will take effect. (Assuming your employer files a H1 Change of Status petition and not a H1 Consular processing petition)


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  • ajaykk
    02-20 11:46 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I and my wife work for same desi employer A, I am on H1 and wife on EAD, Now I have 2 offers, one with a different client on corp to corp (short term project) , another with a company B on W2 as contract (long term contract to hire and good pay).

    I am more interested in accepting B's offer, but not sure on challenges with W2 as it a risk? What all do I need to be safe?

    I am pretty confident that my employer A might not revoke my approved 140 as my wife is working there too.
    I am totally confused and feel like on a X road with a close PD that might be current in few months.

    Guru's , please advice.


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  • ohguy
    02-12 11:44 PM
    Thanks GC check!

    Yes I am using EAD and AC21 for joining new employer and job title and responsibilities are very similar.

    Can I hire a new attorney who can access that information? Or the new company attorney? I think it's going to be impossible to make my present company attorney reveal that detail to me. Since this information is public I think there should be some way to get those details. Please help.

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  • rockstart
    10-06 11:35 AM
    Employer needs to stop smoking weed and concentrate on work. Jokes apart there was no such proposal ever in pipeline so there is no way anything like this ever was approved. 6 year limit on H1 is a law that cannot be changed by admin process. It needs to pass house & senate. Also 6 year limit makes lot of people go back to home countries and uncle sam can consume their SS & Medicare taxes.

    11-25 04:05 PM
    What is your qualification?
    Masters or Bachelor with 5 years of experience?
    It may be safer to apply EB3 than EB2, if you don't have a strong case.

    Hi All,

    I applied for Labor in EB2 category in Oct 2007. It was pending for 2 yrs and 2 days back my employer mentioned that they see my Labor status as denied and that they have not received any denial letter yet.

    My H1 will expire in early Jan 2011, so I practically have around 365 days from now to apply for a new Labor. My questions are

    1. Should I re-appeal?
    2. Do Labors get approved in re-appeal?
    3. Can I start a new Labor application with the same employer simultaneously?
    4. What�s a safe category to apply at this point in time. EB2 or EB3?


    02-15 07:05 AM
    For TC, if you are a AAA member, you can buy AMEX TC from AAA fee free.

    Also, you get better exchange rates in India with TC.

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