Friday, July 1, 2011

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    11-18 02:50 AM
    The most recent update from the USCIS is showing again a steady approval rate. The jump we saw in October was just due to a more current update of the approval, nit an increase in filing according to the USCIS. If this pace will continue we will see visas all through early 2010, but I may be wrong here...

    Ao here is is the update from USCIS: As of November 6, 2009, approximately 54,700 H-1B ( cap-subject petitions had been filed. USCIS has approved sufficient H1-B petitions for aliens with advanced degrees to meet the exemption of 20,000 from the fiscal year 2010 cap. Any H1-B petitions filed on behalf of an alien with an advanced degree will now count toward the general H1-B cap of 65,000. USCIS will continue to accept both cap-subject petitions and advanced degree petitions until a sufficient number of H-1B petitions have been received to reach the statutory limits, taking into account the fact that some of these petitions may be denied, revoked, or withdrawn.

    More... (

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  • validIV
    03-11 01:48 PM
    Why not petition a GC for your mother and son? You are a US citizen petitioning their parent. It should be a fast process. And your son, if born after you became a citizen, might be entitled to US citizenship. I encourage you to talk to an immigration lawyer. I'm sure you have many options available to you.

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  • same_old_guy
    10-27 01:49 PM
    The Director of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Emilio Gonzalez, stated in an interview with the New York Times that he is recommending a significant increase in USCIS fees to cover the cost of processing applications. While the article specifically mentions naturalization applications, it does not clearly limit the recommended increase only to this application. It is possible, therefore, that many applications and petitions processed by the USCIS could be affected by his recommendation.

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  • Charleh
    01-16 09:34 AM
    Fixed it - found that I had set something to be slightly bigger than the parent control visible area and the animation wouldn't play. As long as the control doesn't overlap the parent area I'm OK!


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  • raysaikat
    12-25 04:01 AM

    I am currently working at a systems company based on my EAD (H1 has expired). PD is Jun 2006.
    I intend to marry a woman who is currently on F1 visa. I would like to know if there are any pitfalls from immigration point of view.

    Renewing her F-1 visa stamp could be an issue as F-1 requires non-immigration intent (it is very difficult to make a case that she does not want to immigrate to US when her husband is in US on the green card route).

    I understand that she can get an EAD only when my PD becomes current.
    Can she file her I-485 petition based on my approved I-140?

    Yes, that's how a spouse would submit I-485 petition.

    If yes, would she continue in F1 status (or what will her status be?).

    Her F-1 status will no longer be valid; she will be in the so-called "AOS".

    Any other potential pitfalls in this particular scenario?

    Any pointers would be useful.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • sanjeev
    07-26 03:25 PM
    I got a RFE for AP issued on July 14th, received by lawyer on July 20th.

    They wanted a copy of I-140.


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  • yestogc
    05-11 10:03 PM
    Please do not arrive at anything, it is a standard text and you will be amazed to know that same matter I saw for my I-140 RFE.

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  • pd052009
    05-23 09:45 PM
    My comments were quoted in the blog. As said by previous posters, they have picked few lines from my comments. These comments were related to Qn#1 (How can immigration reform support America’s competitiveness in a 21st century economy?). We can not expect to see all the quotes from one user in issues like this.


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  • ImmiUser
    11-26 07:15 PM
    I have a unique situation, my laywer sent I-485,EAD and AP together in July. I got the receipt for I-485 but still awaiting for the reciepts for EAD and AP. Please advise what could be done in this situation, its already been almost 5 months ?

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  • looivy
    06-24 11:24 PM
    Which service center did your wife apply to ?



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  • indigo10
    04-05 05:28 PM
    and it's still valid for almost 2 years.

    If, say, I find another employer in a few months, can I use the visa that I have now?

    If so, can I start working for that employer once he files a new petition, or do I have to wait until the new approval notice?

    What status are you in now ?

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  • sagittarian
    05-14 10:42 AM
    Thanks a lot guys!!


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  • hotshots
    06-22 11:16 AM
    My friend who is currently working for a IT consulting firm has applied for H1B transfer to a direct hire position with a leading healthcare co. He is currently maintaining H1B status, working and getting paid.

    He came to US originally on L1B in 2005 and applied for a L1 to H1B transfer (with change of status) which was approved in Oct 2006. The problem - he continued working for the L1B firm till Dec 06 and then joined the H1B employer. At that time, he did not know that he was supposed to start working for H1B employer right from Oct 2006 when the COS was approved. The lawyer who filed the application advised him that it was OK to continue working for the L1B firm till Dec. He has subsequently maintained H1B status at all times and has even travelled out of the country, got H1B stamped etc. without any issue.

    - Was he out of status for 2 months (Oct to Dec 2006) when he continued working for the L1 firm even after COS approval?
    - Could this be a problem for the H1B transfer that has been currently applied for. Does USCIS check only whether the individual is currently maintaining H1B status, or do they go back and look for past periods also to determine status violations?
    - Even if USCIS determines he had violated his status, is there any provision (like 245k) which protects him for the current H1B transfer, since the potential out of status period was only 2 months?

    Thanks much!!

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  • eadguru
    10-04 08:30 PM
    Hi Tnite,

    Thank you for your feed back.



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  • prapro
    06-05 10:56 PM
    I am talking about I 485 only. In my 485, preparer name, Phone number, E mail address and company address printed but there is no signature and date.

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  • makemygc
    07-24 04:36 PM

    If 4 months after 485 filed, I leave my job. Can I use EAD to work for another company? My wife also has 485 filed, so I can use her to renew my EAD if I need to.

    I'm assuming you both have filed 2 I-1485 and 2 EAD each. Based on your I-485, it's safe to change job only after 180 days of I-485 receipt date. You can change after 4 months but if for some reason your I-140 get revoked you are screwed. Same thing if you use the EAD obtained using your wife's 485. If you change your job before 6 months but use your wife's EAD and later on your company revoke your I-140, your I-1485 application is screwed up but you will stil be in status if your wife 485 is fine.

    Again, there is risk involved with such a peculiar cases and you might get NOD. I've seen one such case in IV where husband got a rfe on wife's I-485 even though he withdrew his application long back. But that case has some other issues as well so it all depends on case-to-case.

    Moral of the story is, if it is not a do or die situation, keep your case as simple as possible and switch job only after 6 months of 485.

    Please close this thread also as there are several threads with similar questions.


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  • paskal
    10-02 05:39 PM
    Hi Guys,

    Good to see the Southerners out! Please continue this effort and help translate it into a formal IV chapter group for Loisiana (may consider combing with sorrounding states too). let me know if I can help...

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  • Line
    07-12 01:19 AM
    Nice catch :) I sorta just drew it to show how much of a gamer I am. I didn't even think of it looking like he's running away. but I guess you also have to wonder, how did the ghost turn blue and there's a bite to his left and right still available.


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  • eager_immi
    07-18 04:05 PM
    No when ur PD is current; Yes it has effect when not current.It does not.

    10-04 09:00 PM
    Which center did your application went? What is RD and ND?

    12-03 12:08 AM
    I added my older H1b case too of Dec 01 (i hadn't added such old case to my portfolio..didn't see need) and that had a LUD of 10/13/07 maybe due to my submitted cases of 140/ead/ap/485. Those had a LUD on 10/16/07 with notice date of 10/12.

    seems like some batch work was done on the 2004 cases today.

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