Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  • grupak
    06-16 10:41 PM
    Thanks grupak. Are you EB1 485 filer? How long is it taking to get from 485 filing to green card these days?

    Check your PM

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  • nhfirefighter13
    August 7th, 2004, 06:02 AM
    Like I said....I messed this one up and really had no intention of over-exposing it.

    You think it would be better if I darken it? Hmmmm. I'll give it a try. I was looking at it and thinking that the really bright highlights gave a sense of heat.

    I'll give dark and moody a shot. Thanks.

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  • insbaby
    03-31 05:36 PM
    I have received an RFE on my I-485 application to provide a copy of birth certificate. However, I have submitted the birth certificate and affidavits from my parents when I filed for I-485.

    I am from India. Since the name is put after few months of birth, my name is not present in the birth certificate. I am not sure if the RFE is due to this. But all the (or most) people from India would be in the same zone, right (not having name in birth certificate) ?

    Is anyone in the same situation as me ? What kind of documents have you submitted for the birth certificate requirement ?

    Here is my RFE
    The documentation submitted is not sufficient to warrant favorable consideration of your petetion/application.


    Submit a copy of your birth certificate showing your parentage, which has been registered with the proper civil authorities of the country of your birth.

    You said, you have a birth certificate without name. I guess, you can apply to local birth certificate issuing agency and get a new one with name. If the birth is registered properly (in your case, it is as you have the certificate), it seems possible.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-01 04:54 PM
    I think you should send a copy of the 485 Receipt notice.. This is a classic, Right hand not knowing what the left hand does situation with USCIS..

    Thank you. I'll do that.


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  • DSLStart
    11-10 03:00 PM
    Wow! what a dialouge delivery by Sunny. someone from our EB community should this kind of lecture in front of Prez Obama and Congress, that'll sure get us justice (GC) quickly ;)

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  • eb3retro
    05-25 08:29 AM
    My opinion - Check this with a lawyer. Seems to be complicated. Not sure if there is anything against the law done by you /your company (that affects you). Thats why the need for a good lawyer to understand the details in the case. All the best!!!


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  • rosy
    10-18 12:17 PM

    I am on H1B since June 2004. My company filed labor and I-140. My I-140 got approved on Oct 2008. I am on my 6th year in H1B and I got my H1 extension till Apr 2012 (based on the I-140 approval) recently. Based on this information, can you please reply for the following?
    a) Can I move to a different company now? Since my H1 extension is based on I-140 approval, I am not sure if this can be used to transfer to new company.
    b) When I do a H1 transfer now, Will I get my H1 date till Apr 2012 as per my current H1 approval notice or just for the few more months I had on my original H1B?
    c) What will happen to my labor and I-140 after my H1 transfer? My labor was originally applied in EB3 category. Can I file a new one in EB2 category after transferring to the new company?

    Thanks in advance...

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  • looivy
    06-24 11:24 PM
    Which service center did your wife apply to ?



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  • lelica32
    07-31 08:17 AM

    I have a question an experts:

    Shustermann says that today ist the last day that all the employment- based-preference categories are current (exception unskilled workers). Ok, now he sasy : We recommand that Employers and their attorneys e-filing their I-140 today.

    Please explain me if thats so important to file today the I-140 becouse just today the priority date are current.
    I dont understand whats has the filing form I-140 to do with the priority Dates. Priority date is the PERM date??

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  • superdoc
    08-14 01:06 PM
    I opened a SR on July 24 2008. My priority date was going to be current starting Aug 2008, but still representative was kind enough to open SR for me . Guess at that time they were not getting bombarded by volume of calls.

    It is almost 20 days and I have not received any response. CSR say it takes upto 45 days to respond.

    - Did any body get a response back on their SR
    - How much time it took to get response
    - What format response is - Email / Letter / Call (are there any LUD's also)
    - What is the content / detail level of response [Considering most of us are opening SR for case status and pending NC]

    Thanks in advance

    [ I am reposting this thread because in previous one I made mistake in subject, and didn't know how to edit it]
    they have 60 days for sr..that is what the rep told me


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  • jwalareddy
    05-18 02:30 PM
    Recently i changed my employer using AC 21.I received an RFE we replied for that.While this RFE in progress I changed my wife address to new and I didn't change.My employer attorney won't handle (represent) dependent applications.
    Please help me.
    Below is the RFE,

    1) Submit any secondary evidence in your possession to support the information you have provided about your marriage and claimed relation ship to Jwala Pogula, the principle applicant.
    Secondary evidence will be evaluated for authenticity any credibility. Such evidence my take the form of historical evidence and must been issued contemporaneously with the event which it documents. Such evidence may include, but is not limited to: medical records, school records and religious documents.Affadivits may also be accepted provided that they are sworn to by persons who born at the time of and who have personal knowledge of to which to which they attest. Any affidavits must contain the affiant�s full name and address, date and place of birth, relation ship to the party on whose behalf they are attesting , If any complete details concerning how the affiant acquire knowledge of the event.
    2) Explain why you leave at the following address( XYZ�.) and your spouse lives in ABC address.
    3) Please explain why you have requested to represent yourself and your spouse has to retained an attorney to represent himself?

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  • permfiling
    09-27 10:40 PM
    hi smuggymba,
    As your H1 extension is in process you can continue working until you get the approval notice. One you get the approval notice u will have the new I-94 with it which you can attach to the current one in passport and later point u can go for visa stamping.

    Take the advise of your attorney as well


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  • same_old_guy
    07-10 02:53 PM
    Where have you been ?!

    DOS issues in on 6th July and no one know why they did it ! As somene said, may be they have now learnt how to stich 2 html pages together !

    About legal implications, we dont know that yet. But we will once AILF class action suit will be over, won't we ?

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  • agiridhar
    04-02 12:51 AM
    It is a well known fact that the h1-b bodyshoppers/IT consulting companies exploit the system(laws) and their employee's for their own ends.

    When everyone knows that these body shoppers are filing all the 65k h1's in one day for the jobs that are non existant with them, why no one is questioning it ?

    These companies are not only grabbing all the available quota of h1's for locking in the techies(employees) and exploiting them but at the same time depriving the actual real companies (where work is done) from hiring the h1b techies.

    Am just amazed at this pesudo demand of h1b created by these cyotes, isnt there any law to prohibit such malpractise/ cheating of the system ?

    Also how can Attorney's and Law firms help in filing these made-up h1's are not they under oath to not do such malpractise ?


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  • desi3933
    02-11 06:48 AM
    Can PERM / 140 be filed by company while I am outside the US?

    I was talking to an attorney over the phone today and she said that PERM can be filed followed by 140 even if I am outside the country (working for an overseas department of the company) and I can come back on L1 / H1B, because GC is for future employment.


    Your attorney is correct.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • vactorboy29
    02-13 01:52 PM

    Can we get any help from these guyes?


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  • ss1026
    05-06 10:11 AM
    This is a small immigration firm with one attorney but he is very knowledge and detailed . He goes by the book and provides copies of every document that he submits which I personally find very useful. A lot of my friends never get a copy of their applications so I wanted to point this out.

    He does not appreciate too many phone calls and is not very patient but I feel he knows what he is doing. His support staff is very helpful.

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  • freedom4ever
    04-20 07:23 AM
    As long as you haven't used the EAD/AP for employment purposes, I think your H1 is still valid. If your H1 is still valid then I believe you can get your denpendant's H-4 extended based on our H1 validitiy. But I suggest to contact your company attorney to make sure your H1 is still valid.

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  • javadeveloper
    07-27 10:24 PM
    Sodh thanks for your responses

    11-06 01:48 PM

    Can someone tell me about the final interview for the EB based GC process.

    1) Does everyone get called for an interview or is it done on selected cases based on individual factors?

    2) When is it generally done? Prior to approval of your 485 or prior to the issue of your visa(GC).

    3) Why is it done and what kind of questions can one expect during the interview?



    02-08 10:58 AM
    If I dont transfer my H1B for a couple of years then what happens. So for example I get a job today and start working on EAD and there for a 2-3 years just by renewing EAD via my husband. Three years down the lane I want to get back on H1B due to problems with I485. Is it possible to get on H1B at point in time because I still have three years remaining on it. WOuld the cap be applicable? In addition, if we find out there is a problem with I 485, does INS give me some time like 1-2 months to make that change in status that is from AOS to H1B?

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