Friday, July 1, 2011

Pictures Of Japanese Dragons

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  • Additionally, Japanese dragons

  • mmcmichael
    01-24 05:40 PM
    Yes, It seams to be executing the code and inserting the variables correctly. I also ran ran the microsoft net monitor. I see the first instance of each button pushed but subsequent pushes are not sending the http requests.

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  • crystal
    07-08 08:35 AM
    related article on murthy for the Inadvertent Unauthorized Employment

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  • SH2009
    06-11 05:42 PM
    Thank you, Elaine.

    What if I extend my current H1B beyond Oct 1st, and at the same time file a new petition for new employer B?

    Other than EAD, what is the option for me to start to work on 7/22/2009 for empolyer B?

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  • IneedAllGreen
    04-24 02:39 AM
    If yes then you should be fine but with or without original 797 and no stamping in passport it will be difficult to get into USA. Unless you have AP to get back into USA. Hope this help. Good luck for your travel tomorrow.


    I just checked all immigration documents and found that original I797 (H1b approval) is missing. I have a copy but not original. We are travelling to India tomorrow. Is it must that we need to have original I797 at POE or is a copy ok. Appreciate if you could please let us know about this as soon as possible.

    Thank you so much.


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  • ajay
    11-30 12:29 PM
    Desperately need some help here. I do NOT have access to my PERM or I-140 applications and my current employer's lawyers refuse to give me the documents.

    I want to get H1 transfer and AC-21 to move to another company since I HAVE the EAD but cannot use it since my wife is a dependent on my H1B.

    I am desperately trying to find where to get the "job duties" and the DOT/SOC codes that the new company's lawyer says would be needed to make sure I don't have to go through the PERM/I-140 process again.

    PLEASE advise.

    Try this O*NET OnLine (

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  • diptam
    06-05 06:23 PM
    They ask you to write A# or Alien# but not the Receipt Number.

    Check out the A# in 485/EAD/AP/140 - they should be ideally in synch. If not put the A# from the 485 application because that overrides everything and is still pending....

    Hi Guys,

    In the instructions to file EAD they say to print name and alien receipt number on the back of the photos.

    What number should we write? I-485 receipt number or receipt number for last EAD?

    Can someone please respond?



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  • americandesi
    09-06 05:22 PM
    Hi Guru's Kindly Respond. If I do this will there be any impact on my 485 Petition process?

    Refer D&vgnextchannel=54519c7755cb9010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

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  • rb_248
    09-10 06:14 PM
    Gurus....please share your thoughts.


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  • gcformewhen
    09-10 06:59 PM
    Thank you uscisc.

    I understand. I want to know while processing the H1B withdrawl will they look at 485 and issue EVL RFE?


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  • desibechara
    02-28 01:55 PM
    L1 GC process is the best way to get Gc nowadays. within 6 months u can get it..I know someone(from India) who did.

    you don't have to convert it to H1



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  • radduri
    03-17 02:23 PM
    Thank you very much for your reply. but finally whats your conclusion whether can i able to start work with my client or not. please tell me the process how to make this work it out.


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  • buehler
    07-27 12:10 PM
    Yes that is correct. Any particular reason why you're bothered about whether the RD is Friday or Monday?


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  • gcsucks
    05-02 08:18 AM
    nozerd, Thanks for your reply.
    Regarding this point

    >> 2) Your company is Canadian (or has office in Canada who can give letter that you are direct employee of a Canadian company working abroad).

    Actually my company's headquarters is in US but it has a branch in Canada. But, the company does not know about my PR Card. If they know they can force me to come to Canada !

    So, when the time comes can I get a letter from them saying that I was working in US for their company as a permanent employee ?

    Do you know of someone who has done something like this ?

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  • rhoh
    08-13 06:20 PM
    It will be 30 days prior to the start date mentioned in I-20.


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  • gzpain
    12-17 12:01 PM
    I haven't contributed yet, but I would like to do. Can one of you please add my email address to WI state chapter.

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  • vnsriv
    08-27 02:52 PM

    I saw three LUDs on 485 applications after FP. Last as latest as August 23rd. No recent LUD on EAD or AP yet.

    What should I expect?

    Patience my dear friend. I haven't seen any second LUD on I-485 since FP date.


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  • irrational
    06-24 01:15 PM
    Which service center did your wife apply to ?

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  • rkdownload
    09-10 11:18 PM
    One of my friend left US for India in March 2006 with pending H1b extension. Applied for Visa stamping for existing petition which was due to expire in July 2008. Could not get his visa stamped due to 221g. Now his H1b extension is pending as USCIS is asking too much in RFE like client certificate etc and his sponser is not willing to persue further due to complexities (His employer is one of the following companies mentioned in and asked him to assume this relationship to be terminated. Though he recieved the email yesterday his 221g is cleared.

    Infact his I140 is also approved last week. I was wondering what options he has if he wants to come back to US.


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  • lecter
    January 5th, 2005, 06:57 AM
    I agree, it starts well and fails to deliver as it needs something to differentiate it.....


    going to contact MD congressman...anyone interested? [Archive] - Immigration Voice

    View Full Version : going to contact MD congressman...anyone interested?

    11-21 07:22 PM
    I wonder when the USCIS will learn to stop playing games with our lives?

    Here is my story…

    I got my EAD card and AP document last month with a wrong date of birth printed on both documents due to USCIS error.

    My Attorney contacted USCIS and he was advised to send the documents back for correction with no fees.
    So, we refiled the application and attached the documents. Unfortunately, the entire package was returned to my Attorney requesting USCIS filing fees.

    Now, we have filed a complaint with the USCIS Ombudsman’s office and requested their assistance in resolving this problem.

    I am planning to use AC21 in Jan ’08, so I am desperately in need of EAD.
    Has anyone ever been through similar situation? Do you know how long it will take to process a case at the Ombudsman’s office?
    Also, if it is going to take another 2-3 months to get the corrected EAD, am I going to lose all those days or USCIS will print a new expiration date on my card?

    Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    06-06 10:16 AM
    Can anyone please post the SA 1231 amendment , which passed yesterday.

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